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Positioning RIN case study pakistan


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Positioning RIN case study pakistan

  1. 1. Positioning - RIN A mind game
  2. 2. Intro     Lever is a conglomerate deals in multiple product line consisting huge assortment. Deals in shampoos, skin and shaving creams, edible oils, margarine, toilet soaps, scourers, and laundry detergents in powder and solid bar forms. Lever profit before tax in 1988 was Rs 277Mio, 9% against sales revenue Lever launched a fabric washer named “RIN” in 1984 in form of solid, blue NSD Bar. Formulated & promoted RIN in the same context. The sales volume driven reasonably till 1988 & increased market share vs LY with following facts: a. b. c. The laundry soap - 5% NSD detergent - 12% NSD bar - 29%
  3. 3. Market Analysis – DETERGENTS 1988 Category Laundary Soap Non Soap detergant NSD Bar Sales in 1988 (Tons)   Vol (Tons) 247,000 14,500 1,550 Growth Price Per Vs LY KG 94% 5% 10_15 6% 12% 20_45 1% 29% 24_26 263,050 Vol Cont % Lever had no entry in laundry soap segment, but its two brands of NSD powder surf and sunlight had captured 50% of powder market. Lever did not have any formal product entry in dishwashing market since late 1987. It had introduced sunlight dish wash in 1985 but brand could not establish itself.
  4. 4. RIN      Blue non soap detergent Introduced in 1984, and was priced to sell at retail for 2.95 per pack of 130 gm. Rs 5 million promotion and advertising budget support the introduction of the product in the market. “ A little amount of RIN washes a large lot of clothes”. This is the main theme of commercial. Sale of RIN in the first three years disappointed never crossing 700tones per year. In march the price of 130 gram packaging raised to 3.15 Profit (before income tax) in 1988 was 2.5 Mio, 7% against the sales revenue
  5. 5. Current PROBLEM      RIN was primarily used for dishwashing & a survey confirmed that 65% of surveyed were using it in the same context Bar color Blue while competitor bar colors is bluish & packaging wasn‟t matched to competition & looks odd in NSD shelf Confusing ad with indistinct messaging in the past No booster in retailer margin since launched Unsuccessful consumer promotions:    CPO @ Rs. 0.50 in 1984 Buy two bars at Rs 1 off by giving a newspaper coupon to retailer in 1985 Rs 0.70 off on purchase of bar in 1985
  6. 6. What is Positioning…. Positioning is a marketing concept relating to a process of creating an image of the product in the minds of the consumer or in other words create a niche market for itself. “Positioning the brand & regaining trust are all smart things for us to do and those are all litmus tests for any decision, we make”. John Mckinley „
  7. 7. Positioning – Win the battle in your mind Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 Action Plan Focus at Key to Driver Product Revamping Coloring & Packaging -To signify as a fabric washer Bar -To defuse image as a dishwasher Retail Engagement Initiate activates to stimulate retailer - Retailer margin attractiveness, - Trade Promos to emulate product Numeric Expansion Product placement Specific SEC Targeting Determine Mind Share Dry outlets – Selling laundry soaps In store Retail Non User & Potential User Female - Consumer Cost Implications Only advt & packaging Benefit/s -Product distinction -Image building -Primary sales push Cost of margin & -Increase stocks levels promotion -Retailer priority to your product -Collection of subjected outlet data -Target areas, markets & high vol outlets selection -Increase in Operating Expense at distribution end -Numeric expansion -Fertile grey areas -Vol drive -Category shelving & facing -Shelf locking, -Price messaging Planogram -POP material cost -Locking rental -Elevate sell out -product prominence, -To capitalize through the price to those using detergent powders -Projection through attributes POP placement Increase in consumer base -Local language ads with renowned BA -Brand awareness through -Expense on ads Benefit to stakeholders -Building image top of mind -B2C communication
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