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Tutorial and ideas for archives planning to join Twitter for #followanarchive on Nov. 12th 2010.
You are free to download and modify the presentation as much as you like!

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  1. 1. Get READY for #followanarchive it´s EASY!
  2. 2. Go to and create your account. Just press ”Sign Up”. It´s free.
  3. 3. Do what the screen says! But make sure, that you choose a good, recognizable username. Obvious and safe choice = name of the archive You can´t have spaces and unusual charachters in the name. Only one twitter-account pr. e-mail is allowed.
  4. 4. Nothing wrong here! But you have to be human in order to get a twitter-account. Just type the captcha-words you see - and you´re fine!
  5. 5. Find interesting accounts to follow and find friends. You can also skip this and do it later!
  6. 6. Yay! Your archive now has a twitter-account! Let´s customize it! - press ”Profile”
  7. 7. Choose a good, characteristic and recognizable picture. It´s a good idea to use the same picture on all social networks. Fill out the forms – and press ”Save” if you like it. Let´s look at the design, press ”Settings” and ”Design” ....
  8. 8. Try out some of the possibilities - or make your own background. Tip: Use a picture in 1920 x 1200 pixels. Use logo, special colors, letters etc. that you also use elsewhere
  9. 9. OK – your page is finished! Time to start tweeting – what do all the weird signs mean?
  10. 10. Twictonary Tweet = a twittermessage Follower = someone following your account RT = reetweet, forwarding another persons tweet @ = reply to or mention another twitter-user # = hashtag makes it easier to follow a subject (like #followanarchive) List = collection or group of accounts that you and others can follow DM = direct message, only visible to sender and receiver you have to follow each other to send DM´s .
  11. 11. Example RT @My_archives: we are also part of #followanarchive This is a retweet This is the account, that originally sent the tweet This is the original tweet by the account My_archives When using the #followanarchive the tweet becomes visible to all who follows tweets with this tag. They will see it even if they don´t follow your account
  12. 12. Tips Don´t spam about visiting, products you sell, etc. Be present and answer when someone @´s you Give credit using @ when you retweet Patricipate in activities such as #ff, #museummonday, or make your own! It´s OK to listen more than you tweet Follow your followers Make it easy for others to share your content (use a sharebutton) Try out different tools
  13. 13. Tools & will feed your RSS to Twitter , & are tools, which will help you manage the streams (# and accounts you follow). They make tweeting much easier and more organised. Download and try them out to find the one that suits you. Is a Twitter-buffer, that scedules your tweets. & assist you in sharing photos etc. on Twitter.
  14. 14. HAPPY TWEETING on #followanarchive, Nov. 12 th. 2010