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Real-Time Business Intelligence Software Solution

With the help of business intelligence software, users can comprehend and view information about operational and business conditions more effectively. For more details visit:

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Real-Time Business Intelligence Software Solution

  1. 1. Tips to Choose Real-Time Business Intelligence Software Solution Business intelligence dashboard is an effective tool that that helps companies to steer their business efficiently by providing access into critical data. It uses visualization-driven approach and users can easily envisage and examine data from across the organization with this BI portal. With the help of real time business intelligence software, companies can get data by directly accessing operational system or entering business transaction in real-time data warehouse and business intelligence system. There are numerous real-time reporting tool and web based software that helps in determining trends and relationship between data. So let’s discuss some tips to choose real-time business intelligence software solution for your business.
  2. 2. Find Out How the Software Performs Real-Time Updates While choosing business intelligence software for your company it is very important to understand the working of the software. The sales person can only give you the information of the features that the software offers. So if you’re not tech person then you can hire a technical profession to fully understand how the software does the real-time data updates. Distinguish between Real-time Data & Automatic Non- copying Real-Time Most of the business solution offers real-time data features but some of the software, data updating and time reporting does not happens in fast manner and it is done by copying process. In this type of copying process, data from relational database is copied to multidimensional source so that it can be analyzed easily. This entire process is not automatic and can easily breach security. Dynamic In-Memory Connection to Your Relational Database Ensures True Real-Time Companies should choose the real time reporting software that truly delivers real-time data. It is quite important to have proper understanding of real-time data updates that takes place during the process. Suppose your data is warehoused in a RDBMS such as Microsoft SQL then your Business Intelligence need to be
  3. 3. connected to the SQL or other relational database to provide instant updates. Instant updating tool comes with in-memory capacity to avoid copying data from relational data sources to multi-dimensional data source whenever any information is added. So it is very crucial to enquire about the working of in- memory features of business intelligence software. Contact Us InetSoft Technology Corp Address: 53 Knightsbridge Road Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA Phone: +1.888.216.2353 (USA) Phone: +1.732.424.0400 (International) Fax: +1.732.980.5949 Email Id: Website: