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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 36: Don't Build Unnecessary Company Infrastructure


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Investing in unnecessary infrastructure is how most new business owners go into debt. Here I explain the right place to be spending your money in the early stages.

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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 36: Don't Build Unnecessary Company Infrastructure

  1. 1. Episode 36 • Building unnecessary business infrastructure is a huge business mistake. • Investing in infrastructure that’s not needed is the quickest way to burn through your funds. • Let’s look at this mistake in more detail. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | Don’t Build Unnecessary Company Infrastructure
  2. 2. vVAn Example of this Mistake in Action Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Some examples of unnecessary infrastructure include: • Business cards • Letterheads • Fancy offices • Flashy websites • I’ve had businesses for a couple of years where I STILL don’t have fancy versions of any of those things. All I focus on is selling.
  3. 3. vV Don’t Waste Your Most Precious Moments Building Infrastructure Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Most entrepreneurs end up wasting the most precious moments in the beginning of a business on creating unnecessary infrastructure. • With one of the first businesses I started, the first thing I did was buy a fancy desk and professional business cards. It didn’t work out. • When I started my Recycling company, I did the first logo and website myself. I was completely focused on selling my services from the beginning, and that’s why it’s still successful today.
  4. 4. vV Stop Being Focused on the Stuff that Doesn’t Matter Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Stop focusing on the things in your business that doesn’t matter. • All you need to focus on is providing the best product and best customer service.
  5. 5. vV Your First Goal Should Be a Financially Viable Business Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Nothing else matters if your business isn’t financially viable. • Don’t worry about impressing your friends and family. • Them being impressed by your business doesn’t generate revenue. • Focus on creating revenue for yourself first. • Schedule a business coaching session with Arman to inject rocket fuel into your business.
  6. 6. BUSINESS DOWN TO A SCIENCE Listen & subscribe using your favorite podcast app on iTunes, Android or PC: ATruly Life-Changing Force for Business Owners Business | Health | Wealth | Relationships | Happiness Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |