3 d body scanning


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3 d body scanning

  1. 1. 1.Historical notes2.Developments in 3D body scanners3.Introduction-what we can measure4.Kinds of application5.Technologies5.1 laser scanning5.2 white light scanning5.3 image processing and modeling5.4 millimeter wave radar5.5 digital tape measurement6. applications6.1 fashion – visual try on6.2 made to measure7. Manufactures available in market.
  2. 2. THE PAST TODAY1832 “Stereoscope” 3D Displays and 3DSir Charles Wheatstone Visualization(England)
  3. 3. THE PAST TODAY1849 “Métrophotographie” 3D MeasurementAimé Laussedat (France) and 3D Scanning1st Photogrammetricrecord Façade Hotel desInvalides
  4. 4. THE PAST TODAY1882 “Fusil MOCAP systemschronophotographique”Étienne-Jules Marey(France)Human locomotion study
  5. 5. THE PAST TODAY1883 “Bertillonage” AnthropometryAlphonse Bertillon and Biometry(France)Recording ofanthropometric data foridentification
  6. 6.  1970 Shadow Moire topographyApplication for human bodyTakasaki (JP) 1985 Patent filed for 3D surface digitizer by laser beamCyberware Inc. (USA) 1989 Face scanning for “The Abyss”Cyberware Inc. (USA)
  7. 7. 1989 1st full body scanning systemThe Loughborough anthropometricshadow scanner (LASS)University of Loughborough (UK)Application: anthropometricsurveys1995 1st 3D color full body scannerCapable of capturing shape andcolor in one pass Cyberware Inc.(USA)
  8. 8. 1996 3D full body scannerTriFrom System, fringe techniqueWicks&Wilson (UK)Application: shape tracking, healthclubs.1998 1st 3D full body scanner forclothing industryTC2 (USA)
  9. 9. 2005 Millimeter wave scannerScanning without undressingIntellifit (USA)2008 Full automatic“from 3D scan to Avatar”TC2 (USA)
  10. 10. 2009 Microsoft Project Natal – Kinect (2010)Extremely low cost 3D sensor <120€, Massiveextension/salesApplication: game-controller, hacked -> directaccess to 3D data
  11. 11.  Full body Face chest Foot Half body Legs Arms Hands Body parts Back
  12. 12.  Animation Computer games Ergonomics Medicine / Forensic Anthropometry Cosmetics / Dermatology Biometry / Security Fitness / Sport Functional Apparel / Fashion Art / Sculpture Communications
  13. 13.  Laser Scanning White light scanning Image processing and modelling Millimeter-wave radar Digital tape measurements Photogrammetry /Visual hull /Silhouette
  14. 14.  Lasers to project on to human body one or more thin and sharp strips simultaneously. Light sensors acquires the scenes and by applying simple geometrical rules the surface of human body is measured. The laser scanner unit, which is composed of the laser, the optical system and the light sensor, ismoved across the human body to digitize the surface.
  15. 15.  FULL BODY SCANNER Vitus (VITRONIC GmbH). 4 scanner units moves vertically along 4 pillars Total scanning time: ~ 12 seconds.
  16. 16.  FULL HEAD SCANNER 3030RGB/PS (Cyberware Inc.) 1 scanner unit moves horizontally in circle around a person Total scanning time: ~ 17 seconds.
  17. 17.  FULL FOOT SCANNER YETI (Vorum Research Corp.) 3 scanner units moves horizontally along the foot Total scanning time: ~ 4 seconds
  18. 18.  Quickly capture all of the physical measurements of any physical object Save time in design work Ensure parts will fit together on the first try. enhancing a products design accurate measurements of an object.
  19. 19.  Cost. Laser is harmful. Psychological factors , nudity. Practical problems like moment, breathing , hairs , eyes. Private data – visibility & data storage.
  20. 20.  It is second technology used extensively for human body measurement. Instead of moving the scanner unit, a light pattern (usually in form of stripes) is projected onto the human body. binary coding are used to determine the origin of the single stripes; for the increment of the resolution, the projected stripes are additionally shifted.
  21. 21.  Less time for scanning No harmful for body-eye safe Comparatively more accurate Economical factor Creates a very high density point cloud Can scan small parts with intricate details
  22. 22.  Sensitive to ambient light – best used in darkened room Cannot be used to scan shiny surfaces “Occlusion” effects require the need for additional images to be taken Slow when measuring objects with many intricate details
  23. 23. BINARY COLOR
  24. 24. FULL BODY SCANNER Mega 3P (InSpeck Inc.)3 pillars placed around a personEach pillar has 2 sensor units: projector and cameraTotal scanning time: ~ 4 seconds
  25. 25. In this technology, 3D measurements are not performed, but3D information is generated and extracted from 2D images.By using the symmetry of the human body, the mostimportant sizes of body are computed with sufficientaccuracy from the silhouettes of the body.The big advantage of combining image processing andmodeling techniques is the extremely lower price comparedto real 3D measurement
  26. 26. Full body scanner Intellifit System (Intellifit Corp.,Unique Ltd.) (2005) Person step inside the cabin without undressing “L” shaped mm-waves transceiver swings around the person
  27. 27.  Non-harmful radiation penetrates clothing and reflects off the body. The reflected signal are recorded by the transceiver and analyzed. 200,000 points of body surface measured Body sizes extracted automatically, accuracy: 6mm
  28. 28.  The method combines classical human body measurement and digital technology. The measurement process is completely similar to classical tape measurement, where lengths are measured by a tape at different key-location of the human body (chest, waist, sleeve, etc.).
  29. 29.  Medicine Plastic surgery Forensics Orthopedics Fashion/apparel Virtual-try-on Size surveying Made-to- measure Other sectors Virtual-make- over Art & sculpture Security
  30. 30. Process1. Full body scan2. Cloth definition (CAD)3. Stitching4. Cloth simulation5. Definition of motion/MOCAP6. Virtual fashion show7. Applicationse.g. design and development ofnew garment (digital prototyping)online shopping with virtualmodels.
  31. 31. 1. Full body scanning and body size extraction2. Selection of garment options3. Automatic definition of cutting patterns4. Automated garment production5. Garanteed perfect fit
  32. 32.  Eyewear (Visionix Inc.) Head modeling Haircut 3D modeling Haircut visualization
  33. 33.  Hairdressing (Stellure Inc.)
  34. 34. Affordable 3D monitorsVolumetric 3D displaysHolographic projectionsExamples: 3D Foto-Booth,InSpeck Inc. (CA)TC2 and Microsoft Kinect (USA)3D scanning for everybodyFull automatic, easy, inexpensive4D scanning / dynamic 3D scanning
  35. 35. 3dMD LLC (USA) is the world leader in 3D bodyscanning for medical applications, with well more than1,400 3D cameras worldwideTechMed 3D (Canada) is an high tech companyspecializing in body measurement technologies anddigital imaging solutions adapted to the orthotics,prosthetics and custom equipment marketHuman Solutions GmbH (Germany) is a world marketleader for body scanning and ergonomics simulation.Systems from Human Solutions are used by more than300 companies worldwide.VITRONIC GmbH (Germany), a world leadingorganization in the field of machine vision, is developerand manufacturer of body scanning systems employedby Human Solutions
  36. 36. SpaceVision Inc. (Japan) is a leading manufacturer ofinnovative 3D imaging solutions used in variousapplication fields..4D View Solutions (France) provides complete hardwareand software platforms for the capture of photorealisticvideos in 3D.TELMAT Industrie SA (France) is a world leader in 3D bodyscanning and automated body measurement. The high-speed 3D digitization process SYMCAD has enabled to scanand measure more than 800000 individuals nowadays.CAD Modelling Ergonomics Srl (Italy) produces tailordummies, fit mannequins and anthropometric fashiondummies for fitting control and the portable 3D full bodyscanning system Body-ScanFit
  37. 37. Elinvision UAB (Lithuania) designs and produces measuringand control devices, machine vision systems, 3D laserscanners, digital dental cameras and software.Lectra SA (France) is the world leader in integratedtechnology solutions (software, CAD/CAM hardware,services) for industries using textiles to manufacture theirproducts. Lectra will demonstrate Modaris V7, the apparelpattern-making and grading software solution with fully-integrated 3D virtual prototyping technology.Tukatech Inc. (USA) provides pattern making, grading andmarker making software, 3D apparel prototyping systemsand manufacturing equipment.corpus.e AG (Germany) designs 3D imaging and 3Dscanning systems. At the conference exhibition, corpus.e willdemonstrate its 3D foot scanning and measurement systemlightbeam, based on the patented MagicalSkin technology.
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  40. 40. Thank you