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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 24: The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake Businesses Make


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I explain how the biggest online marketing mistake people make is spending money building a flashy website, and then introduce my Titanium 10:1 rule for building a website.

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Titanium Life Podcast Episode 24: The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake Businesses Make

  1. 1. Episode 24 What is the biggest online marketing mistake businesses make? • They don’t understand how to build a website that converts. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake Businesses Make
  2. 2. vV Most People Don’t Understand the Web Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 | • Most people don’t understand how the Web works. • They think all they need to get the leads pouring in is a beautiful website. • The reality is how you market your website is way more important than looks.
  3. 3. v The Titanium 10:1 Rule for Building a Website • The Titanium 10:1 rule states: • For every dollar you spend on designing your website, you should spend ten dollars to promote your website. • The same is true for time. • If you put $1,000 into the design, you need to put $10,000 into marketing. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  4. 4. vvv It’s Not About the Prettiness of Your Website • The prettiness of your website doesn’t matter. • It only matters for impressing family and friends. • But they are already familiar with your business. • How do strangers find your website? • Strangers find your website through search engines. • Search engine optimization can’t be shown off to your friends, • But it’s much more valuable than making your website pretty. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  5. 5. v Search Engine Optimization Gets Your Website Seen • Search engine optimization is time- consuming, • expensive, • boring, • and can’t be shown off. • It’s why so many businesses ignore it in favor of building fancy websites. • Every business I have begun with a bare- bones website and a strong SEO campaign. • Driving traffic was always the primary focus. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  6. 6. vYou Can Succeed With a $100 Website The problem with most SEO companies is they fool you and give you what you think you want. • They’ll build you a flashy website but won’t care about driving traffic. • I tell my clients to forget about how their website looks. • It’s all about getting traffic. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  7. 7. vBuild Your Website for SEO and Conversions Your website has to be designed to be functional. • Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to take the action you want to take. • This means staying away from flash animations, • long videos, • and complicated menus. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  8. 8. vMake Use Of Squeeze Pages • Squeeze pages are a great way to generate massive revenue with a simple website • They often contain only a small paragraph of text or small video, • And then a large call-to-action button. • Click on an ad next time you search something in Google. • You’ll see a squeeze page in action. • The only purpose of the squeeze page is to generate conversions. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  9. 9. v Recap • Don’t forget the 10:1 rule. • Revise your online marketing budget to reflect this ratio. • Put your resources into building a website that gets found and gets conversions. • Schedule a business coaching session today to learn how to apply the 10:1 rule and turn your website into a conversion machine. Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |
  10. 10. BUSINESS DOWN TO A SCIENCE Listen & subscribe using your favorite podcast app on iTunes, Android or PC: ATruly Life-Changing Force for Business Owners Business | Health | Wealth | Relationships | Happiness Business Coaching Inquiries: (844) 884-8264 |