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The AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) provides eligible Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or AGR ARMY SOLDIER’s the opportunity to complete a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and receive a commission in the Active Duty component of the ARMY Nurse Corps. Participants continue to receive full enlisted pay and allowances while participating in the program up to 24 consecutive months of enrollment.

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  • POC for HRC is:
    Maura Conaway, Contractor
    HP Enterprise Services
    U.S. Army Human Resources Command
    Personnel Information Systems Directorate Office
    Phone (502) 613-7698
  • Make sure they use spell check and get more than one set of eyes on it for review. We will not correct it.
    This is a letter of intent to the board members, you need to explain why they should select you over someone else. Be confident, not cocky. Use words like I have, I will …etc.
  • Pay particular attention to question #26. If you answer YES, regardless of the outcome of offence, you must address by providing supporting documentation and detailed explaination.
    Must provide all NCOERS, 1059’s, Awards, Professional training certificates and prior service documents i.e. DD 214. Ensure that all documents are CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES.
  • 3.0 GPA is non-waiverable
  • BAH is based on the University’s zip code
  • Remember all universities are different there is not one university that has the same prereqs.
  • You get 2 chances to take the NCLEX. If you fail twice you will be removed from program and returned to prior MOS and rank to fulfill your ADSO.
  • If applicant does not have a medical MOS or is not stationed near a Army MTF they will need to make contact with a Deputy Commander for Nursing to obtain a LOR. A Chief Nurse
  • AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program

    1. 1. AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) Army Nurse Corps Recruiting U.S. Army Medical Recruiting Command Fort Knox, KY ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    2. 2. AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    3. 3. Amedd Enlisted Commissioning Program Purpose: Educate Soldiers, leaders, and educators on the educational opportunities offered by the AECP Program.  AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP)  FY15 Board First to be Recruited by Local AMEDD Recruiters. AECP Program Director Located at Fort Knox, KY  AR 601-37 chapter 21-12, FY 15 Guidelines at ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    4. 4. AECP Recruiting: Setting up AECP Briefs with other AMEDD Commissioning Programs.  Best place to brief and setup are hospital briefing rooms and education centers  Contact the Chief Nurse/Retention NCO(Post and Medical)  Contact Public Affairs to advertise briefings in the post paper, on marquees, and interview with the post radio station.  Post signs and banners at installation points of interest to get the briefing location and times out.  Use Post Retention and HRC to email your target audience (HRC needs 7 days to send out mass emails) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    5. 5. What is an Army Nurse?  Military Registered Nurse that holds a BSN degree, has passed the NCLEX and holds a license for the state certified in Nursing.  The AMEDD’s primary medical professional in the hospital. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    6. 6. STARTING POINT  Research the profession.  Meet with someone in the profession.  Discuss the options with your family and friends (your support during the training).  Meet with your education center counselor about your educational goals, aspirations, and paths. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    7. 7. All applicants  All applicants must submit a DA Photo dated within 12 months of board date. E-5 and below may require COC memo for the photo  If deployed ACU photo is okay, recommend a DA photo in ASU  Passing APFT after 01 Feb  Must be Certified by CDR/1SG  Height and Weight IAW AR600-9. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    8. 8. Letter’s of recommendation  First line supervisor  Commander  Officer of the profession (Deputy Commander of Nursing)  Must use USAREC Form 195  Maximum of 5 letters  May use Memorandum format(for the two additional) addressed to the board ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    9. 9. Letter of Intent (LOI)  Very important!  Must be typed  Opportunity to address the board in your own words. Show passion and drive for being an Army Nurse. Discuss importance of Army Values.  Have more than one person review your LOI ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    10. 10. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS  Qualified for appointment IAW AR 601-100, and AR 40-501  ERB must be certified true copy from your Commander or 1SG  Applicant must meet current Human Resources Command(HRC) requirements for “Time on Station” (TOS 24 months) prior to the projected school start date. HRC clearance will be initiated for those selected to participate, it can be waived. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    11. 11. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS DA 61 Military career paperwork NCOER’s 1059’s Awards Professional training certificates DD 214/NGB ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    12. 12. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Commissioning Physical (Original or original signature)     DD 2807-1/DD 2808 No older than 12 months from board date. Send certified true copies. Must include ETOH, Drug Screen and HIV tests with Lab printout.  All applicants (Enlisted-Active duty, Reserves and National Guard)  “Qualified for Commissioning IAW AR 40-501 CHAPTER 2”  P2 Profiles are considered on a case-by-case basis for a waiver  P3 and temporary profiles are ineligible (Non-waiverable) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    13. 13. WAIVERS Submit all documentation pertaining to waiver with a request citing the circumstances and conditions Age in Grade (over 32 at commissioning) Time in Service (less than 3 yrs or more than 12 yrs) Convictions (If you answered yes DA 61 item 26) Include all court documents and outcome. A letter of support from your Chain of Command is looked at favorably! Medical (IAW AR 40-501) Include Consult and Recommendation from appropriate clinician ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    14. 14. AECP APPLICATION GT Score 110+ (Non Waiverable) Age waiver is required if over 32 YOA upon commissioning Physical must meet accession IAW AR 40-501 Ch 2. So you may be retainable, but not able to attend these programs. Even if you are not in the medical field, you are competitive. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    15. 15. What will my rank be?  E-4 will be paid as E-4  E-5 and above maintain their pay grade  If you are promotable when you come into the program and you make the cutoff points you will be promote  After you complete your BSN degree and pass the NCLEX you will be placed on orders for BOLC and commission to a 2LT upon arrival ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    16. 16. PROGRAM HISTORY  1990: The AECP was approved for soldiers in MOS 91C only.  1992: Opened to all 91/68 series MOS’s.  1994: Opened to all Enlisted MOS’s.  2008: Opened up to Guard and Reserve soldiers ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    17. 17. Overview The AECP provides eligible enlisted soldiers of the active component the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN), become a licensed registered nurse in the Army Nurse Corps and commissioned as a 2LT. All soldiers in the program receive their current pay and allowances during school, plus academic costs during enrollment period. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    18. 18. Program Requirements  Applicant’s must be an enlisted member of the Active component, U.S. ARMY. Reserve or Guard, must be MOS qualified and able to obtain a conditional release.  E-4 and above only  The school of nursing must be accredited by the ACEN or CCNE.  The applicant must be able to complete the program within 24 calendar months or less no exceptions to this policy. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    19. 19. Program Requirements (cont’d)  Applicant must be eligible for an appointment as a commissioned officer in the Active component IAW AR 601-100 and AR 40-501 (chapter 2).  TIS less than 12 years at the time of commissioning (Waiverable up to 14 years)  Over the Age of 32 at time of commissioning (Waiver required)  Over the Age of 42 at time of commissioning (Non-Waiverable)  10 U.S.C. subsection 532(a)(2) and AR 601-100 par. 1-9 ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    20. 20. Program Requirements (cont’d)  Applicant must start school in the FY for which selected. (No earlier than 1 Oct and NLT 30 Sep)  Jan or Feb 15 starts must have Letter of Acceptance Conditional or Unconditional at time of board.  May-Aug 15 starts must be within 9 SH of meeting all pre-req’s at time of the board (Aug) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    21. 21. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS Educational/academic  Grade Point Averages  Overall GPA must be 3.0 or greater Derived from official transcripts of all schools ever attended SAT is no longer required ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    22. 22. Program Requirements (cont’d)  Tuition must not exceed $9,000 per school year. (No exceptions)  Applicant must maintain full-time status during each semester as required by their school. (including summer semesters if required to attend). (No exceptions)  Must attend in classroom sessions no online classes  Applicants:  Receive full pay and benefits in current grade held  Eligible for promotions ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    23. 23. Educational Requirements  Most schools require:  Math/Statistics - 6 hours  Natural Sciences - 23 hours (anatomy and physiology, chemistry)  Social Sciences - 9 hours (psychology/sociology/growth and development)  English - 6 hours (must include English Comp)  Humanities - 3 hrs (literature/philosophy)  History - 6 hours  Requirements may vary by individual school programs.  Schools will determine max credit given for all on-line, MOS / CLEP / DANTES / or transfer courses. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    24. 24. Boarding Information  Packets must be received by 30 Jun 2014. Packets will not be accepted past the deadline date unless prior arrangements have been made between the applicant and Program Manager. Transcripts and school letters may be updated prior to board convening.  Selection Board- Convene tentatively August 26-28 2014.  Official results will be posted via MILPER message. This will be the official notification to all applicants of the boards selection results. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    25. 25. Important Documents  The following documents must be dated within 6 months at the time application is received:  DA form 4187 (signed by Battalion Commander O-5 or above) with the following information:  Army Physical Fitness Test Results and Date (Dated after 1 Feb) Height and Weight or Tape Test IAW 600-9 ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    26. 26. Important Documents (cont’d)  OMPF Print documents from online and have certified by local MILPO/PSB. Include “ALL” NCOER’s , 1059’s, and awards, any certifications, licenses and corrective items. Keep items in order of most recent to oldest  MILPO Statement: Must have all questions answered by your MILPO concerning UCMJ actions or flags  All applicants must submit a DA Photo dated within 12 months of board date  USAR/ARNG/AGR soldiers must have a signed DD 368 Conditional Release IAW current OCAR policy  All active duty soldiers will need memo from their branch manager stating that if they get accepted for the AECP program they will be conditionally released ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    27. 27. Important Documents (cont’d) Applicants must obtain an unconditional letter of acceptance no less than 60 to 90 days prior to the term start date to receive orders for the AMEDD Student Detachment ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    28. 28. Important Documents (cont’d)  School Letter  Unconditional (after selected for the AECP Program)  Fully accepted into the BSN program at your chosen school  All letters must have the date that the soldier will start school and the anticipated graduation date from the BSN program  All letters must have a course breakdown (DA 2125) as well as the cost of each semester (one letter for each school)  School must be within 100 miles of an MTF ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    29. 29. COMMAND AND CONTROL  AMEDD Recruiter:  Applicant and packet processing for selection board  Program enrollment contracts  Program Director (Fort Knox) are responsible for the following actions:  Academic tracking “Prior to attending school”  Orders into the AECP  Academic tracking “ During the program” USAREC form 2125  Assignments  Enforcement of program policy  AMEDD Student Detachment (Fort Sam Houston) and  Personnel administration (in/out processing, personal finance’s, etc.)  UCMJ authority  Enforcement of program policy  Commissioning Ceremony ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    30. 30. While Attending School (SM responsibilities)  Pass your classes (first time, every time)  DA 2125’s(grade reports) sent to the Program Director (Ft Knox) at the end of every semester  Maintain military bearing (you are still a soldier)  Maintain HT/WT and PT standards throughout the entire length of program  Report any problems or changes immediately to Program Director (morale, physical, school, address, phone number and email) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    31. 31. Program Completion  All accession documents must be received prior to a request for an assignment is sent to HRC (send once you start final semester)  Soldiers will send in a copy of NCLEX results and final transcripts showing conferred/awarded BSN to Program Director. Once active nursing license verified orders are requested  Assigned BOLC date based on date of NCLEX “PASS” time frame (January, March, July, August, and October) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    32. 32. What is NCLEX? The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) has one purpose: To determine if it is safe for you to begin practice as an entry level nurse. It is different from any test that you have ever took in nursing school. Nursing school exams are knowledge based. The NCLEX, however, is application based. You will be tested on how you use your critical thinking skills to make nursing judgments. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    33. 33. What is Next? Nurse specialties Public Health Nursing Course (66B) Psychiatric-Mental Health Course (66C) Critical Care Course (8A) Emergency Nursing Course (M5) Perioperative Nursing Course (66E) OB-GYN Nursing Course (66G) Nurse Case Management Course (M9) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    34. 34. What is Next? Long Term Health Education Training Masters programs Nurse Case Manager Emergency/Trauma Medical Surgical Nursing Informatics Nurse Midwife Public Health/community health Perioperative Heath and Business Administration ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    35. 35. What is Next? Long Term Health Education Training Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Anesthesia Nursing (CRNA) Psychiatric/mental Health Emergency/Trauma Maternal Child Family Nurse Practitioner ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    36. 36. CONTACT INFORMATION  All questions regarding the Army Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) may be directed to local AMEDD Recruiter or Program Director at:  (800) 223-3735 extension 60361 or email:  Website: ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    38. 38. USAREC Form 1276 This form is what the applicant’s go off to assemble AECP packet. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    39. 39. ACEP Program Purpose: to provide guidance on the QC process for AECP packets -AECP Packets 80-100 per year -Must be in Service -USAR, NG and Active Duty Only -TIS no more than 12 AFS -AGE for all enlisted can’t be over the age of 42 at time of commissioning -All convictions waivers need to be ran -Must have a 110 GT (no waivers) -Must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher (no waiver) -P2 profiles considered for waiver on a case by case basis -No P3 profiles ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    40. 40. TAB (1) DA Form 61 -DA 61 is to be filled out according to the Sample Packet online and sent in via email with their intent to apply for the AECP program. -A hardcopy DA 61 will be submitted with their Packets ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    41. 41. DA 61 Pg 2 Make sure that blocks 24, 25, 26 are all marked. Block #27f and 27g are missed a lot also. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    42. 42. DA 61 Pg 3 Make sure Block #38 and 42-date and signature are filled out. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    43. 43. TAB (2) Letter of Purpose and Intent Unconditional / Conditional Letter of Acceptance The letter of Intent is done by the applicant and we do not check it for correctness. Check for Date and signature. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    44. 44. Unconditional/Conditional Letter In order to board the applicant needs to have one of the 2 listed below. 1.Unconditional letter of Acceptance 2.Conditional letter of Acceptance ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    45. 45. TAB (3) USAREC Form 195 Letters of Recommendation Make sure that you have the top 3 LOR and they can have up to 5. _______ _______ _______ _______ a. Applicant’s Immediate Supervisor b. Applicant’s Commander c. Deputy Commander of Nursing(DCN) d. Others not to exceed two (2) ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    46. 46. Part 2 of the 195 LOR Make sure the LOR’s are signed and date properly at the bottom of the page. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    47. 47. TAB (4) Academic work sheet USAREC Form 1235 with calculations GPA Calculation Worksheet One set of official transcripts from ALL schools attended When checking the USAREC Form 1235 you need to check with their transcripts. Students tend to leave classes off their forms. The Recruiter will do all GPA Calculation. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    48. 48. UF 1235 Pg 2 The AMEDD Recruiter verifies all classes are listed on the USAREC form 1235. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    52. 52. GPA Calculation Worksheet One set of official transcripts from ALL schools attended  GPA Calculation is figured by the AMEDD Recruiter  The Recruiter will verify all classes and grade match the 1235  All transcripts will be verified by the AMEDD Recruiter ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    53. 53. TAB (5) Personnel Service Records All NCOERs, 1059’s from all schools, any professional award, certificates, or licensures. You will also need to check the S-1/Milpo Memo ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    54. 54. TAB (6) Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) / DA PHOTO / CV (Resume) APFT Card / Body Fat Worksheet (if needed)  You will verify their ERB  DA Photo (needs to be in ASU unless they are deployed then in ACU)  CV needs to look like the sample in the sample packet online  DA 705 (APFT Card) has to be within 6 months from the board date.  Need to double check to see if they need a Body Fat Worksheet. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    55. 55. Center folder  Physical needs to be reviewed by MAJ Bradshaw at USAREC, HQ  4187(has to be signed off by a LTC/0-5 or higher)  368 is needed only for USAR and NG soldiers. HRC Branch conditional release memo required for all active duty soldiers  any extra documents. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    56. 56. After Board is complete AMEDD Recruiter and Program Director will need to do the below tasks: 1. Track the selectees until all post-board documents are received and orders are cut. 2. Recruiter needs to receive all their post board documents (1276-A, 1280, 1281, 2125, unconditional letter of acceptance from the University and their 6 year reenlistment contract. 3. USAR and NG soldiers need to work with the local recruiting station and MEPS to process soldier for active duty. Recruiter needs to intiate a Grade Determination waiver to be done through the ROC(Jeff Doub or Johnnie Dennis can assist you and they will need the whole packet). Also note that the workflow needs to go up through that local recruiter in Recruiter Zone and makes its way to the BN ops so they can send it to the ROC. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    57. 57. After Board is Complete (cont.) 4. Once you have your USAR and NG soldier at the Meps they will sign a 6 year enlistment contract and they will get a ship date it needs to be at least 2 weeks before they have to report to that university. The report to the closest Army installation to sign in and get their information into Emilpo and they will be assigned a UIC. Once that happens you will be able to place them on assignment with HRC. 5. You will need to have all their post board documents and 6 year enlistment contact before they can be placed on assignment. 6. Once the soldier is placed on orders you will obtain a copy of those orders from the students. 7. AMEDD Recruiter will scan in all post board documents, reenlistment contact with orders and book reimbursement sheet and email it all to the Program Director. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG
    58. 58. After Board is Complete (cont.) 8. You will need to put the university plus their number in the system and start date and end date with the degree being BSN. 10. Then you will turn the applicant over to the Program Director. 11. If selectee can not get a school letter by 30 Sep for that FY then you will have to request a deferment wavier from Program Director to keep them for 1 more year. ARMY NURSING CORPS OFFICER STRONG