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Journey to the Digital Workplace: Your Journey Continues


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Wow, we’ve made it. Look how far we’ve come.

We’ve learnt a lot together over the last few months you and I. From experiencing the first stages of the heroic journey, to unlocking the benefits of the digital workplace - the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Over the last two months we’ve explored and developed the vision of a digital workplace, with friendly guides to help us on our way. We’ve re-discovered what flexible working means and driven a culture shift across the entire workplace.

And from questions to answers. How can I.T and HR strengthen their relationship as a power couple? How can we ensure that data remains as secure as ever in this new world? We’ve found a way.

Now, before we embark on the next and final stage of our journey, relax and think back at what you’ve achieved. It would be a shame not to, right?

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Journey to the Digital Workplace: Your Journey Continues

  1. 1. Journey to the Digital Workplace: Your Journey Continues
  2. 2. Remember the digital workplace is…
  3. 3. “The freedom to work as individuals and teams anytime, anyway, anywhere” Earl Talbot NTT Europe
  4. 4. Engage guides outside of your organisation, who know the path to the digital workplace and the pitfalls along the way, to help you on your journey.
  5. 5. Look at how HR and I.T can drive a culture shift across your workplace and meet demands for work/life integration.
  6. 6. Remember what Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  7. 7. Understanding your people’s needs and wants will help you reduce employee attrition.
  8. 8. 2% Plantronics taught their managers to manage by objectives, not presenteeism and employee attrition dropped to
  9. 9. Remember that others have faced the same challenges as you, with the help of your guides you can learn from those who have gone before you.
  10. 10. What are the challenges in creating a digital workplace? Watch the video on the next slide to discover what other heroic adventurers had to say at UC EXPO 2016.
  11. 11. Use our free content as a guide in your journey to the Digital Workplace and give your people the ability to work as individuals and teams anytime, anyway, anywhere.
  12. 12. Our hero continues his journey to the digital workplace, encountering some helpful guides along the way. The heroic journey to the digital workplace: Our hero rises Read more
  13. 13. I.T discover why joining forces with HR and becoming a power couple is the key to keeping your data safe. I.T & HR BFFs - Data Security through Collaboration Read more
  14. 14. Unleash the HR knowledge! What does flexible working mean in business today The lowdown on flexible working terminology - and how tech enables it. Read more
  15. 15. Discover three types of apps that could be doing more harm than good for your marketing department. 3 Types Of Apps Marketers Really Shouldn’t Be Using Read more
  16. 16. In this time of rapidly changing technology and cultural shifts, how do you talk tech to the new generation and what is the most overlooked part of modern I.T strategy. The Most Overlooked Part Of Modern I.T Strategy (Talking Tech to The New Generation) Read more
  17. 17. A blog explaining the benefits flexible working can bring to your entire workforce - not just those born since 1980. It’s Not Just Millennials - Meeting Demands For Flexible Working Read more
  18. 18. Become a master of virtual collaboration with these top tips for marketers. Virtual Collaboration For Marketers: Top Tips Read more
  19. 19. Discover how it takes cultural change – and a new alliance between IT and HR – to drive the adoption of digital communications in the age of flexible working. Seamless and Secure - How to Enable Digital Communication Among a Flexible Workforce Download now
  20. 20. An in-depth eGuide to best practice in remote and flexible working. A Realist’s How To Guide For Enabling Flexible Working Download now
  21. 21. The webinar is today’s weapon of choice for the marketer who wants to generate leads more effectively. A well-managed strategy helps you to maximise the potential of every touchpoint throughout the arc of your event. Webinars & lead gen in 2016 - an in-depth guide for marketers Download now
  22. 22. Continue your heroic journey to the digital workplace Continue your journey Download Chapter Two of this guidebook and let it aid you as you continue your journey. What is more, you’ll be the first to receive Chapter Three and get access to Chapter One – just in case you missed it.