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ECC Fact Sheet

  1. 1. | 3334A Wells Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898 | 256-955-7645 | ECC is headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Ala. It is a one-star command comprised of nine contracting support brigades, 17 contingency contracting battalions, 16 senior contingency contracting teams, and 92 contingency contracting teams that provide expeditionary contracting support to Army and joint forces. ECC supports the warfighter with premier and timely contracting support, utilizing best practices and expert-level oversight. It accomplishes its global, operational missions with a professional workforce of more than 1,000 military and 800 civilians, foreign local nationals and contractors in service at more than 30 locations worldwide. ECC provides operationally-enabling direct support to Army and joint warfighters, and Department of Defense organizations around the globe, across the full spectrum of military operations. Additionally, ECC provides contracting support to activities and organizations supporting Soldiers and their families stationed overseas on U.S. Army garrisons - assisting in keeping America’s Soldiers and their families ready and resilient. ECC supports approximately 120 contingency contracting missions in 55 countries each year. ECC annually completes more than 40,000 contracting actions valued at more than $1.6 billion – providing effects-based contracting to its global customer base. A combat multiplier, ECC’s unique command structure maintains the capability to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice to provide operational contract support planning, contract policy and oversight, contract execution, contract administration and contract surveillance in support of deployed forces. When designated as the lead service for contracting, ECC can deploy its headquarters mission command capability to establish a Joint Theater Support Contracting Command. With a wealth of contracting expertise, ECC professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality contracting support to all of their customers, whenever and wherever needed. The responsive contracting solutions and oversight provided by the command serves as a force multiplier for keeping the Army capable and ready for any mission requirement. ECC executes mission command for seven contracting support brigages alinged to support Army service component commands 408th CSB (U.S. Army Central), 409th CSB (U.S. Army Europe), 410th CSB (U.S. Army South), 411th CSB (U.S. Forces Korea), 412th CSB (U.S. Army North), 413th CSB (U.S. Army Pacific), and 414th CSB (U.S. Army Africa). Two Corps-aligned (III Corps / XVIII ABN Corps) contracting support brigades were activated in 2013 as part of the U.S. Army’s continued investment in critical, uniformed expeditionary contracting capabilities, supporting Phase 0-V operations across all ASCCs, and geographic combatant commands. Additionally, ECC executes direct mission command of the 905th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Bragg, N.C., providing direct support to U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Note: ACC integrates the majority of its stateside-based contracting units into its installation and contracting center operations to grow experienced and technically proficient contingency contracting officers to support global mission requirements. The attachment of these units to stateside-based operations between deployment cycles enhances installation and operational contracting support, allowing the ECC commander to focus on overseas installation and contingency support, while offering Army and joint force commanders ready and capable contracting formations. Headquarters: ECC headquarters, Redstone Arsenal, Ala. Contracting Support Brigades:  408th Contracting Support Brigade, Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. o Two contingency contracting teams  409th Contracting Support Brigade, Kaiserslautern, Germany o 903rd Contingency Contracting Battalion, Kaiserslautern, Germany o 928th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Grafenwoehr, Germany o One senior contingency contracting team o Eight contingency contracting teams  410th Contracting Support Brigade, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas o 916th Support Battalion, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas o Six contingency contracting teams  411th Contracting Support Brigade, Camp Coiner, Korea o 906th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Camp Coiner, Korea o Two senior contingency contracting teams o Four contingency contracting teams  413th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Shafter, Hawaii o Two senior contingency contracting teams o Five contingency contracting teams  414th Contracting Support Brigade, Vicenza, Italy o Two senior contingency contracting teams o Two contingency contracting teams ECC contracting units integrated into stateside operations:  412th Contracting Support Brigade, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston o 904th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Knox, Ky. o One senior contingency contracting team o Three contingency contracting teams o 418th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas o 901st Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas o 902nd Contingency Contracting Battalion, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. o 918th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Carson, Colo. o 919th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Bliss, Texas o Four senior contingency contracting teams o Twelve contingency contracting teams  419th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Bragg, N.C. o 900th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Bragg, N.C. o 922nd Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Campbell, Ky. o 925th Contingency Contracting Battalion, Fort Drum, N.Y. o Two senior contingency contracting teams o Ten contingency contracting teams  926th Contingency Contracting Battalion and four CCTs under ACC-Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.  Four CCTs under ACC-New Jersey, Picatinny Arsenal  921st Contingency Contracting Battalion with four CCTs under ACC-Redstone, Ala.  920th Contingency Contracting Battalion with four CCTs under ACC-Rock Island, Ill.  923rd Contingency Contracting Battalion with four CCTs under ACC-Warren, Mich.  Two senior CCTs and 16 CCTs under the Field Directorate Office - Eustis, Joint Base Langley- Eustis, Va., part of Mission and Installation Contracting Command  Three CCTs under MICC-Fort Belvoir, Va. As of May 2014 The U.S. Army Expeditionary Contracting Command is a subordinate command of the U.S. Army Contracting Command. ECC Soldiers, civilians and contractors provide the Army with effective and agile contracting support for U.S. Army service component commanders in support of Army, joint, and installation operations outside the continental United States. The command’s responsive, worldwide contracting support acquires equipment, supplies and services vital to Soldiers’ missions and well-being. Soldiers and civilian contracting experts from the Expeditionary Contracting Command prepare and coordinate contracting support plans and oversight in Afghanistan.