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Armedia nci content gov_alfresco_20120124_v1.0


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Armedia's 2012 Presentation

Published in: Technology, Business
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Armedia nci content gov_alfresco_20120124_v1.0

  1. 1. FEDERALCONFERENCE.COMAlfresco based Armedia Case Management Solution
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction – About Armedia – About – About Army Strong Bonds• Business Drivers• High Level Concept• Solution Design• Solution Demo• Alfresco based Armedia Case Management Solution – Armedia Content Cloud – Customization & Integration• Questions
  3. 3. About Armedia Services:  Design and Implementation of Enterprise Content / Case / Record Management solutions  Primary technologies: Alfresco, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet and Microsoft SharePoint Products:  Armedia Caliente – Bulk multiplatform content migration tool  Armedia Case Management – case management application framework with vertical solution built around Investigative Case Management  Armedia CONNtext – IBM Maximo -> FileNet connector  GuidedAlfresco – native iPad application to educate users on Alfresco Government & Commercial Past Performance CMMI Level 3 appraised 8(a)/SDB, Veteran owned, and 60+% staff carry a TS clearance
  4. 4. Customers 4
  5. 5. About• A service-disabled veteran-owned small business, provides professional event planning services for both governmental and commercial clients at an affordable price.• Currently planning and delivering over 3,000 events annually for the federal government. Services include – Site Selection, Graphic Design, Printing, Professional Staffing, Event Management, Food & Beverage Management, Audio Visual, Transportation Management, Child Care and Administrative / Logistical Support.• pioneered a fast-paced, assembly line event planning process that includes an automated event management system to streamline and expedite the process involved with delivering successful events for our clients.
  6. 6. About Army Strong Bonds• Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is to increase individual Soldier and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills training.• Strong Bonds is conducted in an offsite retreat format in order to maximize the training effect. The retreat or “get away” provides a fun, safe, and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments, and military lifestyle stressors.
  7. 7. Business Problem• provides quality planning services for governmental and corporate conferences, events and meetings at an affordable price.• Upon winning for the Army Strong Bonds program, needed to support an additional 3,000 events per year, a few orders of magnitude more events than before.• The sheer increase in number of events means more staff, more office space, and more automation to maintain the level of seamless event organization for which is known.
  8. 8. Business Drivers• Drive Efficiencies Throughout Event Management Process• Enhancing Office Automation• Greater Visibility into Event As It Is Processed• Standardization of Records Keeping & Centralization of Event Files• Automated Workflow – Event & Task Assignment & Tracking• Customized /On-Demand Reports• Monitoring of Employee Workflow• Date /Time stamped to ensure timeliness of Process• Accessibility - Real-time access (24/7)• Ability to easily modify and adapt system to meets client’s emerging/evolving business needs
  9. 9. Armedia Case Managementan Alfresco Based Solution FEDERALCONFERENCE.COM Event & Task Management In support of Army Strong Bonds
  10. 10. High Level Concept
  11. 11. Solution Design• User Interface/Framework – Web 2.0: HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, AJAX, JSON … – jQuery with many plugins• Bulk Ingestion of Events – Events added quarterly based on simple Excel spreadsheet – Batch program reads the spreadsheet and uses Alfresco API to create events• Alfresco Integration – CMIS all the way – Add / Retrieve / Version documents – Full-text search• Hosted Case Management Solution – Customized UI & Branding – Customized Workflow – Taxonomy & Content Model (objects & metadata) – Role-based security and authentication – Document Management – File Plan & Records Management
  12. 12. Why Alfresco?• Records Management – DOD 5015.2 complaint• CMIS Support• Scalability• Search
  13. 13. Solution Demo
  14. 14. About ACM• Case Management Framework – Manage Case – Manage Case Participants – Manage Task – Manage Documents/Records – Workflow – Search / Reporting – Security / Audit• Seamless User Experience (developed with user in mind) – Intuitive – Progressive Disclosure• Mobile friendly
  15. 15. Features – Case Management• Ability to create draft cases• Advanced filtering• Quick views
  16. 16. Features – Task Management• Formal activities within a case (e.g. interviews)• Assign and track closure of tasks• Easy to mark complete, reassign, etc.
  17. 17. Features – Document Management• We’ve conducted our research and created an easy approach for connecting with collaborators/approvers.
  18. 18. Features – Integration• Services Based Architecture • RESTful APIs• Integrations Directory Services• CMIS support for repository access (Records Management)
  19. 19. User Experience“We believe in building software based on user research and carefullymeasured data. That’s how we get it right the first time!” • Test early, Test often • Do user research and persona development • Use qualitative and quantitative measuring techniques • Respond to change quickly
  20. 20. ACM User Interface
  21. 21. Questions• Armedia – – http://www.armedia.comOffices:• Washington DC Metro – 8221 Old Courthouse Rd, Suite 206 – Vienna, VA 22182 – 703-272-3270• Atlanta Metro – 200 Galleria Parkway, Suite 440 – Atlanta, GA 30339 – 678-945-4417