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Travel brochure

  1. 1. TRAVEL BROCHURE PROJECTYou’re MissionStudents will design a travel brochure about a country. They will tri-fold a piece ofposter board to make their brochure. It should be written from the perspective ofa travel agency. It should be neat, attractive, and inviting. It should include thefollowing information as well as pictures.Create a travel brochure for an international destination. Include the followinginformation: Facts about that city (population, etc.) When to go (best time of year) How to get around (transportation to/from and while you are there) TWO PANEL SPREAD: At least four places of interest (landmarks, attractions, etc.) Historical information about that city and a city or country map At least four photographs taken in that city Information on the currency used Any other pertinent information for a traveler to that city (immunizations required, etc.) Required PointsDeductedAppropriate setup (margins/layout guides set according to Publisher packet); panelsin appropriate placesCover panel: Attractive cover that captures the true essence of the location (may useWordart, Flaming Text, graphics, etc.)Includes a high quality mapIncludes city facts (covered appropriately)Includes information on when to goIncludes information on transportationIncludes quality information on important places of interestIncludes historical informationIncludes at least four good high-quality photographsIncludes information on currency and perhaps an example of what the currency lookslikeOther information: Maybe cultural awareness, a few words in their language, tips fortravelers (find some good info)Sections are divided appropriately using rules or other types of graphic linesLayout: Is it professional, appealing, not too crowded, not too much white space, anddoes it keep the readers interest?Spelling/grammarPrinted double sided, folded, on either tan or gray paper
  2. 2. Research information about your country so that you can include facts andpictures. You should set up your brochure with the following information oneach page.1Cover page- name of country- picture of country- an exciting phrase tocatch people’sattention2Geography- important rivers- mountains- Is it an island?- Valleys- Etc.3Culture- customs- traditions- clothing- music- holidays4.Sites to Visit- list any importantlandmarks, places, orhistorical sites that peoplemay want to visit5.Interesting Facts- language- food- religion- events in history- people6.Contact Info- Create a companyname, address,phone number ande-mail address- List anything elsethat people maywant to know abouttheir trip.
  3. 3. Oral Presentation RubricYour Name: _________________ Group Topic:__________________________Group Members:___________________________________________________Oral Presentation RubricPossiblePointsSelf-AssessmentTeacherAssessmentProvided depth in coverage of topic. 10Presentation was well planned andcoherent.10Presenters were models ofthoughtfulness. Personal experienceintegrated where relevant andappropriate. Explanations andreasons given for conclusions.10Communication aids were clear anduseful. Handout was useful for othersinterested in topic.10Bibliographic information for otherswas complete.10Total Possible Points 50Rate each category according to the following scale: 9-10 = excellent, 7-8 =very good, 5-6 = good, 3-4 = satisfactory, 1-2 = poor, and 0 = unsatisfactory.