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Rebecca jackson


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Rebecca jackson

  1. 1. Implementing Internal Social Media:A Yammer Case StudyRebecca Jackson – Intranet Specialist@_rebeccajackson
  2. 2. Overview • About Melbourne Water • What is Yammer? • Our journey • Implementation • Measuring success • Where to from here?
  3. 3. About Melbourne Water• Owned by the Victorian Government• 850 employees across numerous sites• Significant business, responsible for managing $9.4 billion in assets• Manages Melbourne’s water supply catchments, removes and treats sewage, and manages rivers and creeks and major drainage systems
  4. 4. What is Yammer?• Enterprise microblogging platform• Sites open to users with the same company email• Some key features: – Microblogging – Profiles – Groups• Easy to set up•
  5. 5. Our journey • First user October 2010 • Took off in March 2011 rj14 • 108 new members in May, biggest month • First Community in July rj12 • Key communications late July/August • Peak uptake days March/August rj10 rj9 rj11 rj13rj8
  6. 6. Slide 5rj8 First user jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj9 Took off in March 2011 jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj10 First community jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj11 Biggest month in May 108 new members jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj12 Key comms messages July/August jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj13 peak uptake march august jacksonr, 19/08/2011rj14 peak uptake march august jacksonr, 19/08/2011
  7. 7. Our journey• Currently 458 members (53.8%)• 2,466 messages• Average followers 25• Average messages 4.9• 164 users with more than 1 message (35.8%)• 61 users with greater than average (11.8%)• 4.37% (top 20 users) have generated 60% of content
  8. 8. Our journeyHow are our people using it?• Sharing updates
  9. 9. Our journeyHow are our people using it?• Asking questions
  10. 10. Our journeyHow are our people using it?• Common interest groups, work and personal
  11. 11. Our journeyHow are our people using it?• Crowdsourcing information
  12. 12. Our journeyHow are our people using it?• This was something they had been asking for! – “Technical forums for sharing best practice, asking questions and getting feedback” – “Internal Twitter so you can follow colleagues with good ideas” – “Stakeholder, alliance or project partner pages” – “Facebook style individual… pages”
  13. 13. Implementation: soft versus formalSoft approach• Personal Yammer strategies• Viral can be okay but…• Monitoring – Watch, nurture and tend to weeds… – The first “Yammer incident”
  14. 14. Implementation: soft versus formalA more formal approach• Rewarding users – 200th, 300th and 400 th user prizes – Information Management competition – Yammer photography competition
  15. 15. Implementation: soft versus formalA more formal approach• Weekly Yammer Tips
  16. 16. Implementation: soft versus formalAn even more formal approach• OnTap article• Yammer guide• Yammer as a communications channel
  17. 17. Measuring success• Observation and analysis – Members statistics – New users, new and useful conversations• Senior leaders getting involved• Generating discussions outside of Yammer
  18. 18. Where to from here?• Continue to nurture the community• Build formal business case• Investigate (and hopefully move to) paid version• The bigger Social Media picture – Social Media policy – Community of Practice – Intranet upgrade
  19. 19. Questions?