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In today’s ever connected world, joining meetings
can feel...disconnected. There are...
The Arkadin guide to meetings that...
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Meetings you can join from anywhere, anyhow

In today’s digital workplace people want the freedom and flexibility to join meetings from the device of their choosing, in the place of their choosing, with ease. Because starting a meeting should be a seamless, stress free experience, not a technological nightmare.

But, the challenge to doing this is the sheer amount of technology available.

To help you find the flexibility and freedom you need and discover how to join meetings from anywhere, anyhow, communication and collaboration experts Arkadin have put together this handy infographic. When you’re choosing a meeting solution, make sure it answers every point below.

Meetings shouldn't be complicated. We know that people just want to be able to meet easily, without the stress of what technology they need to use.
ArkadinVision allows you to audio, web or video conference at the click of a button, regardless of your location, technology or device. It's really that simple...

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Meetings you can join from anywhere, anyhow

  1. 1. In today’s ever connected world, joining meetings can feel...disconnected. There are... The Arkadin guide to meetings that you can join from anywhere, anyhow Complicated joining details Apps to download Complex solutions to be used Expensive hardware to be paid for This can cause more problems, as you now have to ask yourself… One tool for those in the office One tool for those working remotely One tool for every single need or event! of office workers worldwide work remotely at least once a week. It’s about ONE meeting space EVERYONE can use… that connects people in the cloud regardless of how they want to join your meeting. gives you more flexibility and less hassle. One tool for all devices Always available and in the cloud Nothing to download Just simple stress free meetings So you can COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, and SHARE DOCUMENTS anywhere. If all you’ve got is your phone… all it takes is a click. If you’re out and about with your tablet… you can still use all the features. If you’re on a low-bandwidth connection… just go audio only. And if the pressure is on and you’re using your new state of the art video room system, even better! They key is that you have audio web and video conferencing at your fingertips and simple and stress free to use. TAKEAWAYS That’s ArkadinVision There are now, literally, hundreds and hundreds of collaboration tools. The harder it is to use a collaboration tool, the more time and stress it takes to get started. Simplicity is key Make it easy for yourself, no downloads or hassle to meet face-to-face Video calling needs to work on a boardroom screen as smoothly as a mobile phone The first half hour of a video conference is for working, not working things out Video conferencing and online collaboration is no longer expensive and hard to use thanks to ArkadinVision. Make meetings simple with IT’S HERE NOW. The answer is NOT: Where’s the vision? Can my client’s video room connect to my meeting? Can I join from my usual Skype for Business tool? Will it perform well on my tablet? [Enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy sharing] 79% [Enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy sharing]