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2014 Operational Contracting Support Joint Exercise Brochure #OCSJX14

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OCSJX-14 Brochure

  1. 1. Dates January 7-31, 2014 for Participants and Cadre. January 26-27, 2014 preferred for Distinguished Visitors Location Mission Training Center Bldg. 20187 Minue Drive Fort Bliss Texas, 79916 Points of Contact COL Mike Hoskin JS, J-4 OCSS Div Chief 703-571-9803 michael.d.hoskin.mil@mail.mil COL Tim J. Strange Exercise Director (W) 210-221-6472 (BB)210-287-1854 timothy.j.strange.mil@mail.mil COL Martha Brooks Public and Congressional Affairs (W) 256-955-7641 (BB) 256-970-5940 martha.k.brooks.mil@mail.mil LTC Joshua Burris Joint Visitors Bureau (W) 910-432-7670 (C) 910-644-8453 joshua.r.burris@soc.mil Vanessa Peeden Protocol (W) 256-955-7651 vanessa.k.peeden.civ@mail.mil Beth Clemons Social Media Manager (C) 501-269-3348 beth.clemons@us.army.mil Website: www.army.mil/acc Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArmyContracting Twitter: www.twitter.com/ArmyContracting YouTube: www.youtube.com/ArmyContractingFlickr: www.flickr.com/ArmyContractingCommand Google+: http://gplus.to/ArmyContractingCommand Instagram: http://instagram.com/ArmyContracting
  2. 2. What is OCSJX-14 Benefits of OCSJX Warrior Training OCSJX-14 is an Operational Contract Support Joint Exercise focusing on deployment readiness, mobilization, and contract support of national interests. The exercise provides the necessary training, tools and confidence needed to succeed while deployed in support of any contingency operation or natural disaster. This year’s focus concentrates on OCS after a complex catastrophe occurs in the United States. Besides preparing joint OCS professionals for domestic contingency natural disaster support, OCSJX will further DoD efforts to improve OCS across the services. In the last 10 years measures have been implemented to provide improved contract support to operational commanders during all phases of peacetime and contingency operations. This year’s exercise establishes a forum to increase synchronization and reviews DoD policy to mature and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of OCS. Training the way we fight is expected to lead to better interoperability and mutual understanding of contract support to operations in a joint environment. Warrior task and battle drills for military and civilian trainees will be conducted Jan. 15-20. Players History This is the fifth iteration of the joint contingency contracting exercise and the first time it is being sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Since its inception in 2010, the exercise has concentrated on deployment readiness, mobilization and contingency contracting support to joint forces. In 2012, a joint group of Army and Air Force military and civilian contingency contracting officers were trained. In 2013 the exercise increased in magnitude to include establishment and operation of the Joint Theater Support Contracting Command, and emphasis on training service contracting officers for deployment in support of contingency operations. The exercise will involve approximately 450 OCS Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and professional civilians of Industry, DoD Active, Reserve, National Guard and FEMA. It will also include personnel from OSD, Joint Staff, NORTHCOM, and ARNORTH. Goals and Way Ahead Develop a framework and strategy for a stand-alone joint OCS exercise. Integrate OCS joint exercise related matters into existing Combatant Commander Title 10 exercises. Measure OCS readiness. Inform authorities, policy & doctrine. Increase senior leader awareness of OCS challenges, capabilities and capacities. Tactical Vehicle Roll-over Egress Trainer Combat Medical Training Engagement Skills Trainer 2000, Weapons Familiarization