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CONCEPT JUWELERY                              The intrinsic meaning of Alchemy is an introduction of Creation as a        ...
wisdom with empiric knowledge. Empirically they made a high hallmark silver that has a golden colorsilver (moon shined by ...
Workmanship” Tiflisi introducing the plant and man metamorphoses, ceramic making, technology ofglazing and alchemical Sun ...
PlantMan® excelsior jewelry selection              Daphne adornment – the sign of victory and honor.              Apollo w...
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Golden silver and plant man jewelery concept


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Golden silver and plant man jewelery concept

  1. 1. CONCEPT JUWELERY The intrinsic meaning of Alchemy is an introduction of Creation as a relationship of all elements with the main component. It’s a science of conscious power that makes possible to control, modify and transform any kind of energy with the help of Heaven. And the real science of Spirit is more truthful then others that can be defined by Terrestrial measurements. = Sen- Germen=PlantMan® Concept JewelryTo explain the unknown the Armenians created a complex and bewildering theology that drew on the sunand the sky, the four elements, plant and man, that was included a pantheon of human gods and goddesses inpagan time. Their beliefs greatly influenced the ancient world and have been incorporated into many ancientreligions such as Zoraostriszm , Manuizm and then Christianity.This remarkable experience of the ancient science and spiritual practices of our grandfathers that created arenaissance in the culture, technology and art of Noah’s Land unfortunately disregard today. Modern“civilization” by turned spirit into mechanical understanding injured ancient wisdom and established“materialistic” attainments. These ancient relics, ignored for thousands of years, should be an inspiration torestore the glory in innovation, science and art that was the hallmark of ancient Armenia.These tradition of gathering and cultural exchange that were passed from generation to generation andreached us trough cryptographs, manuscripts, archeological and ethnographic research demonstrates just asmall part of antique culture which modern Armenia were able to hang about.Today as never before is the right moments to promote the rehabilitated medieval science, technology andart culture trough rediscover ancient technology of alchemical Sun and Moon silver and creativity conceptof PlantMan jewelry art.PlantMan® Secret of Sacred SilversToday the trend toward more naturalistic drawings became apparent suggesting the influence of the ancientalchemical knowledge in art and ideas. Based on the concept of doctrine of signatures that was codified bymystical writers such as Alberus Magnus, Paracelsus and instruction of Master Tiflisi, we rediscover thesecret of sacred silvers.Our overall objective is to integrate Golden Silver and Silver Rose metal crafting technology in PlantMantcreative jewelry concept to demonstrate the Plant and Man relationship and metamorphoses, complementingancient wisdom with medieval alchemical technology. It is a way to rehabilitate ancient knowledge andintegrate into jewelry art. Thats the goal that we should seek, because if we do, and if we attain that status,many benefits will result.Sun Silver – as everybody knows the gold is a precious metal and alchemists try to make it from lessvaluable ingredients to make a wealth by adding the value. The main point was not precious metal makingbut learning the philosophy of four elements combination and metamorphoses, complementation of spiritual
  2. 2. wisdom with empiric knowledge. Empirically they made a high hallmark silver that has a golden colorsilver (moon shined by sun) by using the Glass of Damask (crystal earth) and different metal mixtures(planet interaction) and technology of preparation according to the constellations, when Sun was in Leon.However, this unique metal that we call Golden Silver has a shine color of gold, heavy and hard texture andbrilliant for jewelry crafting. It has also unique character that is not varnished then became moldy style, likesilver for a good while.In ancient time these high wares from Golden Silver have to use as an amulets and talismans that protectsfrom negative energy and overlook. It’s symbolized the power of Sun element that compensates the Mooninstinctive emotionality to the Man. It was used mainly for flower and herbal style concept jewelry makingas an excellent gift for mother and children, dear person and friends for special occasion, weeding andbirthday as a handcrafted exclusive and precious gift.Moon Silver – this excelsior metal were made on the similar way but ingredients that used for weredifferent and secret hold with oxidized cupper and rhodium combination. It has a light gray color with subtleshade of rose and that’s why we call it Rose Silver. The best time for this metal alloying mentioned whenMoon in Capricorn. The jewelry amulets from Rose Silver are increasing the love pheromones and use tohave human or animal shape. Unique jewelry from Rose Silver especially treated for Valentine Day as wellas admiration gift to love friend.PlantMan® Invention Story of Sun and Moon SilversAfter the fall of the Roman Empire in the 6th century, there was a decline in knowledge in the WesternWorld and a period of regression, known to us as the Dark Ages. During the next 600 years the center ofgravity of intellectual thought shifted to the Moslem world, a byproduct of the invasion and conquest ofByzantium. Moslem scholars who collected and translated the manuscripts from antiquity and developedscientific and technological schools of learning translated the manuscripts of antiquity from Greek andArmenian to Arabic. Yet, vestiges of scholarship persisted in the monastery libraries where learning waskept alive and although the influence of the Church was more interested in theology than natural history.History relates that during the sovereignty of sultan Arslan ibn Masud in Konia, which lasted from 1156 to1192, the knowledge of spiritual science and chemistry was as important to people as being preceptor.The astrologist of sultan Aslan the Khubaish from Konia, called Khubaish Tiflisi, a title conferred by 1170-1185 for his love to Tiflis where he stays, was an early member of Sufi Order that established scholarlyhouses in the Middle East. Tiflis was the capital of Georgia, where about sixty-five percent of populationwas Armenian and influence of Armenian culture and science was substantial. During apprenticeship inTiflis he was inspired by rich prehistoric culture of Armenian and starts study ancient Armenian science andvisiting the famous spiritual centre of medieval Armenia the Sanahin monastery to learn «Tractate ofChemical Art», «The story of seven wise mans», «Interpretation on Surreptitious of Virgins» manuscripts inthe library of Sanahin monastery. His knowledge about Paleolithic-Neolithic artifacts of Ukhtasar andGeghama Mountains, astrological monument of Karaunj that back to 12,000 to 25,000 years old recordpersuades to become skilled at ancient culture of civilization that complement his knowledge about wisdomof transformation that influenced the revival of botanical and horticultural information based on the writingof antiquity in his work “Alchemy” and “Manuscript of Workmanship” (“Bayan as-sanaath”). Tiflisi foundthe strong connection in between Armenian and Babylonian-Assyrian culture and science of metal-craftingand knows that early Armenian jewelry art was largely dominated by the belief of signs and omensinvolving the priest as both diviner and exorcist yet including metallically treatment in medicine. The lateron, the examination of clay tablets in the library of King Assurbanipal of Assyria (668–626 BCE) whereidentified 120 mineral and several metals that were used for medical treatment including silver, gold,cupper, zinc, etc confirm Tiflisi findings. By using his knowledge of metal-crafting in “Manuscript of
  3. 3. Workmanship” Tiflisi introducing the plant and man metamorphoses, ceramic making, technology ofglazing and alchemical Sun and Mood silver making.PlantMan® MetamorphosesAcadian, Sumerian, Assyrian and Hettetian populations mingling with Semitic and West Asian immigrantsformed a people and created the Armenian history. The studies of the Cave Paintings or Stone Crafts thatexisted in Armenian Highland confirm the idea of anthropologists, that, cognition processes of differentnations depending on their cultural factors. Studying the rich cultural heritage, which we’ve got from ourforefathers, particularly the pictures on the rocks, discovered in the territory of Armenia as well as historicalmanuscripts and archeological-ethnographic researches given us references about developed art and craftculture of Armenia. Entire pictures of Plant and Animals, Hunting and Plot, Birth and Space, Moon andSun, Snake and Tree that are described in sequence on the petrography’s, are talking about the later stagesof the development of thinking process. By the creation of pictures on the rocks, our forefathers improvedtheir organs of sight: developed visual ability, memory, scope of logical exercises, sensitiveness to thesymbols, in terms of the theory of informatics and artificial intellect, developed the visual functions ofimage recognition. Instead of imaginative ideas the influence of verbal thinking made possible the Man self-identification by living in balance and harmony with Nature.The earliest connections of Plant and Man we found in art and mythology. And it’s not a secret thatmythology is the handmaid of literature, and literature promotes happiness. Myths were told or sung topeople at least 7,000 years ago. They were told to explain dreams or reasoning for certain happenings or tounderstand their gods. Homer was a poet around 900 B.C. and was the main recorder of most myths,although there were poets who sang hymns and told stories of the mythological characters some 2,000 yearsbefore Homer. It is trough that many modern authors have glamorized myths and made them interesting toread, but also trough that the Sumerian and Armenian brought their gods to the Persian and Egyptian. TheGreeks brought their gods to the Romans. But the Romans had also other gods: Pomona, goddess of thefruit; Flora, goddess of flowers; Lucina, goddess of childbirth; and many more. The study of Greekmythology shows that there are about 52 herbs which influenced by the gods and goddesses to our language,literature, art, culture, customs, politics, astronomy, and our calendar.Wars have been fought, trade routes established, lives sold, and cultures, countries and businesses founded,all in the name of the PlantMan. The Plant became a part of the man and Man found self-identificationtrough plants. Historically, these phenomena of METHAMORPHOSES or reincarnation of Man to the Plantand Plant to the Man are rich in myth, legend, artifacts, prehistoric rock crafting, lore, romance, andbusiness that influenced to the jewelry invention like art and nature.
  4. 4. PlantMan® excelsior jewelry selection Daphne adornment – the sign of victory and honor. Apollo was teasing Cupid about his tiny arrows, and Cupid shot one of love into his heart. Daphne, a nymph was standing close watching the two gods and Cupid shot an arrow to repel into her heart. Apollo saw her and fell madly in love and thought he must have her for his own; she became frightened and started to run from him. He was too fast and started to capture her, she cried to her father the river god Peneus to please save her from Apollo, so her father, who loved her very much, turned her into a Laurus nobilis tree. Apollo grabbed the tree and flung his arms around it crying, “My love, my love, I shall love you forever and evermore you shall be green. I will wear your leaves as a crown to remember you”. To this day bay wreaths are used as a sign of victory and honor to poets and conquer. Bay is used in all meat dishes and soups. Rosemary pendant - a symbol of fidelity and remembrance. Rosemary is a symbol of fidelity and remembrance once used in the holiest of Christian ceremonies, the wedding and the funeral. The story tells that the flowers were originally white, but changed to blue when the Virgin Mary hung her cloak on the bush while fleeing from Herod’s soldiers with the Christ child. Mulberry cross – symbolized forgiveness. The love myth pertaining to mulberries is a Romeo and Juliet love story. Pyramus and Thisbe were in love, but were forbid by their parents to marry. They planned a midnight meeting under a mulberry tree. Thisbe arrived first and was frightened by a lion, she ran loosing her veil. The lion picked it up in his bloody mouth and dropped it. Pyramus found the veil and was sure his love had been killed by the lion and then he took his sword saying "My love you will not die alone." He stabbed himself. When Thisbe returned and found her love dead she took up his sword and killed herself. The mingled blood from both traveled up the tree and the berries which had been white were turned deep red as they have remained to this day. The mulberry tree was dedicated to Minerva by the Ancients. Elecampane earring – the symbol of noble purity. The origin of the name helenium came from Helen of Troy. She had a large arm full of these yellow flowers when Paris stole her from her husband Menelaus that started the Trojan War that lasted ten years. When Paris was killed Helen returned to Menelaus and through difficulty they returned to Sparta where they lived happily ever after. Narcissus earring – talisman of individuality. A beautiful youth named Narcissus saw his image in a pool of water and fell in love with it. He tried in vain to embrace the image, but it always alluded him, he was so grief stricken that he would not eat and said "Dear beauty why do you shun me? I love you so." He became weak and pale and withered and in his place when he died was a beautiful blue flower which preserves the memory of Narcissus to this day. Rose and Cross – symbol of love. The word rose comes from the Greek word rodon (red) and the rose of the Ancients was a deep crimson and supposedly sprung from the blood of Adonis. Adonis was a beautiful young man that Venus fell in love with and went hunting with him. She cautioned him all the while to be careful of large prey. One day she left him in her chariot drawn by swans and started for Mt. Olympus, but on the way she heard Adonis moaning, she returned to him and found him dying from being gored by a wild boar. She was grief stricken and as he lay dying she said "My Adonis, my grief shall endure, but your blood shall be changed into a beautiful flower." It is the flower of love. The gods Cupid and Bacchus are also associated with the rose-the sign of pleasure and companion of mirth and wine. Roses were spread on the floors at great celebrations and were scattered at the feet of Flora, goddess of flowers.