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Zaana howard completed [compatibility mode]


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Zaana howard completed [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. obtaining buy in for 2.0 deployment: a CPA Australia case study Zaana Howard | Swinburne University 20 by Bright Tal
  2. 2. overview Lighting up the dock 2 by gnackgnackgnack
  3. 3. case CPA Australia 129 000+ members 450 employees 16 offices 11 countries Brooklyn by joe holmes
  4. 4. case knowledge exchange team CEO Member Knowledge Knowledge Sharing & Publishing Digital Communications & Publishing Knowledge Exchange
  5. 5. what is buy in? a commitment to achieving a shared goal empty goal by keylosa
  6. 6. buy in is about communication, engagement and relationship building snail love | when you can’t say it show it by Adam Foster | Codefor
  7. 7. …with 2.0 its also about education and role modelling Teaching the youngster to feed by foxypar4
  8. 8. buy in has two levels to allow to do two by Amir K.
  9. 9. who do you need buy in from? why? target them Target by bitmask
  10. 10. buy in principles Red five is alive! By zawtowers
  11. 11. #1 know what you’re doing and why Saint Patrick’s Day matches by Bob.Fornal
  12. 12. POST framework C. Li & J. Bernoff 2008
  13. 13. #2 evidence. where does it LIE? (Literature | Industry | Experience) Picture project by House of Sims
  14. 14. #3 pitch to each audience Greenfinch singing – Carduelis chloris by Rob.Baldwin
  15. 15. stratified systems theory Levels of Vision Typical role Level of response work VI 10-20 yrs Mulitnational CEOs, regulators, Global government ministers, futurists transformation V 5-10 yrs CEO, CFO, Board, Heads of major Transformational business units, Presidents IV 2-5 yrs General Manager, COO, direct reports to Breakthrough CEO, department managers III 1-2 yrs Senior professionals, unit managers, Predictive and project managers systematic II 3-12 mths First line supervisors, team leaders Diagnostic and situational I up to 3 mths Front line employee, tradesperson, admin, Procedural PA, data entry Adapted from MVC Associates International, 2005 & Jaques 1996.
  16. 16. exercise your pitch Leo sings along with Justin Bieber at last night’s Much Music Awards by DuckLover Bonnie
  17. 17. #4 respect the channels of your organisation Skittles vodka by cabbit
  18. 18. #5 buy in is not a one off event OMG MACRO! [p52 w1] by Don Solo
  19. 19. summation 3c’s = clarity + conversation + care 27th April 2008 / Day 118 (483) by Mrs Magic
  20. 20. Who knows what you’ll find when you ask questions by [F]oxymoron
  21. 21. contact @zaana