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Concept of armenian dinner


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Concept of armenian dinner

  1. 1. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipes Rediscovered Armenian Food Culture and Armenian Dinner ® Concept IntroductionA.Mehrabyan, PhD on Food TechnologyCreator and Originator of Armenian Dinner“The concept of Armenian Dinner determines the link of Armenian traditional cooking to the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, andother national cousins and explaining the origin of the well known and rediscovered dishes. Its an very interesting idea to promoteelapsed ethnic Armenian cuisine with expectancy to multiply rediscovered ancient recipes instead of “khorovadz” and “kebab” tomake possible to enjoy authentic Armenian food as part of World Culinary Culture, as a symbol of cultural and interpersonalcommunication. My congratulations to Armen and wishes to have success with this concept” Armen Petrossian , Owner of Ptrossian Caviar and CEO of Petrossian restaurants in Paris, New York and Las Vegas.“Armenian Dinner it’s a portrait the traditional meaning of ceremonial/eating habits/culture of Armenian people, explaining theunderlying gastronomical, energy and healthy-life themes developed by generations. It includes all elements of fin dining: the timing,hygiene, sitting, eating, sequencing, combining/mixing, seasoning, digesting, ergonomics and energetic, culture of kitchen, cookingmethods and equipment used, and other considerations”. Ruth-Anne Adams, Executive Chef of Casablanca restaurant, Cambridge, MA. “Some recipes inspired by my friend Armen, who lives in Armenia, where he grows and harvests wild herbs that he makes into teasand essential oils, I learned and altered a little and presenting as a unique variation of traditional dish in our menu”. Ana Sortun, Best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine 2003 and 2006 and owner of Oleana “Best New Restaurant in America” nominated by James Bread Foundation.“We had tested real Armenian flavors mastered by Armen. “Armenian bean and walnut pate” with a lively hint of pomegranate syrup,and decorated like something from Japan. It was wonderful test of pleasure.” Mark Orfaly, Best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine 2005, nominated by James Beard Foundation, Owner of Pigalle restaurant, Boston,MA. “Ana Sortun said that she had cooked last year with Armen at Oleana and was totally entranced by his knowledge of spices and herbs.“He’s a genius, “she said. “Nobody on the planet knows what he knows about these herbs and these flavors.” Louise Kasdon, food writher of Phoenix and Boston Globe.« La conclusion revient à un des convives "Cette initiative, c’était comme une pièce de theâtre, dou lon ressort tout simplementheureux. Merci de lavoir tentée. La magie a suivi ». Alain Alexanian, Owner & Executive Chef of Alexandrine restaurant, Lion, France « Cette Soirée qui a ravi les esprits et le palais de la trentaine de convives qui avaient la chance dêtre là ce soir est sans aucun doute àreproduire lannée prochaine pour approndir la connaissance de ces produits du terroir arménien utilisés pour préparer des menusoriginaux et étonnants ». Karine Arabian, Fashion designer, Paris, France« La conclusion revient à un des convives "Cette initiative, c’était comme une pièce de theâtre, dou lon ressort tout simplementheureux. Merci de lavoir tentée. La magie a suivi ». Mark Begian, food epicurean, Milan, Italy « Ce personnage hors du commun a bien voulu partager avec nous lune de ses passions: lart et lapplication pratique de la culture desplantes associées à des ingrédients minutieusement choisis jusquà nos assiettes ». Sasun Sauge, Chairmane of G2A, Paris, France Preface
  2. 2. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipesHistorically, if there is a dip in the general economy, the restaurant industry is usually effected far less that the overalleconomy. To some degree, this is because of peoples perception that food, regardless whether it is from the grocery orrestaurants is a fundamental necessity of life and spend accordingly.The history of Armenian Dinner comes from the remarkable house of Audrey in Boston, where I have made an EthnicArmenian dishes for friends, to enjoy Armenian food. Mark Mooradian, friend of mine, was so excited and passionatefrom Armenian dinner, so in the next day share his wonder with epicurean friends from New England high restaurants. Hebrings me to the interesting trip to the restaurants of Mocef Medeb, Ana Sortun, Sari, Marl Orfaly, Ruth-Anne Adams,Viki Lee Boyajian to introduce the fabulous chefs of New England. They were surprised about Armenian Dinner idea as aone person came to me with offer to organize the Armenian Dinner Evening with the readiness to support me withcooking and organization. I fill conscientious and very proud to cooking with professional chefs, when those famous chefsassist me as a Master Chef. This kind of teamwork makes available transform the love and enthusiasm into the fine meal.I fill conscientious and very proud when was appointed as a Master Chef of Event and all world famous chefs assist mewith the diner preparation with love and enthusiasm. It was really excited evening where everybody enjoy the foods andpassion of nice and creative atmosphere. Some of my Chef friends who learned recipes and preparation of ethnic Armenian cuisine became the James Beard Award winner as of Best Chef on Mediterranean cuisine. Up to nowadays they are using rediscovered Armenian recipes in their restaurant to serve people and friends. The concept of Armenian Dinner became reality and established. It’s become a kind of visit card for me in the future business trips around the world. During 2000-2007 it was organized in Boston, New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, Moscow, Delhi, Madras, Harlem, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Yerevan, and many other places with participation of well-known Chefs on Mediterranean cuisine, 2001 Boston, USA gourmet food lovers and epicurean businessperson. Moreover, I would like to James Beard awarders - chefs, express my thanks and appreciation to all my friends for their attitude to Ana Sortun, Mark Orflay, Vike Armenian food history, tradition and culture and for their support on promotion Lee Boyajian , assist to Armen of this fine dining culture. with preparation of Armenian Bean pate at “My Armenian Main Objective of Armenian Dinner Concept Dinner” hosted by Audrey Kalajian The main objective of Armenian Dinner is to introduce the tradition of food culture based on rediscovered ancient Armenian recipes as well as socialgathering and ethnic Armenian food preparation. Professional chefs, gourmet and epicureans can enjoy the forgotten partof food-dining history and can appraise importance of healthful diet that was an integral part of the daily lives of theArmenian people in ancient.This well- conceived concept on Armenian food culture accurately describes ancient Armenian cuisine and becamevaluable aid to promoting interest in it. It’s not just a dinner, it’s kind of intimacy evening where people can share theknowledge and passion comforting with music and peaceful atmosphere. Its kind of introduction show about ancient foodculture that are passed from generation to generation to this day; it is an rehabilitation of Armenian tradition of sharing thefood with family and friends to induce relaxation and enhance the overall enjoyment of a fine meal. Armenian Dinner project based on rediscovered food culture and recipes: o introducing the tradition and social gathering of ethnic food culture to the professional cooks and gourmet, o emphasize importance of healthful diet in the ancient Armenian culture as an integral part of the daily lives of the Armenian people; o underline that Armenian food culture is the part of world food cuisine and not an isolated and emancipated from others; o accentuate that now is a right time to promote the elapsed ethnic Armenian cuisine with expectancy to multiply rediscovered ancient recipes instead of “khorovadz” and “kebab” to make a possibility to enjoy real Armenian food as a symbol of cultural and interpersonal communication.
  3. 3. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipes Armenian Dinner is not just a fine meal – it is our history. It’s a rehabilitationof Armenian tradition of sharing the food with family and friends to induce relaxation and enhance the overall enjoymentof a fine meal that is passed from generation to generation into this day. Good Food Good Mood!!!Sincerely yourArmen Mehrabyan Rediscovered Armenian Food CultureThe history of food culture bring us back to the Neolithic period and sown the development of the food culturein the Fertile Crescent, where agriculture began in 8000 BCE then after we discovering the development ofcuisine in ancient Mesopotamia1 where the “test creation” started.As a part of antique civilization Ancient Armenia was one of the centers of culture exchange, where Sumerian, Acadian, Aramaic and Hettetian split over. This tradition of gathering and cultural exchange passed from generation to generation and reached us trough manuscripts, ethnographical researches and just small part of this food culture Armenian were able to keep is their nowadays ethnic cuisine. That’s why importance of introduction of re-discovered food culture as a part of social gathering and fine dining today is essential as never. Today’s Armenia with 29,000 area is a small country in compare to the Ancient Armenia Major where 700,000 covered area from Black Sea to Mediterranean and Caspian seas. The geographical location of 2007, modern Armenia with multi-elevation Yerevan biodiversity and natural conditions of its Armenia location and weather, are major contributors to Armenian Dinner at the the scrumptious legumes and cereals, Rossini Restaurant,delicious fruits and vegetables and famous grapes and grains found within “Armenian Dinner Evening”its borders. Presentation of genuine Armenian cuisine at “The Club” Yerevan, 2005”Knowledge of the history of Armenian agriculture and horticulture can begleaned from the archeological record supported by surviving written Armenian, Assyrian, Sumerian andEgyptian documents, temple inscriptions, as well as commentaries from antiquity including those of the Greekhistorian Herodotus (484-425 BCE), the philosopher Theophrastus (372-288 BCE), and the books of Genesisand Exodus in the Hebrew bible.To explain the unknown the Armenians created a complex and bewildering theology that drew on the sun andthe sky, the four elements and man, as well as every form of life, that was included a pantheon of human godsand goddesses in pagan time. Their beliefs greatly influenced the ancient world and have been incorporated intomany ancient religions such as Zoraostriszm and Manuizm. This remarkable experience of the ancient agricultural practices of grandfathers that creating a renaissance in the culture of food in the Land of Noah and passed from generation to generation trough centuries and millennia’s. 1 Mesopotamia” world have Greek origin and means “Land between the rivers” and both have their headwaters in the mountains of Armenia in modern Turkey. (source: McKay, p.13)
  4. 4. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipes Unfortunately this tradition of harmonic agriculture and balance traditional foods and food processing are damaged by modernization of “civilization” and mechanization. Soviet system destroy even memory of harmonic agriculture and after the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, Armenia was left without an infrastructure. Industrialized farming almost vanished because of the lack of funding to repair and In “Armenian Dinner maintain farm and processing equipment. Packaging and distribution of foodEvening” organized by G2I products were forced to revert to non-mechanical Paris, 2006 were invited more then 45 artists, Many people, because of theengineers, businessman and circumstances, learned farming food epicurean practices from their elders who still remembered the methods of the pre-Soviet era. Today tradition of agriculture is alive because of the ethnic knowledge were passed from generation to generation and rural people return to tradition. With the help from outside interests and Paris, 2006 After “Armenian Dinner Evening”, Armenians willing to preserve traditions, Armenia agribusiness is finding Prince of Caviar, Mr. Petrossian a balance of ancient and modern techniques to ensure fine food invites for a lunch in his restaurant to production. It is possible that with the return of a vital economy, the discuss about future collaboration. reality of a true agricultural renaissance will be realized. Armenian Dinner Evenings Armenian Dinner Event is the place to enjoy a royal meal of rediscovered ancient Armenian recipes. Armenian Dinner services are all delivered in their extraordinary atmosphere which includes a comprehensive art and culture collection from Ancient Armenian manuscripts. This provides an authentic surrounding that at times seems to distract everyone as they analyze the wealth of artifacts on display. The menu is ethno botanist Armen Mehrabians pride. It is a culmination of over 3000 years of history of Armenian food and more then 12 years of his scientific research and cooking experience. These favorites are differentiated through the use of the freshest organic ingredients. Most people are not aware of how much better the items taste when they are prepared with the freshest ingredients and made with love. Armen has a wonderful prix-fix menu that makes luxury affordable. He offering on the menu the selected akhorjink and akrajajik (appetizers), like named PATAR – dated back to X century cousin of Kyurikian royal family from Sanahin; aghtsan (salad) named BRNDZAKOL, plan rice made with seasonal herbs, and olive oil dip. Wild Musk Mallow soup, spiced with fresh garlic and elderberry vinegar and made with whole wheat. Traditional Veal file stuffed with roasted walnuts in sweet-and-sour apricot sauce and fresh apricot stuffed with grilled vegetables typify the main course selections. The Paghlava romance with apricot and vanilla ice cream. The famous Pomegranate herbal tea as perfect finish to a Mediterranean meal. Those just an example of more then 62 royal Armenian dishes and more than 250 traditional foods rediscovered during to the lat 12 years of ethno-culinary research. Atmosphere Manly Armenian Dinner concept taken place in the restaurants that overall architecture influenced by the René sans era with modern improvisation. It’s enhanced by flowers at the tables and moderate lighting. Candle lighting, architects, decoration and life music of violin, piano or duduk, making a cool and urbane ambiance, peaceful and warm atmosphere, that comfort us to enjoy fin dining with friends and family. Everything etched in the nice and joyful atmosphere. With Armenian Dinner you’ll find a fine dining establishment that focuses on culinary expertise of ancient-influenced Armenian food an emphasis on test. Usually the facility has spacious with seating for 50 people. It is luxurious and romantic. Table talk is no problem - noise level here is moderate.
  5. 5. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipesEating & DrinkingArmenian Dinner organized only once a month in one of the Armenian Dinner Club member restaurant inArmenia as well as once a year in on of the selected high-end restaurant Worldwide. The menu of ArmenianDinner is seasonal and rewritten according rediscovered recipes to stay fresh and creative based on availabilitygiven by the time of year. The cuisine is influenced by the Armen legacy and heritage of sensual delicacies.Recipes have been considered an exciting rediscovery of flavors with a glamorous perspective.Alcohol is served, and you’ll find that there is a marvelous wine coupage choose by Armen Mehrabyan withvintage options.About Armen MehrabyanAs mentioned earlier, Armen started cooking many years ago as an ethnic food lover. Armen came froma famous family of Armenian herbalist and knights and both parents have a food cooking sense and strongceremony of trapeze. That’s why his quickly became professional ethnocusinier to cook for the entire familyand friends in the holidays. His mother, who had seven generations of traditional recipes, passes the love ofsmell and taste with trainings on cooking. Armen quickly mastered these and began experimenting with his owndishes rediscovered from ancient Armenian manuscripts and ethno-botanical research. The feedback from hisfamily and friends was always very positive. Armen has had extensive experience in the U.S, Italy, France andArmenia to take Master Class Cooking with world known Chefs.
  6. 6. Organized & Prepared by Ethno-Botanist Dr.ARMEN MEHRABYAN Based on Rediscovered Ancient Armenian recipes Armenian Dinner Menu Sample Armenian Dinner Evening Menu Aperitif / Akhorjink Caranful Sparkling water freshly spiced with Clove and sliced lemon This recipe of XI century during the reign of Senekerim Artsurni, reached us trough famous medieval Armenian scientist of XVII century Asur Sebastaci Appetizers/ Akrajajik Ktron Roasted bread with “adva” sauce The recipe of this traditional appetizer of Verin Basen region of ancient Armenia reached us by thanks of ethnographer Dr.Hakobyan Salad/ Aghcan Dzkan Sarnapukht Epremakhndzori Bolorakov Delicious plate of freshly marinated trout served with grilled potato and spiced goat cheese rolled in Armenian flat bread lavash that complemented with “Balasan” Armenian balsamic vinegar spiced olive oil sauce. Potato was called Epremakhndzor in Armenia to the honor of the Eprem Katolikos (1810-1815) who brought the potato from India to Armenia. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan). According to the story around 1812, after the Indian trip Eprem Katolicos introduce potato as a food to the honor of his guests. We combine those two delicious dishes recipes to make excelsior art of freshly made marinated trout and staffed potato. Soup / Apur Lalva Apur Black bean soup with fin roasted walnuts and sour creamIn Armenia, we had three kinds of beans that Armenian used for making the dishes. Bleack bean is one of them that we call Lalva. This soup is originated fromLori region and it is dated in between 966-991 AC. According to the history, it was lovely soup of the King of Lori, the Gagik the first Kyurike. This soup was madeand serves only by his wife Aryusak, the mother of famous David Anhoghin, the King of Armenia. It is made from selected black bean, spiced with fin-roastedwalnut, and dipped with “arajan” – country stile of sour cream. The similar, but not the same, kind of soup start to be made by villagers from Lori аas an imitationand were called Lobu Kirkash. The last one is also testy but completely different with texture and test from the SOUP of KING. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan,D.Vardumyan) Main dish/ Himnutest Grilled Pork with Aylazan Marinated with onion and mountain spices and grilled pork served with delicate roasted fresh vegetables and honey-pomegranate vintage sauce. These medieval Armenian recipes of Vaspurakan reached us by thanks of ethnographer Dr.Yervan Lalayan Desert and Beverages / Anush evEmpelik Pomegranate Infusion serves with “Lole” crispy pastry staffed with honey, dried apricot and roasted walnuts accompany by fresh apple-cinnamon sauce