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What The Digital Workplace Means For Marketers


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The digital workplace is a reality, not a dream destination. It is a place where people have the freedom to work as individuals or teams anytime, anyplace, anyhow. What is more, it offers fantastic opportunities for marketers to seamlessly communicate with prospects and clients wherever they are and in any manner. This infographic explores what the digital means to marketers, how it can streamline communications and increase the efficiency of lead generation.

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What The Digital Workplace Means For Marketers

  1. 1. What The Digital Workplace Means For Marketers The digital workplace enables marketers to move to a modular way of working. Marketers have unprecedented opportunities to communicate with prospects. Using the tools of the digital workplace marketers can understand their customers like never before. Takeaways: [Enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy sharing] Managed Events: Your In-Depth Guide Learn how to create a virtual event that smashes your lead gen targets, download Managed Events: Your In-Depth Guide now Download now Managed Events: Your In-Depth Guide Modular working believe that the breadth of skills needed to succeed has dramatically increased. 96%of marketers This increase in skills means that marketers are beginning to look to a more modular way of working... ...and the digital workplace provides the technology for marketers to seamlessly communicate with geographically diverse teams. Meaning, marketers don’t have to hire more permanent staff when embarking on a new campaign. But instead, they can reach out to an ecosystem of people with diverse skills located around the world to work on the project, managing the entire process from one location. Getting everyone on the same page 39%of employees feel people within their organisation don’t collaborate enough. The digital workplace enables marketers to communicate with their team, clients and and third parties (agencies, freelancers and other experts) seamlessly. Through document sharing, whiteboarding and webcasts marketers can make sure their team and sales are on the same page at all times. No more silos in the digital workplace. Driving the power of digital Marketers are under pressure for lead and pipeline generation, to do more with less and to do it faster! This might be for thought leadership, campaign execution or product launches - the power of the virtual event is that they are low cost, flexible and last forever! One way to do this is to make webinars and webcasts an active part of your communication and lead generation plan. 77% One company tripled attendees by running a virtual event while reducing costs by... Getting to know your audience 70% What’s more people prefer to do this; would rather video conference than travel to a meeting. The digital workplace offers marketers fantastic opportunities to really get to know their audience. On your next webinar why don’t you… 85%Offer a Q&A session of webinars do 22% Use polls to find out what attendees really think 4%Or even Let participants chat Weeding out the leads The digital workplace, with its one-to-many interactive webcasts, lets marketers really weed out leads. 77% of businesses are now using webinars specifically for lead generation. Analytics enable you to see exactly who has engaged the most with your webcast, where they have engaged and what they have engaged with. Enabling you to progress them straight through your pipeline. of webinars do of webinars do