A history of oneauthentic armenian menu


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A history of oneauthentic armenian menu

  1. 1. A History of One MENU (or an authentic Armenian dishes for the beginning of Autumn) SEPTEMBERPrepared by Ethno-botanist, 1989Armen Mehrabyan.SEPTEMBER is a month of preparation for storekeeping the harvested crops and food.In Ancient Armenia this month was called HORI, from Armenian “horel” which meansbury, put into underground or in basement harvested crops (cereal, fruits, etc).Meaning of dinner in Armenia was divided in two category: Dinner of usual peoplewhich was Family dinner, which was called ENTRIK for kind of trapeze (when friends orrelatives came together and want to eat) and it was called “Hats u djur anel”, means tohave a Bread and Water together. Dinner what have a Kings was called KHJUYK EVGINARBUK, which means Celebrity and Wine dranking (no drinking, but dranking).Kings always have a reception, even when they have a usual dinner with their family.So this last ceremony includes: 1) Guest welcome reception with serving aromatic waterand during that introduction of guests, 2) Official introduction of dinners menu and 3)Dinner procedure itself.1. Epremakhndzori bolorak / Special blend of spiced potato and selected goat cheeserolled in Lavash bread.This delicious appetizer made from Armenian lavash bread role with stuffed with specialblend of spiced potato and selected goat cheese and finished in grill. Epremakhndzor wascalled potato, which is according to story Armenian Katolikos Eprem (1810-1815) bringpotato from India to Armenia. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)2. Chlbur sekhi matsukov / Yolk pate with capers and melon sauce.It is made from boiled yolk especially spiced with greens and capers and served withmelon sauce. It is dated in XVI century and connected with the story of Armenian KingTigran Mandacuny, who also has done a selection of famous Armenian melonTIGRANASEKH, which was widespread in Europe via Rome by Armenian traders.Both this dishes originated from ancient Armenian Basen region. (Sources: S.Orbelianand G.Hakobyan)3. Lalva Apur/ Black bean soup with fin roasted walnuts and sour cream
  2. 2. Actually in Armenia we had tree kind of beans from which Armenian was made soupsand one of them is Lalva – black bean. This soup is originated from Lori region and it isdated in between 966-991 AC. According to the history it was lovely soup of Lori’sKyurike King which always was prepared by his wife Aryusak who was also the motherof famous Armenian king David Anhoghin. It was made from selected bean, findsroasted and spiced walnuts and dipped with “arajan” – country stile of sour cream.Then after the similar kind of soup starts to be made by villigares from Lory and wascalled Lobu Kirkash, which is completely different with her texture and test and for surethat’s not a KING SOUP. (Sources: V.Bdoyan , E.Lalayan, D.Vardumyan)4. Dzmeruk megrakati matsukov / Watermelon with honey-milk sauce.First cultivation of Watermelon was done by Armenian from Urartu, which wasdiscovered by Dr.Piotrovski in 1948 from Karmir Blur.The recipe of this desert was discovered after many years research have done by me andfinally its represents you as a one of the unique example of hospitality of ArmenianKings to their guests, who are after long way from the Silk Road trading arrive toArmenia in Navasard month (August), when watermelon was ready to refresh travelersfrom the long way.