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Anna cousins


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Published in: Business
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Anna cousins

  1. 1. Embedding communication intothe business strategyAnna CousinsAsia-Pacific Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Agenda? Articulating the importance of communication and its benefits in terms of ROI? Influencing senior leaders to adopt communication as core business? Building a business case for corporate communication
  3. 3. Agenda (cont)? Working with leadership, marketing, finance and HR to understand wider objectives? Delivering the communication strategy against the firm’s goals and brand? Communicating consistently to diverse audiences – internal and external
  4. 4. Brand strategy helps firms …? Differentiate from competitors? Create a price premium? Enhance profit margins? Encourage buyer loyaltyEnduring brands become market leaders through consistent delivery to buyer expectations
  5. 5. Professional services? Technical expertise, even excellence or quality, is a given – price of entry? A “people business”? Clients demand high service levels? Align organisational behaviour with the external brand promise – link brand values to people managementCommunication is critical to the process
  6. 6. Differentiation of law firms? Larger commercial firms – full-service capacity, complex high-end work? Niche firms – excel in one practice area? Volume-driven commoditised business (conveyancing, insurance/personal injury)? Geographic / Demographic market? Alternative pricing models - newCommunicate what makes your firm special
  7. 7. A global firm
  8. 8. Snapshot130 partners and >250 other lawyers in 13 offices:? Europe – London (head office), Paris, Rouen, Brussels, Geneva, Piraeus? Middle East – Dubai? Asia Pacific – Hong Kong (1978), Singapore (1991), Shanghai (1999), Melbourne (2006), Sydney (2009), Perth (June 2011)
  9. 9. Fit purpose to strategy
  10. 10. Long-established in shipping ... ? Sailing-ship owning Holman family forms shipping insurance associations (1832-70) ? John Holman & Sons moves to City of London (1873) ? Frank Holman, of John Holman & Sons, sets up as a solicitor (1883)
  11. 11. … but on the move? Re-branded in 2008, deleting the & from name? New logo and visual identity? Firm converted to LLP status in 2009? Tagline: “Lawyers for international commerce”
  12. 12. Lawyers for International Commerce
  13. 13. Key messages? Tagline - Lawyers for international commerce? International law firm with offices in Australia, Asia- Pacific, Middle East and Europe? Depth of experience, longevity and resources in Asia- Pacific region
  14. 14. Key messages (cont) A sector-focussed business strategy: ? Commercial ? Corporate, Projects & Finance ? Insurance & Reinsurance ? Shipping & Transport ? Trade & Energy
  15. 15. Key messages (cont)HFW has a diverse client base:? Ship owners, operators, ports and shipyards? Logistics providers and supply chain managers? Commodity houses and traders? Mining companies? Energy companies and oil traders? Banks and other financial institutions? Private and public companies? Insurance underwriters and brokers … and more
  16. 16. Key messages (cont)? Need to communicate differently? Open and personable communication approach breaks down typical barriers existing between: - clients / law firms - partners / employees - marketing / human resources / finance? “People you can work with”
  17. 17. Key messages (cont)? Vast global experience in emergency and crisis management wherever it occurs in the world? 24-hour emergency service
  18. 18. Internal communication? Aust managing partner highly visible? Holmanet intranet - information-sharing? Monthly “international lunch” for all staff? Established social networking sites – Yammer?? Own online communities of interest?? Managing Partner’s blog - share ideas, feedback, dialogue, collaborate?
  19. 19. Structuring the Firm to Deliver
  20. 20. Communication strategy fits purpose? Articulate market-leading position in established areas? Demonstrate social responsibility and commitment to sectors on which we focus? Manage the client experience and delivery
  21. 21. Communication fits purpose (cont)? Foster global collaboration and teamwork across ten countries (and different cultures)? Build the profile in new markets? Support recruitment – hiring in Australia
  22. 22. In tough times …? Competition threatens client relationships? Media looking for bad news? Everyone must champion the brand? People feel unsettled and look to leaders for clarityClear, consistent communication is important
  23. 23. Leaders must …? Keep communicating – remind clients/staff/suppliers of the big picture? Make time to (deeply) understand audiences – particularly clients? Maintain trust via personal communication – face-to-face becomes more important? Demonstrate value – as competition intensifies
  24. 24. Not …? Create a communication vacuum? Over-communicate – looks nervous? Fear new media – embrace it? Grind to a halt – stay agile
  25. 25. In tough times … get personal Unified purpose – on message Storytelling – campaign leveraged the power of leadership oratory Walking the floor – from backstreets to boardrooms Obama fronted up Kept communicating –even when time (& questions) got tough Audience centric –tweaked messages for different stakeholders Celebrating success – wins used to fuel campaign motivation
  26. 26. Summary? Communication must fit the wider strategy? Work with HR to align culture and behaviours with external brand promise? Reflecting brand consistently – internal/external? Leaders must communicate firm’s vision … and fill information vacuums
  27. 27. Lawyers for