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Golf cup iim_shillong_faded flame_iimk


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Golf cup iim_shillong_faded flame_iimk

  2. 2. SHILLONG LAJONG FOOTBALL CLUBUSP Revenue Streams Brand Values• Only team which represents 7 sister states • Ticket Sales • Fire in the belly • Franchisee Sponsorships • Honour • Fan Club • Self-esteem • MerchandisingBrand Personality • Team spirit & sportsmanship • Licensing• Together and united nothing is impossible • Unwavering focus on the sport • Media Tie-upsHall of Fame Branding Recommendations : Marketing Objectives• 1989-Shillong 1st Division League Winners • Set up of kiosks, to sell merchandise • Increase SLFC’s brand valuations to• 2011-Shillong Premier League Winners • Link it with Shillong tourism be on par with the best in the world• 2011-Independence Day Celebration • Online merchandising & social media • Leveraging existing brand assets Invitation Football Tournament(Mizoram) Strategy • Creation of new brand assets Winners • Cross border training INTERNATIONAL BRANDS- Benchmarking with famous International brandsTop 4 International Brands (Forbes 2011) Club Brand Value ($m) Key Revenue Generators New York Yankees 340 YES Network, Legends Hospitality Management, and Yankee Stadium sponsorships, ticket sales and luxury suites Manchester United 269 Sponsorship Revenue Real Madrid 264 Players (Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaka) Dallas Cowboys 193 Merchandise
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL BRANDS - Innovative Campaign | Segmentation and Fans behavior Man U Member Benefits Yankees Fan Forum Real MadridManchester United Marketing • Ex. Competitions • Photo Program Merchandising• Membership (expand to US) • Tickets • Email Newsletter • Jersey’s• Manu Café Bar • Email Newsletter • Wallpapers • Mugs• Television Channel • Wallpapers: • T-Shirts & Sweatshirts • Clocks• Merchandise: Matches, Trophies, Squad, Sta • Message Boards • Tops books, shirts, programmes, ke Man dium U Fanzone • Rank the Top 10 Yankees • Coasters y rings • • Fantasy Camp • Shorts• Positioned itself at the News, Blogs, Games • Message Boards • Yankees Kids • Teddy Bears upmarket premier end of the • Competition & Polls • Stadium Tours • Bibs market • ApronsCase Study: Real Madrid and Mobile MarketingObjectives: - Generating extra revenue for Real Madrid - Building a mobile community for Real Madrid fansSuccess Story: - In September 2009 Real launched their The MyMadrid platform: 150,000 downloads - More than 100,000 users have subscribed to this service - Real Madrid launches monthly SMS contests in TV and newspapers: 180,000 SMS’s Most Valuable Football Brands !!!
  4. 4. Segment Characteristics & Behavior Channel Sports Fanatics Most loyal to the team - Young and male Stadium, News, TV, Internet, Mobile Tech savvy – PC, mobile Spend the most on merchandise Club and Team Loyalists Loyal Stadium, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Attend the matches in stadiums Internet Start-struck Spectators Loyal to a Star Player Stadium, Internet, TV Might switch team loyalty depending on start player’s movement Social Viewers Corporates – use this for networking Stadium, TV, Internet Not too loyal, Spends big money Opportunistic Viewers Sport is just one form of entertainment Stadium, TV Spend on food & beverages only UNDERSTANDING CONSUMER BEHAVIOR - Creating a cult brandIdentify with a league or associationIdentify with different sports under the same umbrella brand Loving a team Fans experience Relationshi transcends a pleasure and High Levels of p of sports person’s family, job satisfaction with Identification brand withIntent on supporting a single team and status successful teams fan brand Multisport fanatics • Fan, if dedicated to a particular team, will also watch or attend games, check scores online, follow the team’s star players and buy team merchandise • Fan will show an ongoing interest or concern with the sport on a day-to-day basis Understanding Fanaticism
  5. 5. SECONDARY FINDINGS Primary researchWhy people follow Sports brands?• Sense of Competition, fighting spirit Region and culture of a• Thrill / Unpredictability particular place are the• Sense of delight and excitement• Friends are fan of the brand Gives a football itself Sales Age old major reasons that attractCharacteristics: sense of rivalry a fan towards a foot ball -Fans are emotionally attached with their clubs individuali 14% 17% club -Fans are territorial, very vocal and proud ty 20% Fighting Gives a sense of Spirit individuality is the most What factors attract a football fan towards a Game Play 18% important parameter particular club Atmosphe re in the 17% Rivalry, gameplay and the home Region fighting spirit of a team 15% 19% ground Family 14% draws fan towards teams 16% Culture 16% Reference Group Club Brand Name What kind of social media activities do you think the club 15% can try 19% Favourite Player Creating How can the club connect better with its computer fan base of the north-east games like Making more fantasy videos of the Take part in local team, etc matches and festivals having a good Creating 35% youtube several apps channel Organize more social that give 27% events like regular marathons, blood information, v donation camps, etc arious Come out with a music features and album have inbuilt…
  6. 6. BRAND PYRAMID PRIMARY RESEARCH What purchase method will you prefer to buy merchandis o SLFC Adidas Online showrooms 33% 32% Kiosks outside stadium 35% Are you willing to pay more wrt to different place in the stadium, opponents yes No 28% 72%
  7. 7. SHILLONG LAJONG FC - Brand Strategy | Global path | Leveraging Brand Elements | New Brand Assets realization3 ways to grow:1. Leveraging the current brand portfolio • Identify the existing brand elements2. Leveraging Shillong Tourism • Host traditional cultural, functions • Connect the brand with various tourist places3. Establishing some new brand elements in a way broadening the product mix Local presence National Glocal Crossing The Border •Developing a synergy between •Target: Nepal, Bhutan • At Present they are very • Associating with stronger the world’s best and Shillong strong brand at this time sponsor brands •Football competition Lajong FC • Developing National Cult •Training 14-18 age group •Various exchange programs children •Sign new players •Increasing brand awareness In doing so, we shall be able to achieve: • Generating a strong fan base Continue • Increasing the loyalty to global standards Newer touch performing “Cultify” • Converting the fans to loyal customers of SLFC points • Extending the football appeal to SLFC brand appeal Crossing the Associate with borders a cause
  8. 8. LEVERAGING BRAND PORTFOLIO - Leveraging their portfolio of brand assets better in terms of revenuesElements Associations Evaluation of Future leverage National Sponsor leverage Opportunities brands/PromotionsPlayers High performance Less as a team Team work International players as SLFC ambassadors in their respective countriesDesmond Bulpin Coaching abilities, English Football More players in Leadership, Style experience National TeamRed Eccentric Team color Free paint city Red concerts RedShillong Chamber Brilliance Music with SLFC Release an album ConductChoir with Choir group, entertainment shows celebrating across India football and NE cultureShillong Meghalaya Restricted to SLFC Bars, NE people spread Shillong and 7 Sister Stadium restaurants across India state tourism companiesSLFC Fan Club Socio group to Unite Less interaction Increase traffic Best option to connect Online merchandising Fans on forums and sell fans all across the merchandise nation
  9. 9. Promotion through Tourism Major Tourist Spots How to Promote: • Butterfly Museum • Promotions through travel operators: • Beadon Falls The oldest club of NE, promotes tourists visit to Lajong • Bishops Falls • Open your kiosks in these locations: • Crinoline Falls setting up kiosks helps in promoting • Elephant Falls brand across to different section of people Start campaigns to promote Shillong, Shillong should be synonymous with SLFC !!! Become a cultural hub, during the offseason organize various cultural events Also celebrate festivals like Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem, Ka-Shad-Kynjoh Khaskain etc This will set SLFC apart from other Indian clubsMerchandising: Setting up Kiosks The Kiosks will consist of various Merchandises  SLFC Official T-shirt Kiosks will also consist of  Scarfs Prestos, Gifts, fans can  Gloves buy flags in bulks  Caps Initially Kiosks would be  Watches setup outside Jawaharlal  Wrist bands Nehru Stadium  Socks Later on Kiosks should be  Shorts opened at various Tourist  Flags places
  10. 10. Online Merchandising/Promotions Join SLFC Fan Club and get your very own SLFC Fan Flag for free Because we know you´re always supporting your team, we want you to be one of us... Encourage a friend to become SLFC and get this exclusive cap for free Receive this cap as our gift to you by encourage a friend to become part of SLFC Make Your Own SLFC cover If we are great, this is because you make us great. This is why we want all of you, who carry SLFC deep inside, to feel as the main characters. Become SLFC Fan and get a dedicated picture Join our club now and get a personal dedicated team picture for free Personalized T-shirt Each month we will distribute personalized t-shirts. This offer will remain open for only one week , buy a t-shirt during this week & get your name and number !!!Passion Branding: Cultify• Star power to be redefined : Players videos will be uploaded from time to time talking about their lives, winning moments• Collectables play a very major role such winning moments can be captured in SLFC gallery.• Pride should be associated with being a member of Club• SLOGANS: BRAND huge draw • We are North East. Come Be RED • One Team One Colour One passion • Together and United, Nothing is impossible • Football is religion and SLFC is life
  11. 11. MEMBERSHIP SLFC CLUB CARD SLFC YOUTH CLUB CARDFOR anyone above 18 years of age Below18 years of age: School childrenREGISTRATION FEE Rs 100 for a period of 3 YEARS FREE for the 1st 3 yearsINITIAL GIFT SLFC Tshirt, an SLFC mug, a wrist band + a voucher SLFC SCARF, an SLFC mug, a wrist band + a voucher which gives 20%off on SLFC merchandise which gives 20%off on SLFC merchandiseBENEFITS  Free access to club premises  Free access to club premises  Free access to training session and practice  Free access to training session and practice  Free access to members gallery tickets on all  Free access to members gallery tickets on all matches in the Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex matches in the Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex  Guarantee of availability of tickets on all exhibition  Guarantee of availability of tickets on all exhibition matches played anywhere in the country matches played anywhere in the country  Special offers and discounts for all merchandise at  Special offers and discounts for all merchandise at selected retail outlets selected retail outletsRATIONALEThe idea is to develop and engage the fan base; hence the logical step is to create a fan membership. We have named it as SLFC CLUB CARD and the SLFCYOUTH CLUB CARD.Clubs like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan charge as much as 4000 annually and over 50000 for life membership; the reason being their huge fan base andglorious past. MMB is over 100 years old and KEB around 92 yearsSLFC does not have that comfort level. The rationale is to build as large a fan base as possible. When Shillong Lajong FC is well accepted, we can monetize the system and find various ways to leverage through merchandizing and ticket pricing. As the idea is to sustain after 3 years, having a large fan base is necessary. Having a high initial membership fee puts off prospective fans Rs 100 is nominal and can be afforded by one and all. The SLFC youth club card is promote the club to young school going children and have been given the membership free of cost. Later when they grow up, they will be the club’s biggest supporter proper and effective brand perception for future leverage Giving a discount voucher will entice them to make new purchase The benefits mentioned are standard and creates greater loyalty among the fan base
  12. 12. SCHOOL/ COLLEGE EVENTS TIE UP WITH SCHOOLS NOT ONLY IN SHILLONG BUT ALSO THE OTHER NORTH EASTERN TO DEVELOP FOOTBALL IN THE GRASSROOTS INTER SCHOOL FOOTBALL TOURANAMENT BENEFITSSLFC and AIRCEL  Tournament in all or few NE states.  Raw talent identifiedpresents…  Pick 40-50 schools in each state for an under 16  Increasing interest in football in the younger generation football competition  Increasing SLFC’s brand awareness and recall among the  The challenge will be to crown the best footballing school children across all sister states school of that state  Easy way to drive memberships among school children  The top 5 footballers from each tournament will be new generation hence tech saavy too more given the chance to be a part of Lajong youth engagement football academy/ or train with players during  Make right noises in the corporate circles easier to get vacations (Summer camps) sponsors on board Other engaging platforms  Best Cheering School, Most fans school , Best poster activity school, Slogan CompetitionsCROSS THE LINE: NEPAL AND BHUTANIMPROVE PRESENCE IN NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES LIKE NEPAL AND BHUTANSign national players to play for SLFC in the I-leageHold football competitions in schools to identify local talents organize summer campsRATIONALE Football popular in both the countries Culturally similar Brand value to increase awareness and reach to increase Fans from Nepal and Bhutan will be associating themselves with SLFC increases fan base Opens up merchandizing and other business opportunities like holding exhibition matches etc.Proper promotion through conventional and non conventional source of media, social media. Similar tie up and event with collegesGenerates nice buzz about the team
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY CONTENT GENERATION FACEBOOK APPS • Regular interactions with fans on Facebook and Utilizing social networks to funnel users to the league site and official fan twitter: online contents engagement site. This integrated channel will ensure maximum utilization • Pre match Team Updates Team news + ask for of each domain predictions  increases customer engagement  App for the fans to upload their pics during home game • Score updates at half time and every time there is  SLFC ALERT APP: to provide live commentary on the match a goal  Merchandize app to show the merchandize available and link to take • Post match discussion and updates and polls on them to the official website of the merchandize relevant topics like best player, biggest mistake in  APP to buy tickets online through Facebook today’s match etc.  Trivia App Quiz about your favorite club SLFC • Share photos, contests etc.  Tshirt Generator enter name and jersey number to make an SLFC T- • Share posters about upcoming matches shirt photo for your self and share with Friends on Facebook generate conversations build engagement KEEPS FAN ENGAGED AND CONNECTED WITH THE BRAND HUGE drive loyalty INCREASE IN SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE provides convenienceCONTESTS ON FACEBOOKSlogan Competitions Anthem Competitions Score Predictions Funny Captions Photo CaptionsDON THE COACH’s HAT CONTEST A Discussion engaging contest Fans have to like the page Take part in post match discussion which will be moderated. They will be judged on the basis of their comments, analysis, understanding etc The best one or 2 fans will be featured on the facebook page with their name and pic as “COACH OF THE DAY”FOOTBALL FANS will love such contest tendency to scrutinize amatch after the game drive engagement- better brandperception increase in fan base
  14. 14. FACEBOOK EVENTS BIIGEST FAN CONTEST  Tell us why you love SLFC  Make a collage of your favorite SLFC moments and upload on the UPLOAD PHOTO TABS + your wall and tag us  Put up a status update in not more than 50 words why you are the biggest SLFC fan  TAG US on the status UPDATE  5 winners with the most innovative status updates collages+ most no of likes and comments will be selected as winners  The winners will be featured on the main facebook page + get free membership of SLFC and will win exciting exclusive ADIDAS merchandize MOBILE MARKETING + MY LAJONG MOBILE APP The mobile strategy can be broken down into two key aims: My Lajong Mobile Community  Generating extra revenue for LAJONG FC through the distribution of their mobile content portfolio and  My Lajong mobile app allow users to access to: Clasification, Schedule, exclusive creation of new mobile services and products contests, Results, videos, News, Chat, 3d Goals, Messenger, ticket  Building a mobile community for SLFC fans, and the sales, merchandize sales integration of mobile into the clubs communications  Mobile Community Social featuresChat and messenger Social casual games with the fans. (Penalties..) This type of communication is much more personal  communicate exclusive special offers and ticket availability to MyLajong SLFC FANS LIVING IN OUTSIDE CITIES AND IN NEPAL AND users, so if for one game we have some tickets left we can let all of our mobile BHUTAN CAN STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE BRAND ALL THE fans know and offer them the opportunity to buy tickets to a game. TIME Purpose served: 1ST ENGAGEMENT THEN CONVERSIONRATIONALE Boom of smartphones and advent of tech savvy users– predicted CAGR of 39.2% from 2010-16 The current market size is 56.5 million USD and is expected to grow to 125 million USD in 2013 huge rise Every customer spends more than 2.5 hours per day with their handset 900 mobile users in India in 2012 estimated to grow by 26% in 2013. 70% of the mobile users metros and tier I cities
  15. 15. BRAND INTEGRATION - ONLINE “XXX” Fantasy League One-of-its-kind fantasy league on the lines of ESPN Fantasy League for I- League matches of SLFC wherein the fan can select a team of their choice and earn points basis the player’s on- field performance. At the end of the month top scorers to get gratifies with team merchandise etc. and at theGood way to capitalize on the existing fan-base of the team, would be to have a end of the season with a grand prize…branded flash game (like the one illustrated here done by Crocs for theirassociation with Beach Soccer) on the team’s website to build brandinteraction…DIFFERENTIAL PRICINGAdopt differential pricing such as Flexible Season Ticket Packaging vs single ticket purchase: A season ticket for all home matches will be lower on average per match than a single ticket. Giving a season ticket will help stabilise demand Money-Back Guarantees Web-Based Ticketing.The price discrimination strategies include: season ticket versus singleticket purchase; price reductions based on customer status and seatlocation; and charging different prices for different opponents.There should be price discrimination based on1. Quality of the opposing team,2. time (prices vary by different times of day, week, or season of the year or first round versus championship game or match)3. place(prices vary by different seating locations).
  16. 16. THANK YOUwe have implemented both on fb and youtube: The link are as follows