Twideas for #followanarchive


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Ideas to start at "followanarchive" day on Twitter Nov. 12th. 2010

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Twideas for #followanarchive

  1. 1. archival TWIDEAS for #followanarchive
  2. 2. Tweet-a-record Chris Juby has started filibuster-tweeting the Bible... Do you have a great and special record which is tweetable? Why not start tweeting it on #followanarchive?
  3. 3. Twitpic your finest! Use Twitpic to show off the most fantastic records to your followers! This is Jane Austens will from UK-National Archives flickr.
  4. 4. Make a contest Start your own # and twittertradition Dare your followers to participate and tweet answers to a question: How many kilometres of shelves do we have? What is the age of our oldest document? ....and let them win great prices: Free genealogical help? A free, framed copy of a record, chosen by the winner?
  5. 5. Twitenact a story from the records Let the past speak up on a special account, # or day. Lots of historical people tweet! Join Churchill, Lincoln, JFK and Henry VIII
  6. 6. Twunusual tweeters Make someone unusual tweet and let your followers experience the archives from an unusual angle Mr. Blobby the blobfish and Sue the T-rex are doing a great job for their institutions on Facebook. Who will tweet for you? Sally the Silverfish?
  7. 7. Twevents? How about making tweeting an event on a particular weekday? Friday afternoon? Monday morning? Monday is #museummonday Friday is #followfriday When will we see #transcriptuesday? #archivalafternoon?
  8. 8. HAPPY TWEETING on #followanarchive, Nov. 12 th. 2010