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IT are you managing your remote workforce


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Demands for remote working are increasing, but some organisations don’t know how to overcome the hurdles when managing a remote workforce. Our infographic highlights some methods and results you could achieve.The need for an always-on, always-available business model is forcing organisations to reconsider their processes and operations, including the introduction of remote working. From a technical standpoint, remote working provisions are easier than ever to implement, but some businesses are struggling to overcome the trust-based model. These businesses will need to resolve such issues and successfully manage your remote workforce.

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IT are you managing your remote workforce

  1. 1. [Enjoy sharing] Download your eGuide bundle now I.T are you managing your remote workforce? Demands for remote working are increasing, but some organisations don’t know how to overcome the hurdles when managing a remote workforce. Our infographic highlights some methods and results you could achieve. Statistics show a resounding positivity from employees towards remote working. Despite this, there are some important issues caused by the use of disparate communications channels: - State of Telecommuting 2014 of telecommuters are issued with a company smartphone of employees believe telecommuting boosts morale of employees believe telecommuting boosts productivity of employees believe telecommuting reduces absenteeism. 75% 80% They spend an average of attempting to coordinate communications between team members, hindering a team’s efficiency in moving towards goals and deadlines. - Small-Midsize Business Communications: Hidden Costs – SIS International Research. 3.7 hours per week of workers stated that they experience difficulty coordinating communications between team members, which affects a team’s ability to respond quickly to time sensitive customer requests. 68% 70% 69% So how can a business manage their concerns regarding remote workers, increase their productivity and empower a workforce? By managing your remote workforce effectively, you can drive the following results: Heavily invest in tools that boost communication - particularly a unified solution Remote employees are almost twice as likely to work beyond 40 hours a week. Then there’s the simple fact that people tend to work harder when they’re happy - 12% harder. Similar savings to one company - between 15% and 25% of real estate and related costs. Clearly define objectives that will help offsite employees understand their role Roll out a remote working policy that matches each job function Build an element of trust throughout the business. £ The modern workplace no longer requires the whole team to be physically present. Email, video and instant messaging/social networking allow for almost instantaneous sharing of ideas for instance. Another effective way of managing your remote workforce is by using the cloud. It is far easier and more cost effective to use hosted solutions that provide all of the functionality required by a remote team. Collaborative tools also make it easy for employers to ensure that tasks are being completed correctly by allowing them to stay in regular contact with peers, employees and and stakeholders, wherever they are. Having secure policies, unified solutions and collaborative communications tools in place will help you to effectively manage your workforce. Set objectives that help employees understand what objectives they are expected to achieve, wherever they are. Create trust throughout your organisation by empowering your employees to work independently. Implement the right tools and solutions throughout your organisation to facilitate working anytime, anyway, anywhere. Takeaways Learn how the I.T Managers can securely meet the demands for remote working, drive ROI and empower the workforce by downloading: I.T Manager’s Connected Business Bundle now.