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Marketing in the Round with Social Fish


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Marketing through social media is both art and science. It’s all about balance-where do you draw the line between content for the good of the order versus content for the good of the business? Too far one way and you lose followers; too far the other way and you lose your ROI.

Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Chicago-based integrated marketing firm Arment Dietrich, and co-author of Marketing in the Round (with Geoff Livingston) as well as the blog Spin Sucks, will cover your balance questions and more as she shares her steps to develop an integrated marketing campaign that reaches your audience the right way at the right times with the right kind of content.

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Marketing in the Round with Social Fish

  1. 1. it’s time to do things differently
  2. 2. But the time has come to once again work together
  3. 3. break down  the silos
  4. 4. but how do we do that?
  5. 5. introducing...the marketing round HR Execs Sales Ops Legal Product Dev. CSR Acct
  6. 6. lonely silo
  7. 7. functional silo
  8. 8. Tips to Work in a Round Weekly team meeting to discuss common programs Build a common vision to uniteBuild KPIs that reflect the overall program health, not just individual tacticsEnsure there’s a decision maker or point person for each program (CMO/VP, or delegate per project)
  9. 9. how to get executive buy­in
  10. 10. You Need Executive Support
  11. 11. Build the Business Case
  12. 12. Use Market Research
  13. 13. Use Case Studies to Show ROI
  14. 14. showcompetitive
  15. 15. Tips: Build Your Case Create a business justification report Back your recommendation with: Market research Case studies Competitor actionEnsure that there’s a decision maker or point
  16. 16. build SMARTER goals to support the marketing round
  17. 17. measure your results
  18. 18. S SpecificM MeasurableA AttainableR RelevantT TimelyE EvaluateR Reevaluate
  19. 19. SMARTER Goal Tips What is the vision? Do you have a benchmark?How does the organization make money? What are the sales triggers?
  20. 20. how are people incentivized?
  21. 21. Most Compensation Systems Reward Individual Work
  22. 22. Team Work Requires More Than a Higher Cause
  23. 23. Show them the money!
  24. 24. 25% of All Google Bonuses Tied to + Success
  25. 25. Tips: Examine Reward Structures How do bonuses & raises support silos?What department resources are available? Work with HR to build team incentives Tie incentives to KPIs and ROI
  26. 26. 1) Start your round2) Get executive buy in3) Use SMARTER Goals4) Incentivize people to work together4) Incentivize people to work together4) Incentivize people to work together4) Incentivize people to work together
  27. 27. Gini Dietrich Arment Dietrich Geoff Livingston Spin Sucks Lady Soleil, Inc. @geoffliving