Bambi Bucket - February 2014


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Family Readiness Newsletter of the 77th Theater Aviation Brigade.
In February's issue you will find a lot of useful
information. Please make sure to read over the
tax information on pages 4 and 5 and take advantage
of the tax consultants available to you
through Military OneSource. Also, if you are a
Volunteer make sure to sign up for the State
Volunteer Workshop in May! This is a FREE
event and you will come away with tons of information!

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Bambi Bucket - February 2014

  1. 1. February 2014 The Bambi Bucket Hello! In this issue you will find a lot of useful information, please make sure to read over the tax information on pages 4 and 5 and take advantage of the tax consultants available to you through Military OneSource. Also, if you are a Volunteer make sure to sign up for the State Volunteer Workshop in May! This is a FREE event and you will come away with tons of information! Hope you all have a great month. DET 1 CO B 449th ASB Yellow Ribbon Event Dates 30 Day- 11 JAN 2014 60 Day– 22 FEB 2014 90 Day– 6 APRIL 2014 For more information, event details, and venue location please register prior to this event at www.jointservicessupport. org Stephanie Garner 77th TAB FRSA Office: 501-212-4064 Cell: 501-231-1277 Email: If you have any questions please feel free to call your FRSA! February 2014 Important Dates 1-2: Drill 2: Groundhog Day 14: Valentine’s Day 17: Presidents’ Day 22: Det. 30 & 449 60 Day Yellow Ribbon Event Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 5 6 7 8
  2. 2. MILITARY KID’S Arkansas Army National Guard Central Region Teen Council Meeting What: Military Youth-based Leadership Opportunity When: 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month 12:00pm– 1:30pm Where: Joint Services Support Building, Camp Robinson Why: -Earn Volunteer Hours -Lifelong Friendships -Leadership Training -Teambuilding Opportunities -Personal Development Who: Military Connected Teens (Ages 13-17) Child & Youth Program Charles Waddell, CYPC Phone: 501.212.4037
  3. 3.        Have you thought about volunteering for the FRG but not sure if volunteering is right for you? If so, I would like to point out some reasons for why YOU should volunteer. Meeting new people You’re passionate about the cause Benefit your professional resume and gain personal references Use your existing skills in a productive way and develop new skills Find a purpose and feel involved Provide military families with valuable resources Make a difference– Every person, every hour, every smile...counts! There is nothing like feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself. We are always looking for volunteers to be FRG officers or just helping out at family events. Either way, I hope this encourages you to sign up today! Register TODAY for the State Volunteer Workshop! May 16-17, 2014 This workshop’s theme will be Disaster Preparedness Register Here! HAVE YOU VISITED JSS LATELY? What can JSS do for you?  Register for events! -Yellow Ribbon -State Volunteer Workshops -Family Readiness Group Activities  Log your Volunteer hours!  Participate in Training! -Guard Youth Team Building -Family Assistance -Wellness -Budget, Finance, etc. -Suicide Prevention Training  Check out Blogs, Groups and Forums
  4. 4. IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR... TAX TIME! In recognition of the complicated nature of filing taxes as a military service member and in support of financial readiness, the Department of Defense offers tax consultation and efiling services through Military OneSource at no cost to service members and their eligible family members. These valuable tools and resources are provided as part of the Family Readiness System. Eligible service and family members have access to a no-cost tax preparation filing service, which allows users to complete and electronically file federal and up to three state tax returns with the support and experience of professional tax experts. The tax preparation software is easy to use, and filings are backed by a 100 percent accuracy guarantee. In addition to filing services, Military OneSource tax consultants provide specialized support to help service members and their families understand the unique tax requirements related to military personnel. Consultations can also help service members maximize their refunds and get connected to additional resources and services of benefit to them, such as no-cost financial counseling services, which can include basic budgeting, money management, debt consolidation and housing issues (being behind on mortgage payments or facing potential foreclosure). Tax consultants are available to service members and their families at no cost by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647. The following link will take you to more useful information:
  5. 5. The state of Arkansas passed legislation, effective January 1, 2014, exempting most types of military pay from Arkansas state income tax for legal residents of the state of Arkansas. **See note below for types of non-exempt pay.** For M-Day Soldiers to claim exempt on myPay, go to the State Withholding screen and enter 80 exemptions and exemption reason '1.' For AGR Soldiers to claim exempt on myPay, go to the State Withholding screen and click on ‘File Exempt.’ To ensure all of your 2014 pay is covered, claim exempt on myPay after December 18, 2013 but before December 27, 2013. If you don't have access to myPay, you can claim exempt by completing Form AR4MEC, "Military Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate." Since it is a new form, if the AR4MEC is not yet available on the Arkansas website, use the AR4ECSP, "Employee's Special Withholding Exemption Certificate," annotating 'exempt for active duty military pay' and 'effective 1/1/2014' on the form. Submit the completed form to your unit for processing. Soldiers who are not assigned to units should submit the form to their servicing reserve payroll office. If you claim exempt after the dates indicated above, any state income tax that was withheld for 2014 will need to be obtained through a refund when you file your 2014 state tax return. The pay system cannot process state tax changes retroactively and so cannot refund state taxes. Arkansas withholding forms are available at: withholdingForms.aspx Note: The types of non-exempt pay are listed below. If you receive exempt pay and change to non-exempt pay you will need to change your exemption status. Not changing your status to non-exempt may result in under withholding and owing state tax at the end of the year. As an alternative to filing exempt, you may wait and obtain a refund when filing your tax return at the end of the calendar year. *ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps). Dual status ROTC members' active duty service is exempt; ROTC pay is not exempt. *College First. Dual Status College First active duty service is exempt; stipend is not exempt. *HPSP (Health Professional Scholarship Program). Stipend is not exempt; assemblies and annual training are exempt. *FAP (Financial Assistance Program). Stipend is not exempt; assemblies and annual training are exempt. *STRAP (Specialized Training Assistance Program). Stipend is not exempt; assemblies and annual training are exempt. *Nurse Candidates Accession Bonus is exempt; continuation bonus is not exempt since it is a stipend. Please see the USP&FO finance office if you have any questions. Finance office contacts are located at: https://ngarhome/Web%20Pages/USPFO/Comptroller/Pay%20Branch/Pages/ Default.aspx POC: CPT Martin Patton Supervisory Financial Technician (501)212-4324
  6. 6. If someone in your family, adult or child, has special needs, it’s important to know about all the free services available to you from Military OneSource. Special Needs Specialty Consultations Do you need assistance with understanding the special education cycle? Do you want to find adult day care for an older loved one? Are you concerned about next steps as your teenager with special needs finishes high school? Military OneSource Special Needs Specialty Consultations give you the chance to talk for an hour, up to twelve times a year, with a special needs expert about a wide range of issues. The Special Needs Consultant will assess your family’s needs and answer your questions about education, finances, support groups, effects on other family members, and more. To schedule your first non-medical consultation, call Military OneSource at (800)342-9647 and ask for an appointment with a Special Needs Specialty Consultant. Access to all the features and support of Military OneSource The Military OneSource program, provided by the Department of Defense (DOD), provides services, resources, referrals, and support through Military OneSource and by phone at (800)342-9647. Step into a virtual world of support for military special needs families with:  Access to personal financial, health, and anti-stress coaching to keep you at your best.  Information about medical, emotional, financial, and education concerns designed for special needs military families, and links to programs like the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).  Access to online libraries, interactive webinars, a special needs discussion board, podcasts, articles, and audios (available in CD format or to listen to online), including special materials for caregivers of adults with special needs.  Order information and free organizers like the DOD Special Needs Parent Toolkit and the Special Care Organizational Record (SCOR) for Children with Special Health Care Needs.
  7. 7. IMPORTANT NUMBERS AND CONTACTS Family Assistance Centers (FACs) Location Batesville Name Monica White Phone 501.212.7253 Email Benton Fred Gill 501.212.7611 Conway Rob Sellers 501.212.7915 El Dorado Melissa Parnell 501.212.7487 Bentonville Bruce Bowen 501.212.6452 Jonesboro Kim Barrow 501.212.7080 Mena Cindi Sawyer 501.212.7865 kimberly.k.barrow.ctr Pine Bluff 501.212.7526 Russellville Catrina Horn– Stevenson Suzie Bowen 501.212.7933 Camp Robinson Dee Williams 501-212-4034 Fort Chaffee Amy Lowdermilk 479.484.3949 amy.r.lowdermilk.ctr Joint Services Support Branch Camp Robinson Position Name Phone State Family Program Director HHC 77th TAB FRSA FAC Coordinator Military & Family Life Consultant Military & Family Life Consultant Military & Family Life Consultant LTC Shannon Saucy Stephanie Garner Dee Williams 501-212-4012 501-212-4064 501-212-4034 Audra Prince Carissa Bone Anita Martin 501-215-0895 501-574-8084 870-530-7294 Useful Websites Joint Services Support Military OneSource 1-800-342-9647 TRICARE