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Conversation corner let's talk about food


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Conversation corner let's talk about food

  1. 1. Speaking and listening - Elementary Let’s talk about FOOD Conversation cardsWhat’s your favorite What’s your favorite How often do you eat in afood? How often do you restaurant? Why? restaurant?eat it?Describe an everyday Which country do you What food do you refusemeal from your country think has the best food? to eat? Why?and tell how to prepare it.Can you give some How often do you eat fast What are the mostexamples of fast food food? popular dishes in your(also: junk food)? country?What do people usually Have you ever eaten When did you last go to aeat on a special holiday Japanese food? Did you nice restaurant? What(like New Year)? like it? did you order?If you visited a country Have you ever eaten Can you cook? What iswhere people ate snake or insects or snails? Would the last dish you cooked?dog, would you try it? you like to try them?What’s the strangest Who usually does the Is there a pet in yourfood you have ever cooking in your family? family? What does it eat?eaten? Tick the food you have tried baked potato frogs legs pancake cake fruit salad pizza ceviche hamburger rabbit dog horse sausage duck lasagna seafood escargots mashed potatoes snake fish & chips monkey spaghetti fondue noodle soup steak fried insects ostrich sushi fried rice paella tortilla