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EDITORS MAIL HOUSE 2      PRINCIPAL POINT 3-4      DISCOURSE DISCUSSION 5-9      Use Communication Technology to Make Your...
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06                   TOP 7 Benefits of Ubiquitous                     Computing in Architecture                          4...
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08DiscourseDiscussion                                        THE FLOWER BUILDING                         “Ubiquitous    Th...
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14DesignNews                                                  PRIVATE ISLAND HOMES                                        ...
15DesignNews      Views of what, exactly? Well, that‘s for the owner of this       Indigenous to the tiny island and named...
16DesignNews Architectural Island Gem Location : Lake Mahopac, New York                                      You dont have...
17                                       RecentPublication              High Winds Mar Opening of                Tokyos Sk...
18                                                                                          RecentPublicationHigh winds ha...
19                                              InnovationTechnology      SCANBOXAFFORDABLE AND SIMPLY TO USE    SIMPLY HA...
20Recent Publication           1st Green Library For Kids Taking Root In                                                  ...
21Recent Publication   City Developments and its partners Interface and   Royal Philips Electronics have pledged to provid...
ArkdesignProjects   SERPONG   STUDENT   APARTMENTLocation Serpong, Indonesia | Status Concept |Architects Paul Tan / Andre...
ArkdesignProjects      JW MARRIOTT     RESORT HOTEL     Location Bali, Indonesia | Status Schematic   Design | Architects ...
ArkdesignProjectsJAKARTA EYECENTER Location Jakarta , Indonesia | Status Opened for business on April, 2012 | Architect Pa...
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27StayInformed        IN MEMORIAM With hearts full of sorrow and sympathy, ARKDESIGN  shares our deepest condolences on th...
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  1. 1. ®Edition 9 /
  2. 2. EDITORS MAIL HOUSE 2 PRINCIPAL POINT 3-4 DISCOURSE DISCUSSION 5-9 Use Communication Technology to Make Your Buildin DISCOURSE DISCUSSION 10-12 Singapore National Library DESIGN NEWS 13 NYC Subway Stop Has Trippy Surprise for Inattentive Passengers DESIGN NEWS 14-16 Private Island Homes RECENT PUBLICATION 17-18 High Winds Mar Opening of Tokyos Sky Tree tower INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY 19 SCANBOX RECENT PUBLICATION 20-21 1st Green Library For Kids Taking Root In Singapore PROPERTY CONSTRUCTION PLAYERS 22 Multi Prima Wood ARKDESIGN PROJECTS 23-25 EVENT 2601 STAY INFORMED 27
  3. 3. 02 EditorsMailH ouse ―Fantastic. Very nice bulletin.‖ – Adnan Afiff, Axioma Living ―Wow Pak Paul, you got nice on going project there. So good to be kept informed with Arkdesign‘s projects.‖ – Johnson Dharma Wiharja , Director of Lineamarca ―Nice article. The format is not great. The slide share page looks cluttered and messy-un-architectonic. It does not best represent your company.‖ – Micha Wattimena, Music & Arts (IES Pastor) ―Terima kasih atas pengiriman bulletin AQ. Sangat bermanfaat. Salam.‖ – Putu Rumawan IAI, Architect, Bali Design Committee Published by: PT ARKIPURI INTRANASIONAL Arkdesign Architects Jakarta Office Editor in Chief Paul Tan We encourage you to write your comments and opinions to us at Editor Zenia Rashelia jakarta@arkdesign-architects.com Ivonne Gondo Wardojo Your letters will be published in the next Graphics KiraKira Digital Media edition of : “MailHouse”. Marketing Ellena Chandra is not responsible for the contents of readers letters, however the EDITION 9 JULY 2012 Editor reserves the right not to publish letters should it be illegal
  4. 4. PrincipalPoint 03 THE INFLUENCE OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE WAY WE LIVE AND THE ARCHITECTURE WE LIVE IN There exists an interesting between WINDOWS and architecture, apart from the obvious. Here I mean Microsoft‘s WINDOWS computer operating system and the function and meaning of a “window” in architecture. As architects, windows are designing compromise of wanting to have a relation with ―the other side”, whatever the case may be. Keep the view without rain; keep the light without the heat: keep the breeze without the storm. Glass technology has quietly advanced in quantum leaps since its first invention of Egyptian glass beads in around 3000-2500BC. Photo : http://www.google.com Churches, homes and even furniture used its beauty and mysterious qualities in the Art Deco period of the early 20th century. Some interesting developments to show the changing trends in living space : Today, glass, windows and WINDOWS, have taken a whole ● The changing reason for travel as physical meetings has new other meaning. Microsoft and Corning are developing such smoothly inter-related technology (AQ edition 6th, March changed to virtual meetings, reducing the number of trips to 2011), that glass has now become, not just a material one can be made, affecting all modes of transportation, and in turn, its ―see through”, but smart glass that is a material regulating supporting facilities such as homes, garages, stations, airports “how much one sees” and what one “look at” for information. and vehicle maintenance facilities. The rise of budget airlines is one such effect. The recent integration of the two technologies can be seen in ● Reduction of work space, efficiency in the need for paper, file the Corning glass products for computer screens that are embedded in your average kitchen bench. Smart phones and storage. Storage information and reference libraries can similar gadgets‘ touch screens for instance. This will open up become instantly available through the information technology. many opportunities in architecture to make buildings SMART and GREEN.
  5. 5. PrincipalPoint 04 ● Remote work stations, many homes in technologically advance countries become a workplace as “Smart well. In Australia, home designs now commonly include a small office above the garage. The hunger phones and for connectivity gave rise to the demand for internet on airplanes, wifi in cafes, mobile wifi modems and power source for chargers. similar gadgets’ touch ● Many architectural features are mass produced and affordable allowing more people access to screens for good and affordable designs. This however, according to Ahmad, an architect, has watered down architectural uniqueness, as designs become “look alike architecture” the world around due to mass instance. This globalization of ideas. will open up many ● Meeting spaces become simpler but more wired than ever before. Fajar Abdi Wibawa, noted that opportunities Skype teleconferencing out of meeting rooms around the world allows one to exchange sketches and share screens with each other with ease. in architecture ● Wawang Nurdiaman also stated in his analysis, that building facades has become electronic to make billboards or giant TV screens like Taipeh 101 and Taman Anggrek, says Anne. All these equipment buildings require control rooms, server rooms, that affect building space planning. Further Wawang noted that antennas on tall buildings are staggering, affecting the design of towers and its crowns. SMART and GREEN.” ● According to Adithia, an interior designer, the use of partitions for privacy has less of a purpose today, since audio and visual privacy is now provided by your desktop computer and surround sound earphone technology. ● Working and building operational hours are affected due to communications technology. Different time zones on this planet, work together across the globe as work gets outsourced to places where resources are economically available, such as answering services in India and the Philippines become major work places for companies in the US and UK. So the WINDOWS of the future is no longer just a static piece of glass covering a hole in the wall, but a screen that provides every viewer with a choice of what to “see” at the touch of a button, on a piece of glass ● (as Steve Jobs refers to his iPad), anywhere, anytime – moving windows on demand . Look around you and see how much “glass” surrounds us today, providing “a window‖ into almost everything and every corner of the world and beyond. This must have a profound change in our lives and the place we live in. Written by Paul TanPhoto : http://www.greatvectors.com
  6. 6. DiscourseDiscussio 05n Use Communication Technology to Make Your Building FlexAs Communication Technology Moves Ahead…How will your building be used over time ? I‘m sure you already take into accounthow certain materials will look as they are continuously to sunlight or are worndown by occupant use. But do you ever seriously consider how, when and whyyour building will need a “facelift” during its lifespan ? Well, today there aremultitude of factors that can spark the need for such change – and a major one Photo : http://www.mediaarchitecture.orgis communication technology. Yes, information is quite handy when held within theCommunication technology is spreading and evolving at and faster pace – comfort of a personal device like an iPhone, but canparticularly noticeable in office buildings. The nature of the way employees you imagine what might be possible if informationcommunicate is having radical effects on the way buildings work, in fact, the could dynamically make an employee‘s locationcultures behind many architectural institution-types are morphing because of (wherever they may be in their office building, forchanges in communication – and their occupants certainly feel the differences. example) fill with real-time and customize “purposes”. To help them reduce stress and do a better job –With the new technology, people are able to communicate anytime and while they actually perform the job ?anywhere. Computing is becoming ubiquitous and sensors are already beingembedded in a wide range of devices. Yet, buildings remain somewhat static – Buildings should be more than a series of pieces andas if to wrap themselves around all of this activity, without actually fusing with it parts assembled in some aesthetic manner thatand becoming part of its emerging rhythms. happens to be functional. As we enter the world of tomorrow today, we as architects need to think ofThe Art of The “Communication” buildings as more than just static entitles around which occupants are in motion. Instead, architecture As an architect, I challenge you to dissect the narrative your occupant‘s live. should also flex with its inhabitants – helping them toUse architecture to spread, filter and make sense of all the rapidly travelling make connections everywhere.information going to and from your occupant within a given time, in the rightplace and in the right manner.
  7. 7. 06 TOP 7 Benefits of Ubiquitous Computing in Architecture 4. Emergent Behavior Buildings are now becoming more and more kinetic in form and function. Their movements and constructed “Ubiquitous computing is giving architecture design come together dynamically to yield behaviors that many benefits that we will continue to see make them more adaptive. Buildings will learn how to learn - in order to run efficiently and aesthetically. embedded in our buildings. Ubiquitous computing is the wave of the future – 5. Information Processing providing us with many new architectural Since architecture will be gaining a type of “nervous functions as well as challenges. For system”, information processing will be gaining a whole new meaning. Architecture will go from crunching data to now, let’s focus on the benefits.” making sense of data; therefore, eliminating our need to constantly input adjustments.1. Invisible“Smart” environments will be embedded with computing technologies 6. Enhancing Experiencethat will be mostly out-of-sight. Architecture will gain many more As computers ubiquitously embed themselves in ourcapabilities – with less visual clutter. environments, sensors and actuators will create “smart” environments where architectural space will be goal-2. Socialization oriented. Therefore, more occupant needs will be betterInteractions with architecture will be more social in nature. “Smart” met.buildings will illicit a more social response from occupants ascomputers user interfaces embed themselves within architecture. 7. Convergence Much of our environment will be supplemented with3. Decision Making interconnected digital technologies. Such interconnectivity“Smart” environment will help occupants to make better choices as will allow for a new type of “sharing” that will serve tothey go about their everyday lives. At key moments within eliminate many mundane tasks. Also, fewer errors willarchitectural experiences, a good architectural design will make occur as systems pull data from shared digital locations“smart” environments helpful. Such architecture will be more (instead of having numerous copies to keep up-to-date).proactive than passive. DiscourseDiscussio n
  8. 8. DiscourseDiscussio 07n Networks Will Help Building Boundaries Become be Smart Flexible Ubiquitous computing in the works, and so is the smart Thus, as architectural space gains renewed function, flexibility building. From portable computing to smart devices and from will also be redefined. Some current “boundaries‖ will become calm computing to wearable computing, architecture will no more flexible, while others many completely disappear. longer exist as a static ―frame‖ which surrounds activity. Instead, buildings will begin to ―move‖ around their The notion of scale, for example, will undergo a shift within the occupants – as if to gain a nervous system. architect‘s mindset. With advancements in fields like nanotechnology, architects will rethink what materials can do. Computers are getting smaller and they This coupled with ubiquitous computing will yield are being increasingly networked. The buildings where experiences for occupants will be result will be buildings that communicate more personalized. with both their exterior and interior environments. Since computers will The important thing for architects to remember is that be embedded in just about everything, ubiquitous computing does not just affect computer from environmental objects to devices and technologies. These will become a occupant clothing, designing for this type part of the environment – and as they are ubiquitous computing evolution will be embedded, it is up to architects to deign so that both challenging and amazing. when buildings communicate with such devices, everything is synchronized to healthy and human For starters, buildings will have to protect while also allowing for state-of-the-art environments. a renewed which we currently don‘t see. As architects we will need to re-think the notion of boundary as it relates to what occupants can do within a space – and as it relates to what a space can do around an occupants. Use Communication Technology To Make Your
  9. 9. 08DiscourseDiscussion THE FLOWER BUILDING “Ubiquitous The potential for a lit façade to interact and convey information like never before is being made into reality. computing in the During the day, this façade turns solar exposure into energy works, and so is to then turn this energy into different stages of performance and behavior at the night. The designers explain how their the smart video wall gives the flower-like behavior – by absorbing daily than later turns into nightly performance energy – building.” manifesting a type of sustainability. PUSHING TECHNOLOGY It is nice to see this project pushing certain architectural design boundaries. As the hardware, software and content all come together – it is hard to believe that the façade‘s resolution is only one pixel per every three feet. This certainly does make one think twice about how much information is necessary to communicate and interact with spectators and visitors. Photo : http://www.mediaarchitecture.org
  10. 10. 09 DiscourseDiscussio nI like the designer‘s thought about how this project references certainaspects of pointillism where there is a moment when points blur together orare seen individually.Much about this project opens up questions for the future evolution ofinteractive façade lighting technology. As new technologies surface, it isimportant for designers to understand how this all will affect humanperception. I have feeling that future ideas about launching a video or usingmacro photography on this type of façade are only the beginning.Source : http://sensingarchitecture.com │ Photo : http://www.mediaarchitecture.org
  11. 11. 10DiscourseDiscussion SINGAPORE - NATIONAL LIBRARY (The Impression of a Visitor : Hema Saepudin)Pada kunjungan saya ke Singapura di bulanMaret 2012 lalu, saya menyempatkan diri untukmengunjungi salah satu perpustakaan nasionalterbesar yang dimiliki oleh negara singatersebut, The Singapore National Library.Hari itu hampir pukul 12 siang, udara diSingapura sangat panas menyengat. Saya turunke lobby hotel tempat saya menginap untukcheck out dan mencari taksi menuju SingaporeNational Library.Singapore National Library memiliki luas kuranglebih 58.000 meter persegi, memiliki dua blokutama yang dihubungkan dengan jembatangantung. Di dalamnya terdapat 16 lantai yangdibagi per-section sesuai dengan kategori bukubacaan sehingga, hal ini memudahkan parapengunjung saat mencari buku yang diinginkan.Terdapat pula ruang theatre untuk umum yangdapat menampung hingga 600 pengunjung.Sungguh tidak seperti perpustakaan kebanyakanyang terkesan suram dan membosankan ! Sirip-sirip di façade yang berfungsi sebagai sun shade
  12. 12. 11 DiscourseDiscussio n1 ARSITEKTUR BANGUNAN Dengan menerapkan Bioclimatic Architecture dan sistem passive lighting rendah-energi, bangunan ini responsive terhadap iklim dengan konfigurasi bentuk serta sistem façade yang efektif. Ken Yeang sang arsitek, berhasil membuat Singapore National Library di anugrahi penghargaan top ranking dalam kategori “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Best Practices Competition for Energy Efficient Buildings: New and Existing“ pada ASEAN Energy Awards di Singapura, 23 Augustus 2007 lalu. Dalam pola perancangan gedung, Ken Yeang membagi tiap lantai menjadi2 beberapa section. Diantaranya adalah ruang bacaan di Level 7 sampai dengan Level 13, The Events Plaza (untuk outdoor events’ seperti pameran), terletak di lantai dasar. Kira-kira 6,000-8,000 m2 dirancang sebagai green spaces’. Kehadiran landscape yang teduh, telah mengurangi temperatur permukaan bangunan. Panas diteruskan ke udara bebas, sehingga meningkatkan kondisi thermal dalam ruangan. Bangunan ini dibentuk sedemikian rupa agar sebagian besar ruang dalam terlindung dari radiasi langsung sinar matahari. Faktor lain seperti sun shading, penghawaan alami, design façade yang responsive, pewarnaan bangunan dan3 pemanfaatan ruang luar dikombinasikan sebagai strategi kolektif untuk penghematan energi tanpa mengurangi kenyamanan. Keterangan photo : 1. Ruang Penyimpanan Buku ; 2. Pod ; 3.Area Pameran
  13. 13. 1 2 3 45 BUGIS JUNCTION & BRAS BASAH Setelah puas 3 jam menikmati nyamannya perpustakaan, saya beranjak ke Bugis Junction dan Bras Basah untuk membeli oleh-oleh. Keluar dari lobby utama, saya menaiki taksi dan meminta sang supir untuk mengantar saya ke tujuan. Tidak sampai 10 menit, taksi pun berhenti dan sang supir berkata bahwa saya sudah sampai. Ternyata Singapore National Library terletak bersebelahan dengan Bugis Junction dan Bras Basah. Pantas saja menjadikan lokasi ini sangat strategis bagi para pengunjung yang ingin berbelanja atau sekedar meluangkan waktu untuk6 membaca diperpustakaan. Mengetahui pusat perbelanjaan yang dituju ternyata sangat dekat, dengan agak berat hati saya mengeluarkan uang 6 dolar Singapura atau sekitar 45.000 rupiah untuk biaya taksi tersebut. Memiliki kesempatan untuk mengunjungi salah satu perpustakaan terbesar di Singapura merupakan pengalaman yang sangat berarti dan memberikan saya pandangan lebih luas secara real mengenai konsep innovative green (environmentally-responsive) yang dikhususkan untuk jenis tropical building.7 Saya berharap kedepannya Indonesia dapat memperhatikan dengan serius masalah pembangunan dan pendidikan. Dimana salah satu caranya adalah menyediakan perpustakaan yang ramah lingkungan, nyaman, atau bahkan dapat menjadikan perpustakaan sebagai tempat wisata yang akan diminati baik kalangan tua maupun muda. Keterangan photo : 1. Façade gedung; 2. Taman di dalam gedung; 3. Maket Singapore National Library; 4. Area lobby utama; 5. Area lobby samping; 6. Building Section; 7. Bras Basah Written by Hema Saepudin Photo by Hema Saepudin │Source http://www.wikipedia.com ; http://www.nlb.gov.sg
  14. 14. DesignNews 131 NYC Subway Stop Has Trippy Surprise for Inattentive Passengers Neetzan Zimmerman 2 The 36th Street station in Brooklyn has one tiny flaw that sets it apart from all the other subway stations in the city: One of its stairs "is a fraction of an inch higher" than the rest. Its this tiny discrepancy that makes all the difference, notes resident Dean Peterson. The filmmaker recently spent some time shooting footage of subway patrons emerging from the station only to realize, a moment too late, than one of the stairs is not like the others. 3 Schadenfreude aside, someone should really fix that thing before a small inconvenience 1 becomes a big problem. Additional info : 4 1. The tiny faults amount to just a fraction of an inch; 2 – 7. People tripping on their step ; 8. NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority has closed off the exit while it investigates.0 Source : http://www.gawker.com │Photo : http://www.dailymail.co.uk 5 6 7 8
  15. 15. 14DesignNews PRIVATE ISLAND HOMES By Bethany Lyttle, Forbes.com April 25, 2012Taking up residence in the middle of anocean, lake or river isn‘t for everybody.But for anyone who yearns for a propertyline that laps to shore. Options abound.Architecturally expressive abodes for theaesthetically inclined, secluded dwellingsfor the nature-loving set, spaciouscompounds for the party minded, andunforgettable retreats for families are justthe beginning.Take the Utopia Project. It‘s not just ahome. It‘s a man-made island. With glasscanopy panels that cover its interior oropen out to create decks, it‘s suitable forany climate. And its spaceship-styledesign allow for observatories with 360-degree views. This concept home has a retractable glass canopy and can be floated anywhere. Photo: Nigel Gee
  16. 16. 15DesignNews Views of what, exactly? Well, that‘s for the owner of this Indigenous to the tiny island and named the Whale private island to decide. After all, the island home‘s naval Rock, it makes a a dramatic statement in the entry design, created by Yacht Island Designs in conjunction with hall, where it basks in natural sunlight thanks to an BMT Nigel Gee, means it can be floated slowly to any expansive skylight. desired location. Once there, the structure can withstand even the roughest seas thanks its four legged design. And Of course, nothing says private island living like luxury. for those who like the idea of a man-made island but prefer And Miami‗s La Gorge Estate is a pristine example. the look of a tropical paradise to that of a floating UFO, the Originally built as a Mediterranean style for American firm offers just that—a 295-foot island complete with a entrepreneur Carl Graham Fisher, the villa, made up of waterfall and faux volcano. three buildings, has since been remodeled to create a sleek and gracious contemporary modern home. Glass Of course, most islands are not made out of steel. And walls and large windows allow for unobstructed views of certainly, the sky-reaching conifers, rocky points, rugged glittering Biscayne Bay from almost any room in the underbrush and verdant ferns are what would have 16,000-square-foot main house. attracted Frank Lloyd Wright to the tiny island in Lake Mahopac, New York, on which stands a summer house inspired by his drawings. Distinguished by its 28-foot cantilevered great room which juts into the lake, the modern masterpiece is visible from the mainland. Source : http://realestate.yahoo.com/promo/private-island- homes.html The house features an expansive deck that‘s contiguous with the rocky ledges that define the perimeter of the island. And to enter the home, guests must pass through a surprisingly narrow passage, built to accommodate a huge boulder. Private Island Homes
  17. 17. 16DesignNews Architectural Island Gem Location : Lake Mahopac, New York You dont have to be a Frank Lloyd Wright fan to recognize his signature style in this private island home. Its 28-foot cantilever is nearly twice the length of the one at Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. Celebrating the islands natural surroundings, the home features an enormous boulder in its entry hall and rocky surfaces discovered along the shores. The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home includes a giant boulder inside. Photo: David Allee
  18. 18. 17 RecentPublication High Winds Mar Opening of Tokyos Sky Tree Tower The tallest free-standing communications tower in the world and the second-highest building ever constructed, tourism officials have high hopes that the 634-meter tower will attract visitors to the relatively neglected northeast districts of Tokyo. Photo : http://www.bbc.co.ukHigh Winds Mar Opening Of Tokyo’s Sky Tree
  19. 19. 18 RecentPublicationHigh winds have marred the opening to the public of Major broadcasters, including Japans public broadcasterthe worlds tallest broadcasting tower, Tokyo Skytree. NHK, will begin using it for transmissions from next year, reports said.Operators shut two lifts for safety reasons, strandingsome visitors on an observation deck for half an hour. The first observation deck of the Skytree canTens of thousands of people had flocked to the accommodate up to 2,000 people and the second deck upJapanese capitals newest attraction. to 900, said local media reports.At 634m, the Skytree is twice the height of the Eiffel The tower withstood damage from the devastatingTower. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai remains the worlds earthquake that hit Japan in March 2011 during itstallest man-made structure at 828m. constructionThe Skytree, which took three-and-a-half years to The disaster pushed back building efforts by twobuild, offers broadcasting services across the Tokyo months, but no-one was hurt and construction wasarea. The main attractions of the needle-shaped resumed.structure are two observation decks at 350m and450m above ground. The tower is now viewed as a testament to Japans earthquake-resistant building technology, as well as aWind was not the only problem on opening day - rain symbol of resilience, local media reports said.also dampened proceedings, spoiling what shouldhave been far-reaching views over the city. But it seems it is not immune to the effects of everyday elements, such as strong wind."I cant see the view, but it was exciting," said AyumiNakazawa, the first official visitor to the observationdeck, AFP news agency reported. Source : http://www.bbc.co.uk Photo : http://www.bbc.co.uk & Paul TanQuake-proof„The Skytree stands about twice the height of TokyoTower, the citys landmark tower since the 1960s. High Winds Mar Opening Of Tokyo’s Sky Tree
  21. 21. 20Recent Publication 1st Green Library For Kids Taking Root In In a year, children visiting the National Singapore Library in Victoria Street will be able to step into an enchanted forest Leslie Kay Lim, Asia News Network (The Straits Times), Singapore | Thu, 05/10/2012 8:04 PM containing a collection of green-themed books, program and displays. Four- to 12-year-olds will even be able to curl up with books in their very own tree house there. The facility, the worlds first green library for children, comes courtesy of the National Library Board (NLB) and property developer City Developments, for which this is a project in corporate citizenry. Called My Tree House, the 500 sq m library will have 70,000 books, many of them with a nod to nature themes. NLB chief executive Elaine Ng said the library aims to familiarize children with the environment and green practices. We hope this will contribute to a new generation of nature lovers, she added. My Tree House will be in the current childrens area in the basement of the National Library Building. Photo : http://www.eco.business.com
  22. 22. 21Recent Publication City Developments and its partners Interface and Royal Philips Electronics have pledged to provide the expertise and resources for the green library. Their joint experience with green-building innovations means the library will be built with green materials and practices. The tree house centerpiece, for instance, will be made of recycled timber, PVC pipes, aluminum cans and plastic bottles; the library will be kitted out with carpets made of 70 per cent recyclable materials and energy-efficient LED lighting as well. The design firm for the project, ADDP Architects, has Photo : http://www.eco.business.com a track record with green buildings; its leading design consultant Tang Kok Thye was recently named The librarys interior will have high-tech interactive displays such as a Green Architect of the Year by the Building and shadow wall and a tree stump with rings reacting to sound and temperature. Construction Authority. Most of the library will be built off-site to minimize interruptions to the Tang said the challenges in the project came in the librarys operations. The NLB hopes to showcase the green library at the retrofitting of the librarys space, and the changes World Library Information Congress to be hosted here in August next year. made to the original design. Along the way, his team had input from what he called little consultants: These likely users of the Source : The Jakarta Post library said they preferred slopes over stairs. They also said the phrase green brought to mind vegetables more than the environment, which is how the tree house concept evolved. 1st Green Library For Kids Taking Root In Singapore
  23. 23. 22PropertyConstructionPlayer
  24. 24. ArkdesignProjects SERPONG STUDENT APARTMENTLocation Serpong, Indonesia | Status Concept |Architects Paul Tan / Andre Soebekti / Fajar AbdiWibawa
  25. 25. ArkdesignProjects JW MARRIOTT RESORT HOTEL Location Bali, Indonesia | Status Schematic Design | Architects WATG in Association with Indesign Domus
  26. 26. ArkdesignProjectsJAKARTA EYECENTER Location Jakarta , Indonesia | Status Opened for business on April, 2012 | Architect Paul Tan
  27. 27. 26 EventsHospitality Investment WorldIndonesia 2012The 2nd annual Hospitality Investment World Indonesia was the foremost hotelconference where owners, developers and operators met to discuss the strategies andopportunities aimed at capitalizing on the robust tourism growth in Southeast Asia‘s largesteconomy Indonesia. This conference was a high level industry platform where marketknowledge was shared, partnerships established and innovation showcased.The areas that were covered in the event focused on aspects like :· Assessing market demand, competition and development opportunities in Indonesia· Establishing market entry strategies for hospitality businesses into Indonesia The Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta , 25 April 2012· Appraising different management models and its impact on ROI‘s and· Differentiating your brand to stand out from the competition Divya Prakash Ahuja Connect with us at – Wisma GKBI, 39th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 28, Jakarta 10210 LiveBean Principal T +62 (21) 5799 8111 │ F +62 (21) 5799 8080 │ E contact@livebeanhospitality.com │ W www.livebeanhospitality.com Australian Alumni Award The Winner For Excellence in Media, Culture and The Arts 2012 The Ballroom, Four Season Hotel Jakarta June 2nd, 2012 Paul Tanjung Tan Arkdesign Principal
  28. 28. 27StayInformed IN MEMORIAM With hearts full of sorrow and sympathy, ARKDESIGN shares our deepest condolences on the death of : Prof. Dr. Istiantoro, SpM Passed away on Friday, June 8th 2012 Our sincere condolences to family for their loss. Indonesia Independence Day August 17th, 2012 & Happy Eid Al-Fitri 1433H August 19th – 20th , 2012
  29. 29. PT ARKIPURI INTRANASIONAL Taman Kebon Jeruk Blok G1 No. 58 Jakarta 11630 Phone: +6221-5304456 / 5869371 Fax: +6221-5869369 www.arkdesign-architects.com®