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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 38: As the Company,s Founder Your Biggest Strength is Sales


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I explain how, as the owner of the business, you should be able to sell your product or service better than anyone else.

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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 38: As the Company,s Founder Your Biggest Strength is Sales

  1. 1. Episode 38 • Your biggest strength as a business owner is your ability to sell your product or service. • Many entrepreneurs mistakenly put other things ahead of making sales. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | As the Company’s Founder Your Biggest Strength is Sales
  2. 2. vVYou Are Your Best Salesperson Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • No one understands your business as you do. • No one is going to come on board and lead your sales. • You need to be able to do it yourself. • Sell from the heart. • Let people see the passion you have for your product or service. • It’s what makes you your best salesperson.
  3. 3. vVIt is Your Primary Job to Sell Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Your business simply will not grow if you aren’t out there selling. • Selling is the hardest work. • It’s why people are hesitant to get out there and sell more. • You might not love sales, but it’s crucial to make it your top priority.
  4. 4. vVIf You Don’t Sell, No One Else Will Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Your job is to focus on sales every single day. • Make sure you are the best salesperson you have. • Lead by example. • People won’t sell with their heart if you don’t.
  5. 5. vV You Have to Be the One Who Trains Your Team to Sell Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • It’s not that you should never have a sales team. • You just need to perfect the one- man sales team before you get there. • Look at Tesla and their founder, Elon Musk. • He is the one selling his brand the most in publications and on social media.
  6. 6. vVBelieve in Your Sales Ability Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • So many of you don’t believe you are good salespeople. • It makes you sell less than you should. • You have to start BELIEVING in your sales ability. • It’ll help you sell more than you ever thought possible.
  7. 7. vVA One-Week Sales Challenge Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • This next week I challenge you to have the biggest sales week you ever had. • Talk to more people. • Make more appointments. • Do whatever you can to increase your sales. • A business coaching session can help you strengthen your inner salesperson. • Schedule a call with Arman today to inject rocket fuel into your sales efforts.
  8. 8. BUSINESS DOWN TO A SCIENCE Listen & subscribe using your favorite podcast app on iTunes, Android or PC: ATruly Life-Changing Force for Business Owners Business | Health | Wealth | Relationships | Happiness Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |