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Mark devine

  1. 1. Attracting the right people to the right roles at theright timeMark Devine, Senior Marketing and SourcingManager, NAB
  2. 2. Who am I – my background…..•Marketing and communications background but work in an HR function(recruitment) now.•Have worked as Senior Mktg & Sourcing Manager at NAB for three years.• Love the challenge of developing and managing one of Australia’s leadingemployer brands – recently rated as #8 in Australia’s top 50 employer brand by SixFigures.
  3. 3. Agenda• Social media: is it the silver bullet to all sourcing issues?• Is there a one size fits all candidate approach to social media?• Building your employer brand/EVP through social media• How do you leverage social media channels from your existing recruitment channel approach?• Establishing tangible ROI through social media recruiting
  4. 4. Social Media – a silver bullet?
  5. 5. No doubt social media a highly attractive channel to attract talent to a business.• It has a number of key advantages over traditional recruitment channels:- sophisticated targeting capability- one on one (rather than one to many) relationship with appropriate talent.• However, at this current stage (will continue to increase prominence) it is still one of a number of sourcing channel options to communicate, engage and attract the right talent into your business• More important is to assess how social media supports your recruitment and talent attraction approach.• Let me explain further…..
  6. 6. At NAB, a few years back we assessed our recruitment approach and discovered:• Fragmentation of in-house recruitment function• Recruitment spend through non-preferred recruiters• Limited use of our highly-capable Recruitment Management System• Employer branding dated, inconsistent and limited in scope/reachWe had the opportunity to change our overall approach• We reviewed our existing operations including; Policy, People, Process, Technology, Protocols, Suppliers, Brand, Sourcing Channels etc...• We developed an in-house recruitment model as it was the best fit for our business in order to move forward with a best-practice function
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. So direct channels are vital to us….• As you can see from previous slide, we need to effectively operate a wide range of direct channels to market (including social media).• This support our direct to market recruitment model and to build our employer brand effectively.
  9. 9. Building your Employer Brand through social media
  10. 10. If we can leave behind direct talent acquisition for a minute….• Social media is a key vehicle to build your employer brand and deliver your value proposition to candidates• In fact, there are opportunities to utilise social media across each part of the employee lifecycle…Will explain further….
  11. 11. Using social media to connecting our EB with people strategy Learning & Dev. Talent paths NABCareers - IntegrateExternal Facebook,market place Twitter (campaigns) + Onboarding Performance mgmt-LinkedIn U Tube- increased (candidateintegration/ videos) + use Yammer forfunctionality internal rec.with jobboards campaigns High Performance Reward & Rec .+ ATC
  12. 12. • Building brand internally – Yammer (NAB and recruitment area)
  13. 13. • Building employer brand externally• We leverage from positive consumer positioning (Fair Value agenda/Break Up) and community (microfinance, AFL, indigenous)• Again, brand is built across all employee touch points, through a range of channels• From social media perspective, we use:- NAB careers integration- LinkedIn (recruiter networks, Talent Direct & Recruiter services)- Candidate videos – U Tube- Facebook- Twitter (just started for recruitment campaign alerts)
  14. 14. Social media – one size fits all candidates?
  15. 15. No – and this is where it comes down to your ROILike any other recruitment sourcing channel, need to take a ‘horses for courses;approach.Some social media channels suit some candidate target groups and others don’t.Current reality is that social media is:- highly accountable/measurable- a strong and cost effective to build your employer brand- a great two way engagement tool- highly targeted and easy to identify specific candidates- some candidates still not using social media as a sourcing channel at this stageLet me give you a NAB example…
  16. 16. At NAB – current situation• BAU recruitment activity in an average month still a low number of candidates self-selectsocial media channels as their source through PageUp.•Jobboards still dominate and to ensure we get the pipelines we need to ‘fish where the fishare’. Also jobboards have assessed their business models due to competitive pressure fromservices such as LinkedIn and are making increasingly integrated (eg mycareer) or additionalofferings (eg: Seek candidate database).• However, with recruitment campaigns, we have seen increased success by using socialmedia for certain candidate groups.• We have successfully used LinkedIn’s Recruiter service to build talent pools to great successin our Business Banking area. Importantly, that recruitment team has set up an operatingapproach to support these talent pools.• We have also used LinkedIn’s Talent Direct service• And finally, we have started to use Facebook for Graduates with plan to build this out furtherin future.
  17. 17. Opinion – where social media in recruitment take us?
  18. 18. Going forward – increasing challenges to source appropriate talent•Extremely competitive market with low unemployment and shrinking talent poolsacross majority of roles in financial services.•Decreasing quality of active candidates, means recruitment models need toevolve from end-to-end BU recruitment skills to hybrid models of sourcingspecialists and BU recruiters. ‘Hunters’ increasingly needed to tap into passivecandidate pools through emerging sourcing tools and referral programs as well asmore sophisticated talent pooling/candidate management.•Attracting and sourcing candidates is also highly challenging with increasinglyfragmenting and proliferating channels – no magic bullet solution to sourcecandidates.•In terms of sourcing, social media tools will increasingly grow in terms ofprominence. And this is true across all professional segments and not just isolatedto younger employees. Identification, candidate engagement and selection willincreasinly be conducted through these channels due to their clear advantages.
  19. 19. What nab candidates say:•NAB candidate surveys actually reveal (see diagram below) remuneration andbenefits as the 7th most attractive reason to apply for a role at NAB. Top 3 –career development opportunities, company reputation and the role/career fit.•Key point from our candidate research is that we need to continue to work hardto build, invest in and distinguish our employer brand around these top attractionpoints. As candidates become increasingly selective about organisations theychoose to work for in a candidate-driven market this becomes paramount.
  20. 20. What was it about NAB that attracted you to apply? Total of 213 RespondentsCareer development opportunities 71% over a six month period snapshot (July 1 to Dec 30, Company reputation 57% 2010). The role/career fit 55% Multiple answers per Job security 39% respondent - 2% of respondents that selected Teamwork/culture fit 35% "other" left comments. Hours of work 31% •"It suited my family situation Referred by NAB employee 27% - fantastic that it was a local job great hours, opportunity Remuneration and benefits 26% to work with a good group of Business ethics 25% people“ Company goals 22% •"I have previously worked for Progressive management 19% the nab and thoroughly enjoyed my 11 years with the Industry products and services 11% nab.“Discounted products and services 9% •"Did not like work ethic of Other 2% Branch Manager where I was working part-time“
  21. 21. Evolving sourcing approach Higher Quality Talent Pool – Passive Suspects, Prospects int & ext & Candidates (campaigns to build), Social Sourcing Media, Open EVP Alignment & Specialists Competency Match Web, ERP, LinkedIn Recruiter, Associations etc Active Careers Site, Variable Quality Candidate Search Traditional CVs Suppliers, Job Recruitment Boards/Print, OJC Competency Match
  22. 22. • In a candidate market, remuneration is not a key driver in who a person will work for. We need to continue to: – Differentiate our organisation by reputation and link the customer brand very strongly with the employer brand. – Maximise the development and career opportunities available to our people, particularly via leveraging The Academy and internal career opportunities via our in-house job centre. – Take leading positions on diversity, inclusivity and workplace flexibility. – Invest heavily in our sourcing channels so that we are up with emerging sourcing trends. – Place a strong emphasis on the leadership pipeline, particularly through the graduate channel.• We also need to: – Identify and develop our high potentials with objectivity and rigour – Communicate strongly that you can have different careers within the one organisation. There is no ‘job for life’ philosophy but we need to market the opportunities available through strong story telling. – Focus heavily on the high potentials – Clearly define our critical workforce segments and conduct robust workforce planning in them (choose a small number and do this really well) – Stay the course on targets as they relate to Diversity.
  23. 23. Thank youJanuary 2009