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Titanium Life Episode 14: Take Advice From the Right People

I teach you how to find the right people to take advice from if you actually want to change your life.

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Titanium Life Episode 14: Take Advice From the Right People

  1. 1. Episode 14 Many listeners have asked why people take advice from the wrong people. • This episode was created to explain how to take advice from the RIGHT people. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | Take Advice From the Right People
  2. 2. v What Happens When You Take Bad Advice Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • So many people take advice from people just because it sounds good. • They take financial advice from broke people. • And weight loss advice from people who are overweight. • These people also hang around people who have the same problems of them. • Overweight people like to hang out with overweight people. • They don’t feel pressured to go to the gym.
  3. 3. v Getting Results is About Only Taking Proven Advice Taking advice from the right people is about only taking advice proven to work. • Look for people who are getting the results you want and study what they do. • Advice isn’t good if the person giving it doesn’t use it themselves. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  4. 4. v What Medical School Taught Me About Compliance I studied Neuroscience during my time at Harvard Medical School. • I learned something interesting about compliance from medical trials. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  5. 5. vWhich Pill Would You Take? • Imagine I have two different Alzheimer’s medications. • One is a little white pill the size of an Advil. • The other is a brown pill that is five times the size of the white pill. • The brown pill is MUCH more effective at treating symptoms than the white pill. • The white pill is the one that passed clinical trials. • The reason is compliance. • People don’t want to take a huge pill. • Which pill would you take? Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  6. 6. vThere are Two Groups of People • The group of people who would take the brown pill are the winners. • They want the option that is proven to get the best results. • The people who would take the white pills are all theory, no action. • They take the path of least resistance. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  7. 7. v Seek Out Those Getting the Results You Want • Every tool covered in the Titanium Life podcast is something I get results with. • These tools have also been tweaked to help the masses. • Use my tools if you’re looking for the type of life I live. • If not, find someone getting the results YOU want and study them. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  8. 8. v Be Picky About the Information You Absorb • You have to be strict about the information you let into your mind. • Don’t let just anyone feed you advice. • Schedule a business coaching session with me if you need help taking advice from the right people. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  9. 9. BUSINESS DOWN TO A SCIENCE Listen & subscribe using your favorite podcast app on iTunes, Android or PC: ATruly Life-Changing Force for Business Owners Business | Health | Wealth | Relationships | Happiness Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |