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Or the closest thing to it $.0225/kWh

•	 Clean, low-cost hydropower at

Quincy, WA
Intergate.Quincy is Sabey Data Centers’ ...
612 SF


5,263 SF

340 SF

11,988 SF


5,315 SF

11,988 SF

11,988 SF

5,994 SF

5,994 SF

Building C

About Sabey Data Centers


For more than 25 years, Sabey Data Centers (SDC) has been
building relationships while de...
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Intergate.Quincy Brochure


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Intergate.Quincy Brochure

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Intergate.Quincy Brochure

  1. 1. FREE POWER Or the closest thing to it $.0225/kWh
  2. 2. Intergate.Quincy Power • Clean, low-cost hydropower at $0.0225/kWh Quincy, WA Intergate.Quincy is Sabey Data Centers’ newest purpose-built campus—520,000 square feet in three buildings offering modular efficiency for users of virtually any size. Options include powered shell, built to suit for client preferences or wholesale colocation managed modules with our award-winning critical environment management. All Sabey data centers are designed to maximize energy savings with low-cost hydropower and mechanical systems that derive efficiencies from the natural environment. Critical Environment Management • State of the art control and monitoring • Physical security audits and assessments • 50-60 MW of aggregate power delivered to the campus • Mission critical responsiveness • Onsite substation planned Additional Design Features • Redundant electrical and mechanical systems • Single or multi-tenant buildings available • Attractive dedicated entrances and signage potential • Backup systems for emergency or maintenance events • Sunshades enhance comfort and natural light • Concurrently maintainable • Shared common area conference rooms, rest rooms and loading docks in multi-tenant buildings Cooling Security • Leading energy-efficient HVAC technologies • Secure perimeter security setbacks, perimeter fencing with intrusion detection, secure access checkpoint • Customizable for roof-top or side mounted units • Dedicated equipment yards are secure and convenient • Closed circuit TV cameras • Evaporative and economizer cooling lower energy costs 40 – 70% • Loading docks for easy access to secure storage • Roving security patrols 24/7/365 YOUR MOST CRUCIAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS ARE NETWORKED INSTANTLY THROUGH IGX. Intergate.Seattle 520,000 sf 1,200,000 sf 1,100,000 sf • One-to-many interconnectivity between your data center and any others with a single connection to an SDC campus (tenant-to-tenant, tenant-to-carrier/service provider, tenant to partner/affiliate) • Many-to-one interconnectivity allows multiple affiliated sites to connect inexpensively to their SDC premises via IGX. Minneapolis 438,000 sf Chicago Santa Clara San Diego Los Angeles Denver Omaha Las Vegas • IGX facilitates seamless protection of your data with a secondary or disaster recovery center at any other SDC campus. 490,000 sf Dallas IGX West Coast In Washington State, IGX provides redundant interconnectivity between Sabey’s Intergate.East and West campuses, and the Westin Building in downtown Seattle, a major West Coast carrier exchange location, where Sabey maintains a secure PoP and large cross-connect capability for carrier-interconnect purposes. The IGX Network extends to SDC’s Intergate.Quincy facilities in Central Washington via a protected longhaul backbone. IGX supports traffic collection and aggregation throughout the region via distributed colocated switching capability within carrier hotels in both Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington. IGX East Coast The IGX network connects with the East Coast at Intergate.Manhattan, SDC’s one million square foot data center tower in New York City. The high capacity route and carrier diverse optical fiber backbone provides managed Layer 1 and Layer 2 connectivity services between Intergate. Manhattan (at 375 Pearl St.) and all other SDC campuses as well as to multiple carrier hotels in Manhattan (60 Hudson St., 111 8th Ave. and 32 Ave. of the Americas) via a redundant, diverse, high capacity private network owned and operated by SDC.
  3. 3. 612 SF 1 2 5,263 SF 340 SF 11,988 SF MMR 5,315 SF 1 11,988 SF 3 11,988 SF 4 5,994 SF 5,994 SF Building C 58,405 SF Building C 2 1 3 7 4 9 8 10 11 Available Space 5 Available Office Space / Common Area 6 1 Breakroom 12 13 14 1.8 MW of critical power per module 2 Vestibule 3 Lobby 4 Conference room 15 5 Storage 16 6 IDF 7 Security 8 Security portals 17 9 Restroom 18 10 Storage 11 Janitor closet 19 20 Buildings A & B Each building’s data center space is 189,183 SF 2 MW of critical power per module 13 Facility office 12 Main Point of Entry 2 Site Plan 14 Conference room 15 Storage 1 - 893 SF 16 Storage 2 - 893 SF 21 22 23 24 17 Storage 3 - 893 SF 18 Storage 4 - 893 SF 19 Building storage 20 Building electrical 21 Main Switch Gear 22 Facility workshop 25 26 C A 23 Facility storage 24 Main Point of Entry 1 25 Sprinkler Room 26 Loading area - 1,243 SF B
  4. 4. About Sabey Data Centers    For more than 25 years, Sabey Data Centers (SDC) has been building relationships while developing some of the world’s finest data centers. Today SDC is one of the top privately owned-multi-tenant data center developers and operators in the world. SDC specializes in scalable, highly efficient, custom-built solutions including data center- ready powered shell, turnkey and build to suit data centers. Our turnkey spaces are operated by an award-winning critical environment management team consistently recognized for its disciplined performance and sustained data center uptime. Some of the world’s most uncompromising enterprises rely on SDC — we’re proud of our long relationships with our clients, our most important asset.          Sabey Data Center Campuses Current  Intergate.Seattle WA Intergate.Columbia, East Wenatchee WA Intergate.Manhattan, New York NY Intergate.Quincy, Quincy WA  Under Development Intergate.Ashburn, Ashburn VA Planned  Intergate.Quincy is located in a data center hub supporting some of the world’s best-known enterprises. The dry, moderate climate and flat, geographically stable terrain are ideal for maintaining secure mission critical operations. For more information contact: 02.14 12201 Tukwila International Blvd. 4th Floor Seattle, WA 98168 | Main 206.281.8700