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ITPR contract course


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ITPR contract course

  1. 1. 1Professor Armando Castillo EscobarContract Course_______________ STUDENT-COLLEGE CONTRACTThe purpose of this document is to identify the main terms of the contract which you will have withthe ITPR on acceptance of the offer of a place on a course which has been made to you.1. The continuing relationship between you and the ITPR is linked to your continuing relationshipwith the institution. You agree as part of the ITPR Contract to abide by the rules and regulations ofthe institution, as amended from time to time in the course of your studies.2. Teaching. The ITPR will make such teaching provision for undergraduate students as itreasonably decides is necessary for their courses of study, taking account of any relevantdepartmental norms. Teaching may include tutorials, classes and seminars, and may be carriedout by tutors or other fellows or lecturers of the College, or by any other persons considered by theCollege to be suitably qualified.3. Library and ITPR facilities. The College will provide library and facilities in connection with yourstudies and on the conditions and at the times set out in the College Handbook or equivalentdocument, which may vary from time to time. Facilities may be withdrawn in the event of adversecircumstances beyond the control of the College.4. You undertake to abide by the regulations of the ITPR as set out in the ITPR Handbook, orequivalent document, including regulations concerning study, payment of fees and charges andresidence. Failure to abide by these regulations may lead to the imposition of disciplinarymeasures, which may include suspension or expulsion.5. Study. You undertake to pursue satisfactorily such studies as are required of you by any tutor,fellow or lecturer, or other qualified person, assigned by the College (or University, as the casemay be) to teach you. For this purpose, studies include the reading of materials, carrying outprescribed activities such as practical’s, the completion of written work, attendance in tutorials andclasses and lectures, and the sitting of University and internal College examinations.6. All assignments MUST be handed in on time; if not handed in will NOT be accepted after thedue date. (Without exception)7. Students final grade will be computed based on: Special assignments, projects, classroomassignments, quizzes or tests as established before hand by professor.
  2. 2. 28. Students are responsible of accessing the class blog to download the activities or assignments.9. As a course requirement the student is required to attend scheduled meetings with professor.10. All students shall be officially enrolled and registered in accordance with the ITPR admissionsoffice and must have completed this process with valid certification.SIGNED for and on behalf of the ITPR-Ponce Campus byProfessor Armando Castillo EscobarSigned by StudentName: ____________________________________Signature: ____________________________________Date: ____________________________________ Student Contact InformationName: ___________________________________ Student Number: _________________Course of Study: ___________________________Valid Email address: ________________________Phone Number: ( ) ________-________ACE ©2013
  3. 3. 3 Professor Armando Castillo English 2105 Contract Course ScheduleApril 22, 2013 News Article Presentation6:30 PM -8:00 Show & Tell DemonstrationApril 24, 2013 Role Play6:30 PM-8:00 Job Interviews (2Grades)Note: Students are responsible of accessing the class blog to download courseassignments. In the case of the interview, all information is posted on the blog the studentis responsible for studying and preparing for the job interview which has been established.