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The cuban missile crisis


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Information on what lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis, why it happened, how it happened as well as how it ended and everything else.

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The cuban missile crisis

  1. 1. The Cuban Missile Crisis ARMAAN HOSSAIN
  2. 2. The Beginning – USA  The Cuban Revolution caused American owned businesses in Cuba to fail leading to US ties with Cuba to be damaged.  Fidel Castro went to the Soviet Union for help and established a relationship with them.  USA sever ties to Cuba after finding out and began trying to assassinate Fidel Castro using 1,300 exiled Cuban soldiers and failed. This incident was called the Bay of Pigs  October 1962, American spy planes discovered nuclear bombs and bomber planes in Cuba
  3. 3. The Beginning – Soviet Union  After establishing a relationship with Cuba, they had begun trade and sent equipment to Cuba  They had begun building Nuclear bombs on Cuba as USA had stored Nuclear weapons on Turkey. In return, America helped Turkey economically as well as the fact that Turkey was apart of NATO
  4. 4. Order of Events  1/1/1959 – Fidel castro takes control of Cuba after Cuban Revolutions  19/12/1960 – Cuba aligns itself with the Soviet union  17/4/1961 – The Bay of Pigs incident happens.  14/8/1962 – pictures of Missiles on Cuba are taken using Spy planes  18/8/1962 – Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, assures John F. Kennedy that the missiles are only there for Cuba’s Protection.
  5. 5. Order of Events  23/8/1962 – Kennedy receives letter from Nikita Khrushchev saying that there is a serious threat to peace and security of people.  26/8/1962 – Kennedy receives letter proposing to remove missiles of Cuba if it is publically announced that they won’t invade Cuba.  27/8/1962 – An American U-2 plane is shot down over Cuba and Kennedy accepts Khrushchev’s offer.  28/8/1962 – Khrushchev announces that he has agreed to remove the missiles from and Cuba and in return the Us Agrees to remove their Nuclear missiles from Turkey.
  6. 6. Reason Behind Cuba and USA Separation  Cuba was a source of income for the US as Cuba had lots of sugar and other crops that were useful for business  The US took advantage of this and made a deal with Cuba which let them have their independence but they still had to follow the rules of America and America invested lots of money into Cuba’s sugar business and made lots of money.  The Fidel Castro lead revolution damaged majority of this business and damaged the connections between USA and Cuba.  After Cuba began affiliating with the Soviet Union, USA severed all ties with Cuba.
  7. 7. Results of the Cuban Missile Crisis - Past  More control over nuclear weapons  An agreement was made that there would be no use of nuclear weapons by either side.  This created the Detente which destroyed most tension between the USSR and the US.
  8. 8. Results of Cuban Missile Crisis - Present  Cuba’s growth has been incapacitated and all imports and exports have been stopped between Cuba and other countries.  This made Cuba very poor in comparison to what they could have been, being a country right next to the US
  9. 9. Beginning of the End  Fidel Castro’s younger brother Raul had made an agreement with Barack Obama that they will end all cold war hostility and restore diplomatic ties between Cuba and America.  This agreement, brought an end to 50 years of conflict between Cuba and America.
  10. 10. How does the conflict affect todays world?  The chances of using nuclear weapons in a war have become very low as both USSR and the US had the capability to end the world and it became clear to them that if they had used that level of weaponry then they would have surely ended the world.
  11. 11. What can we learn from the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Conflicts can be resolves with minimal amount violence  Good things can come out of conflict such as the mutual agreement against nuclear weapons  Leadership is very important in any situation as someone needs to take control of the situation and guide everyone through the problem.
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