ACC NewsBlast June 12, 2013


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Weekly news wrap-up from around the world of Army Contracting.

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ACC NewsBlast June 12, 2013

  1. 1. Vol. 4, No. 23June 12, 2013“Providing global contracting support to war fighters.”AGILE PROFICIENT TRUSTEDACC stand down raises sexual assault awarenessBy David San MiguelACC Office of Public & Congressional AffairsDavid.sanmiguel.civ@mail.milPrompted by reports of an increasein sexual assaults across the Departmentof Defense, the Army ContractingCommand hosted a Sexual AssaultPrevention and Response stand down atthe Missile Defense Agency Auditorium,Redstone Arsenal, Ala., June 10 toraise awareness among the command’sSoldiers, civilians and contractorworkforce.The day-long stand down was part ofa mandate issued by the DOD leadershipto raise awareness of sexual assault and to“change behaviors to safeguard the healthof the force.”Initial concern was raised withthe release of the Fiscal Year 2012Department of Defense Annual Reporton Sexual Assault in the Military whichreported an 11 percent increase from fiscal2011. In fiscal 2012, the Army reported1,423 sexual assault cases.Nationwide attention was drawn to theissue following the release of the KirbyDick documentary, “The Invisible War,”which highlighted the alleged rapes ofseveral military veterans and “the systemiccover-up of military sex crimes.”In a pre-recorded message to theworkforce, Maj. Gen. Camille M. Nichols,ACC commanding general, emphasizedthat sexual assault and sexual harassmentwill not be tolerated. At the time ofthe stand down, she was attending the6th Annual I. A.M. Strong SexualHarassment/Assault Prevention Summitheld on Joint Base Andrews, Md.“It has no place in the United Statesmilitary, and certainly not in the ArmyContracting Command,” she said. “It is aviolation of everything that we stand forand it goes against the values we defend.Let there be no misunderstanding –anyone who commits this crime will beheld appropriately accountable.See STAND DOWN, page 3.American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON – In response to aneed for peer support services identifiedby users of the Defense Department’sSafe Helpline for sexual assault victims,Pentagon officials have launched a newservice that allows victims to participatein group chat sessions to connect with andsupport one another in a moderated andsecure online environment.The Safe HelpRoom is available at, officials said,noting that the moderator can providereferrals as necessary and will ensure thatchat postings adhere to all ground rules.“Survivors of sexual assault have toldus that being able to discuss their concernswith peers can provide a level of supportnot available through other means,” saidJessica L. Wright, acting undersecretaryof defense for personnel and readiness.“Safe HelpRoom is a groundbreakingdevelopment in the department’scommitment to support military victims ofsexual assault.”Safe HelpRoom sessions will beginimmediately and are available twice weeklyin two-hour sessions. Session schedulescan be found on the website, along withpolls to determine session topics.The Safe HelpRoom and Safe Helplineare administered by DOD and operatedby the nonprofit organization Rape, Abuseand Incest National Network, the nation’slargest anti-sexual-violence organization,through a contract with DOD’s SexualAssault Prevention and Response Office.DOD adds peer support chat sessions for sexual assault victims(Photo by Ed Worley)Michael R. Hutchison, ACC deputyto the commanding general, stated thecommand will not tolerate sexual assaultwithin our ranks.
  2. 2. June 12, 20132U.S. Army Contracting CommandThe NewsBlast is a weekly newsletter authorized and produced by the U.S. Army Contracting Command’sOffice of Public and Congressional Affairs editorial staff in accordance with AR 360-1 (The Army PublicAffairs Program) to inform, educate and entertain the ACC community on people, policies, operations,technical developments, trends and ideas of and about the Department of Defense, the Department of theArmy and this command.The views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsedby, the U.S. government, the U.S. Army or this command.Send submissions and correspondence to the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Office of Public andCongressional Affairs, ATTN: Editor, NewsBlast, 3334A Wells Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000.Telephone: 256-955-7634, DSN 645-7634 or email at GeneralMaj. Gen. Camille M. NicholsACC Command Sergeant MajorCommand Sgt. Maj. John L. MurrayDirector, Office of Public & Congressional AffairsArt ForsterPublic Affairs Team ChiefEd WorleyEditorDavid San MiguelPublic Affairs TeamLarry D. McCaskill, Giselle Lyons, Beth E. ClemonsFor Spotlight submissions, click on the icon.Spotlight on...Patricia A. Wingers is assigned toHeadquarters, Army Contracting CommandG-8 at Redstone Arsenal, Ala.Describe your current positionI serve as the program managerproviding oversight and policy for theArmy Materiel Command and ArmyContracting Command GovernmentPurchase Card program worldwide.Describe your professional/educationalbackground.My educational background isprimarily acquisition. I have completed themandatory Defense Acquisition Universitypre-requisite courses and Level I, IIand III Defense Acquisition WorkforceImprovement Act certifications.Where do you call home? Tell us about yourfamily and what you enjoy doing duringyour spare time.I was born and raised in Milwaukee,Wis., but I’ve called Lakeridge, Va., myhome for the past 23 years.The job brought me here to Alabama.After my retirement on June 26, I hope toreturn to Virginia and plan to do a lot oftraveling and fishing.I have two children and one grandson.In my spare time, I love to bowl, swim, fishand snow ski.How does your job support the Soldier?The GPC supports the expendituresof AMC/ACC war fighters worldwide,allowing for streamlined and expeditiouspurchases of supplies and services withno interruption to mission requirements.The GPC program allows for fastpurchases for supplies up to $3,000;services up to $2,500; and constructionservices and construction materials up to$2,000 for total requirement cost; and itallows making payments against existingcontracts.I work to improve Army businessprocesses through continuousdevelopment, evaluation andimplementation of purchase card reforminitiatives.Patricia A. WingersGPC program manager looks forward to retirementPatricia A. WingersACC, AMC to join in Army’s birthday celebrationThe Army Contracting Commandwill join the Army Materiel Commandand the Redstone Arsenal militarycommunity in a joint celebration of theArmy’s 238th Birthday June 14.The celebration will begin at theRedstone Post Exchange parking lotwith the gathering of military andcivilian participants at 5:45 a.m. CSTfor a Fun Run/Walk.Adding to the festivities will beperformances by the AMC RockBand who will play energetic music tomotivate participants.The run/walk is meant not only tocelebrate the Army’s 238th birthdaybut help build camaraderie and boostesprit de corps in the workforce.
  3. 3. June 12, 20133Readers are encouraged to submit comments or suggestions to the editorial staff via the mailbox icon to the right. Responses will assistthe NewBlast staff in producing a publication to better meet readers’ expectations and information needs.“Sexual harassment and sexual assaulthave a devastating impact on the victimand tears at the moral fiber of our unitsand our offices, degrading our readinessand productivity,” she said. “Together, ourmission is to prevent and respond to thiscrime in order to enable military readinessand productivity, and to reduce – with agoal to eliminate – sexual assault from themilitary.”After her remarks, “The Invisible War”documentary was shown to the 700-plusworkforce in attendance and was followedby small group sessions and subject matterexpert panel discussions.“Success of this initiative dependson the daily, continual commitment ofevery single one of us to foster a climateof mutual dignity and respect,” Nicholsadded. “We must create a workplaceenvironment where sexual assault is nottolerated, condoned or ignored.“We need to look around and ensureour environment is free of any offensivematerial. Know what correct behavior isas we interact together. Be on the lookoutfor behavior that violates our promiseto have a safe, no-threat workplace,” shesaid. “Take appropriate action if someoneis being harassed or assaulted. If a crimedoes occur, we need to be there withcompassion and support for the victims.Do what is right!”STAND DOWN continued from page 1By Ed WorleyACC Office of Public & Congressional ARSENAL, Ala. – The412th Contracting Support Brigadeis now attached to the Mission andInstallation Contracting Command, amove that happened five months ahead ofschedule, according to Army ContractingCommand officials here.It is the last major milestone in theACC Integration that attaches statesideExpeditionary Contracting Commandunits to the MICC and ACC’s majorcontracting centers.The integration streamlines commandand control of ACC’s military contractingSoldiers, explained Col. Kevin Nash,deputy director, ACC Operations Group.It also gives the MICC and ACCcontracting centers direct supervision ofSoldiers supporting stateside operations,he said.ACC began attaching statesidecontracting support units to the MICC andcontracting centers in December as partof a four-phase plan.The last phase wasscheduled to begin Oct. 1 by attaching the412th CSB to the MICC. ACC attachedthe 412th to the MICC on June 1.The 412th CSB’s attachment wasaccelerated “to facilitate the MICC’smission command of the other attachedmilitary forces that attached under ACCOperation Order 13-09,” Nash said.“Expeditionary Contracting Command’swillingness and flexibility to transitionthe 412th CSB early is a tribute to theirsupport of the ACC military integrationeffort and their dedication to overallmission accomplishment.”Col.Tim Strange, 412th CSBcommander, said the ACC, MICC andECC leadership realized the militaryintegration process was ahead of scheduleand there was no need to delay thebrigade’s attachment.“The 412th integration provided anopportunity for the MICC to re-assess itsstructure,” he said. “Bringing on the 412th,its alignment to the (U.S. Army North/5thArmy), the Defense Support to CivilAuthorities and the Chemical, Biological,Radiological and Nuclear responsemissions fits the MICC execution of theoffice that supports the CONUS-basedArmy Reserves.”He said the support to civil authoritiesand the CBRN missions relies heavily onReserve forces, making the arrangement a“logical mission marriage.”“The sense of urgency for getting itright before the fourth quarter of fiscalyear 2013 shifted the effort into overdrive,”Strange added.He said the brigade will also see somemission changes, including contractexecution and administration.“The brigade mission support toARNORTH is ideal,” he explained.“By inheriting the (MICC-Fort SamHouston,Texas) mission contracting forthe ARNORTH headquarters, it providesa synergy to the contingency supportmission. Now, the 412th CSB commanderis truly the single contracting expert andenabler to the ARNORTH commander.”ARNORTH conducts homelanddefense and civil support operations, andtheater security cooperation activities asthe U.S. Northern Command joint forceland component command and the Armyservice component command.According to Strange, the 412thpreviously did not have a day-to-daycontracting mission.As ACC’s military footprint grew thepast several years, the 412th provided thecommand and control and a contractingmission was put on hold, he said.Activation of the 418th CSB, Fort Hood,Texas, and the 419th CSB, Fort Bragg,N.C., divides command and control acrossthe two additional brigades and freesup the 412th for contract execution andadministration.His brigade will continue to bethe command’s lead for the annualoperational contract support joint exercise,currently scheduled for January, Strangesaid.This year’s scenario will be a DSCAresponse in support of the U.S. NorthernCommand and “adds a new wrinkleto what has been heretofore strictly acontracting exercise.”Prior to ACC Integration, the 412thwas home to more than 300 Soldiers andcivilians. Strange said the integrationprocess will result in force structure ofaround 150.412th’s attachment, integration streamlinescommand, control of ACC’s 51C contracting Soldiers
  4. 4. June 12, 20134FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Forty-nine candidates were selected forreclassification during the 51C noncommissioned officer reclassification boardhere May 14-15.The board was administered by the Army Acquisition Support Center 51CProponent Office.“This was an impressive group of candidates and the competition was tough,”said Lt. Col. Anthony Maneri, FA 51C proponent officer.The 49 selected NCOsrepresent the best of the best and we welcome them into the Army acquisitionworkforce.”The board’s purpose is to ensure the best qualified NCOs are selected forreclassification into military occupational specialty 51C acquisition, logisticsand technology contracting NCO ‒ a part of the Army acquisition, logistics andtechnology workforce.“We were impressed by the quality of the packets we received for the Mayboard,” said Master Sgt. Jason Pitts, chief 51C proponent NCO.“The word hasspread that we only select best quality NCOs to enter the acquisition corps ‒ inorder to be selected, you need to be a proven leader with a solid foundation ofcivilian education; a total Soldier.”The primary mission for 51C NCOs is to deploy as contingency contractingofficers and serve as members of the early entry module contingency contractingteam. When not deployed, selected NCOs will serve as contingency contractingofficers in support of a headquarters, principal assistant responsible forcontracting, contracting support brigades, contingency contracting battalions,and/or installation contracting offices for training and mission support.The following NCOs were selected and will now join the acquisitionworkforce.Staff Sgt. Corey L. AndersonStaff Sgt. Dan E. BayanStaff Sgt. Jennifer L. BeckerStaff Sgt. Jason W. BufkinStaff Sgt. Christopher C. CarbinStaff Sgt. Anuresh A. ChandStaff Sgt. Charles A. CryoskieStaff Sgt. Charles A. DesouzaStaff Sgt. Matthew S. DicksonStaff Sgt. Richard T. DybdahlStaff Sgt. Justin M. FortadoStaff Sgt. Jennifer E. FranksStaff Sgt. Jennings B. HerbstStaff Sgt. Ryan D. HooverStaff Sgt. Ryan D. JohnsonStaff Sgt. Raina J. JonesStaff Sgt. Ralph M. JonesStaff Sgt. Patrick V. KennisonStaff Sgt. Vincent M. LaHaraStaff Sgt. Mark D. Laity-StaffStaff Sgt. Ray Lee Jr.Staff Sgt. Bunnie K. MartinezStaff Sgt. Raul MedinaSgt. Alejandro MorenoStaff Sgt.Thomas E. Misner49 Soldiers selected to joinacquisition workforceStaff Sgt.Tri B. NguyenStaff Sgt. Kassandra N. OldacreStaff Sgt.Thomas B. ParksStaff Sgt. Anthony K. PylantStaff Sgt. Payten E. RedfearnStaff Sgt. Patrick F. ReilStaff Sgt.Tyler B. SaneStaff Sgt. Justin P. SawickiStaff Sgt. Brandon F. SearlesStaff Sgt. Jason D. ShettlesStaff Sgt. Emilio G. SilvafigueroaStaff Sgt. Nathaniel J. StoneStaff Sgt. Adela TaclaStaff Sgt. Kyle G.TateStaff Sgt. Jerri A.TaylorStaff Sgt. Princessunique ThomasStaff Sgt. Charlee R.ThousandStaff Sgt. John R.TigueSgt. Scott W. VoigtStaff Sgt. Daniel W. WagnerStaff Sgt. Daniel M. WilsonStaff Sgt. Mark C. WirtzStaff Sgt. Lymari WoodsonStaff Sgt. Ikaisherron D. WrightBy John AglerArmy News ServiceWASHINGTON – As Army KnowledgeOnline moves to next-generationenterprise services, Army retirees andfamily members will access DOD onlineself-service sites through the more secureDepartment of Defense Self-ServiceLogon, called “DS Logon.”The DS Logon system allowsDOD and Veterans Affairs membersand affiliates to access DOD and VAapplications such as eBenefits,TRICAREOnline, Beneficiary Web Enrollment,MilConnect,Transferability of EducationBenefits, Health Net Federal Services,Humana Military,,, to name a few.The DS Login system will be theprimary method for all DOD and VAWeb authentication in the not-too-distantfuture.The Army’s goal is to maximize DSLogon enrollments and to institutionalizethe process that enables registration byNovember. DS Logon will replace logonvia Army Knowledge Online.Using a single username and password,DS Logon provides a high level ofauthentication that goes beyond that of asimple username and password.Those eligible for a DS Logon accountinclude: service members (active-duty,Guard/Reserve, retirees); veterans; spouses(including surviving spouses); and eligiblefamily members 18 and over.Users must be enrolled in the DefenseEnrollment Eligibility Reporting Systemto obtain an account.There are twotypes of accounts: basic and premium. Apremium account allows users to accesswebsites that contain their personalinformation.A basic account can be obtainedonline without verification of identity,but it does not provide access to personalinformation in VA or DOD systems.Themain advantage of a basic account is that itenables users to upgrade more quickly to apremium account when they go in personto a VA Regional Office or a TRICAREService Center.See DS LOGON, page 5.DOD Logon to enable accessto online self-service sites
  5. 5. June 12, 20135By Daniel P. ElkinsMICC Public AffairsDaniel.p.elkins.civ@mail.milJOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORTSAM HOUSTON,Texas – An innovativesolution by the contracting office at FortBenning, Ga., has saved the governmentalmost a half of million dollars whileboosting the mission capability of theinstallation’s department of public works.Shirley Watson, the industrialproperty administrator for the Missionand Installation Contracting Commandat Fort Benning, took advantage of aredistribution program to reallocate fiveserviceable full track dozers to meet herDPW customer’s requirement. In additionto the $438,415 in savings, she leverageda training exercise by the National Guardfor the delivery of equipment this monthat no cost, a further government savings of$25,000.Watson said she first became awareof the availability of one dozer in Marchas part of the redistribution programmanaged by the Installation ManagementCommand at Joint Base San Antonio-FortSam Houston,Texas.“You can’t go wrong with theredistribution program. Items are usuallyin serviceable if not like-new condition,”she said. “The DPW was immediatelyinterested in getting a dozer through theprogram but only asked for one despite thefact they were short five.”Through an exchange of emails andphone calls, she helped secure funding fortransportation.“I called the DPW officer and asked ifhe was willing to cover the cost to get theequipment here,”Watson said.“He waseager to cover the costs; $5,000 to transportan $87,000 dozer is a pretty good deal.”Upon reaching IMCOM to informprogram representatives of availabletransportation funding, she learned thatadditional dozers were available that couldalso be reallocated to the Fort BenningDPW if it was willing to fund the cost oftransportation.“After DPW agreed to cover thetransportation cost, I received a surprisecall from IMCOM (about) a trainingmission planned by the National Guard,and the dozers would be delivered costfree,” she said.The MICC-Fort Benning deputydirector believes contracting officesshould educate their personnel on howthe program works as today’s fiscalenvironment demands Watson and otherMICC members to explore all alternativesfor meeting their customers’ mission needs.“Her perseverance saved Fort Benningconsiderable costs in new equipmentprocurement, contributed to the overallmission of Fort Benning by procuring theneeded equipment, and saved DPW fundsthat could be allocated elsewhere,” saidBrenda Clark, who also serves as chief ofcontract support division.Fort Benning contracting office bulldozes savings(U.S. Army photo)Shirley Watson, MICC industrial property administrator, saved the government morethan $460,000 by acquiring 5 full-track dozers for the Fort Benning Departmentof Public Works through the Installation Management Command redistributionprogram.To obtain a DS Logon account, usersmay visit the “DS Logon - My AccessCenter” online at On the site, users mayset up a basic account, or upgrade to apremium account.The quickest and most convenientmethod of obtaining a premium account isto complete the “remote proofing process”on the site.That process involves usinga secure ID that users may already have,such as a social security number, andanswering three basic, personal questions.CAC holders may upgrade their accountsimmediately using their CAC.Individuals who do not have a CACand who cannot complete the remoteproofing process for some reason mayrequest an activation code from theDefense Manpower Data Center if theyhave a myPay account established at theDefense Finance and Accounting Service.Users who cannot complete any ofthese processes can obtain a DS Logonpremium account by visiting a VARegional Office or a TRICARE ServiceCenter. Locations can be found on the“DS Logon - My Access Center” website.Many Real-Time Automated PersonnelIdentification System, or RAPIDS, offices,military ID card offices, can also provideDS Logon accounts.DS LOGON continued from page 4
  6. 6. June 12, 20136By Daniel P. ElkinsMICC Public AffairsDaniel.p.elkins.civ@mail.milJOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORTSAM HOUSTON,Texas – Officialsfrom the Army Contracting Commandactivated the 419th Contracting SupportBrigade during a ceremony June 7 atFort Bragg, N.C., in a continuing effortto provide installation and operationalcontracting support to Army commands.The activation follows the attachmentof stateside contracting Soldiers to theMission and Installation ContractingCommand in February as part of theirintegration with contracting centers andoffices throughout ACC and the MICC.“Establishing this brigade providesthe MICC headquarters the capability toenhance core customer support throughimproved, strategically aligned supportto commands and installations,” said Col.Antonio Brown, 419th CSB commanderand director, Field Directorate Office atFort Bragg. “The brigade also providesthe opportunity to strengthen contractcompliance and oversight as well as ensurea core balance between horizontal andvertical span of control.”Like previously established contractingsupport brigades aligned to an Armycommand with a geographic area ofresponsibility, Brown said the 419th CSBalso possesses an expeditionary mission.“The 419th CSB fills a capability gapby serving as the global response force forcontracting operations,” he said.He explained that this allows thebrigade to provide operational contractsupport to the XVIII Airborne Corps andeight continental U.S.-based divisions aswell as tailored contracting support to theArmy and joint war fighter.With its activation, the brigadeassumes an initial operational capabilityand will work with MICC officials thissummer to fill several key positions withmilitary personnel who will help lead theunit to full operational capability over thenext two years.“These individuals will play a key role inquickly implementing the requirements forfull operational capable status,”Brown said.   The 419th CSB will be made up ofmore than 250 Soldiers assigned to oneof six contingency contracting battalions.In addition to the 900th ContingencyContracting Battalion at Fort Bragg andthe 902nd CCBn at Joint Base Lewis-McChord,Wash., four battalions areplanned to be activated in 2013.Thoseinclude the 922nd at Fort Campbell, Ky.;918th at Fort Carson, Co.; 919th at FortBliss,Texas; and 925th at Fort Drum, N.Y.Aligned under the battalions will becontingency contracting teams and seniorcontingency contracting teams.Training and accomplishing contractingoperations alongside MICC civiliancontracting members day-to-day, theseteams are also called upon to perform allcontracting in a contingency environmentincluding military and stabilityoperations as well as natural disasters andhumanitarian events.“There is still much work to achievefull operational capability status by thebeginning of fiscal 2015,” Brown said.“With adequate resources, we will meetall objectives to become the Army’s firstcontracting support brigade capableof deploying anytime, anywhere theDepartment of Defense needs us.”The 419th CSB is one of two brigadesbeing activated as part of the integrationof Soldiers with the MICC.The 418thCSB will be activated at Fort Hood,Texas,in a ceremony on July 10 and will also beattached to the MICC.Maj. Gen. Camille Nichols, ACCcommanding general, officiated at theactivation ceremony and accompaniedBrown in the uncasing of the 419th’s colors.Brigade activation strengthens contracting capability(Photo by Staff Sgt. Channel Pedersen)Col. Antonio Brown commands thenewly activated 419th ContractingSupport Brigade.Maj. Michael C. Pavlisak,contractspecialist with the Army ContractingCommand – Aberdeen Proving Ground,Md., flips a large tire to train for anathletic competition known as theSpartan Death Race. The race,held eachJune in Pittsfield,Vt.,is a long-distanceadventure race in Vermont’s GreenMountains. It consists of various physicaland mental challenges.“When I first heard about the race,it appealed to my‘type A’personality,”he said. “Last year was the first time Icompeted and I wanted to see if I coulddo it. There were 344 participants and Iwas one of the 51 finishers. I competedfor 64 grueling hours in wooded andmountainous terrain.”The theme of the race was‘betrayal’and organizers continuously deceived thecompetitors by misrepresenting upcomingevents. Over the 2 1/2-day competition,there were obstacles such as choppingwood,swimming,hiking up a mountainwhile carrying a 60-pound bag of cement,a body roll through a sheep paddock,anda 250-question brain-teasing exam,just tomention a few,Pavlisak said. (Photo by Michele Pavlisak)Major trains for Spartan Death Race
  7. 7. By Jim GaramoneAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON – The DefenseDepartment is reviewing all of itscontracts, and DOD contractors will sharethe burden of spending cuts, includingthe furloughs facing the department’scivilian workforce, Defense SecretaryChuck Hagel testified before the SenateAppropriations Committee’s defenseSubcommittee June 11.“Contractors are part of anyinstitution,” he said. “We need them ‒certain skills, certain expertise.”DOD Comptroller Robert F. Hale,who accompanied Hagel, told thecommittee that about 700,000 defensecontractors work throughout thedepartment. And they are in for somechanges, he added.“The furlough process does includecontractors,” Hagel told the Senatepanel. “It includes companies, it includesacquisitions, it includes contracts.”The department is taking a $37 billionsequestration spending cut in fiscal year2013, which ends Sept. 30.“The majority of that is going to comeout of contractors ‒ about $2 billion willcome out of furloughs,” Hale said.Thatmeans a drop in the number of contractorsin the department.“I don’t know yet how much, becausethe year isn’t over, but I think there will bea sharp drop,” the comptroller said.The senators asked about contractorsafter news reports of alleged NationalSecurity Agency leaker Edward Snowdenreceiving a $200,000 annual salary.Contractors generally receive more insalary than DOD civilian employees, Halesaid.“Whether or not a contractor or acivilian is cheaper or better really dependson the circumstances,” he explained.“There are some cases where we simplydon’t have the skills in the Department ofDefense that we need, or it’s a short-termjob and it wouldn’t make any sense to growthem.”If it is a long-term job, he added, itmakes more sense to hire a civil servant.ACC in the NewsThis article mentions Army Contracting Command.Army Contracting Command’s Jamal Cumminsshares graduation stage with his motherJune 12, 20137Defense contractors will share burdens of furloughs, Hagel saysBy Karen ParrishAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON – President BarackObama said sexual assault is an outrage,and anyone within the military whocommits the crime “is betraying theuniform that they’re wearing.”Speaking at a White House pressconference May 7, Obama said theproblem of sexual assault in the military isneither new nor easy to solve, but leaders“have to do everything we can to root thisout.”Obama noted he worked with formerDefense Secretary Leon E. Panetta onthe issue, and spoke about it with currentDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel. He saidthe Defense Department is working togather accurate reporting of assaults andis building “a system of accountability andtransparency” up and down the chain ofcommand.“We have to exponentially step up ourgame to go at this thing hard,” he said.Obama offered a personal message tothose military victims of sexual assault.“I want them to hear directly fromtheir commander in chief that I’ve gottheir backs,” he said. “I will support them,and we’re not gonna tolerate this stuff.And there will be accountability. If peoplehave engaged in this behavior, theyshould be prosecuted.”Everyone in the military shouldunderstand “this is not who we are, thisis not what the U.S. military is about,and it dishonors the vast majority of menand women in uniform who carry outtheir responsibilities and obligations withhonor and dignity and incredible courageevery single day,” the president said.“(When) we find out somebody’sengaging in this stuff, they’ve got to beheld accountable; prosecuted, stripped outof their positions, court martialed, fired,dishonorably discharged. Period. It’s notacceptable,” he said.Obama to military sexual assault victims: ‘I’ve got your backs’Click on the image forACC safety messages.By Leada Gore(Posted on, June 10, 2013)For Army Contracting Command’s Jamal Cummins, education is a familyaffair.Cummins, a human resource specialist, Human Capital G-1, ArmyContracting Command at Redstone Arsenal, recently received his bachelor’sdegree from Strayer University. At the same ceremony held at the Georgia Domein Atlanta, Cummins’ mother, Jocelyn Cannegieter, received her master’s degree.