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How Is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats


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These 10 shocking stats reveal the danger shadow I.T poses to your data security. Stats that you can’t afford to ignore when you consider that 88% of cloud applications aren’t enterprise-ready and 84% of UK CIOs fear they are losing control of I.T.

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How Is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats

  1. 1. How Is Your Data Shared? 10 Surprising Stats 10 STATISTICS THAT REVEAL THE RISKS TO SECURITY WHEN SHADOW I.T IS USED FOR DATA SHARING, ON A SCALE THAT I.T LEADERS ARE ONLY JUST BEGINNING TO GRASP. BOB DIMICCO, GLOBAL LEADER AND FOUNDER OF CISCO’S CLOUD CONSUMPTION SERVICE PRACTICE “IT has lost control here because organizations, lines of business are saying I can go to the web and get an application or a service within minutes and start being productive.” 74% Of European IT leaders say they have an incomplete understanding of their organisations: this must be reversed if they are to turn Shadow IT into a positive opportunity to meet internal and external data sharing needs. 1: 2: FALLING SHORT 88% Of cloud applications are not enterprise-ready. But this will not stop determined employees from using them if they can expect quick benefits and boost productivity – and you aren’t providing the right alternative. Put another way… 3: NON-COMPLIANT Of cloud services don’t meet existing compliance requirements. Their continued unchecked use is leaving a gaping hole in data security, even in the most regulated sectors. 7% 4: HEAD IN THE SAND? 89% Of UK CIOs don’t apply the same I.T service management processes to applications running in the public cloud as they do to internal applications – a head- in-the-sand approach which fails to account for the extent of Shadow I.T-enabled data sharing. 5: KNOWLEDGE GAP 37% Of CSOs suspect that individual users or business units regularly use applications or put data in the cloud without consulting IT. But why don’t they know for sure? ANARCHY RULES 31% Of organisations have no security policies, procedures or tools in place to specifically address the use of external cloud services. If end-users don’t know the rules, why should they give a second thought to data security when they are seizing the initiative and using Shadow I.T to get a task well done? 6: 7: FINANCIAL HIT $13.5 million The potential cost to a business of theft or compromised security when data is exposed in the cloud via storage service providers such as DropBox or Google Drive, including compliance-related fines. INTERNAL ASSUMPTIONS 70,000 8: The number of documents out of 2.5 million files, stored for internal use in Google Drive, which one media company discovered was publicly exposed during an audit. 9: SHARING AND CARING 26% 10% The volume of documents broadly shared by every individual user in the cloud, of which... Contain compliance-related data – an alarm call for every IT leader: Shadow IT applications are your responsibility, too! LICENCE TO SAVE $140 10: The amount of licence savings lost per person when a business lets its employees choose their own cloud services and applications. A well-conceived unified communications strategy could cut costs and reinforce data security. MATT CAIN, RESEARCH VICE PRESIDENT, GARTNER “Organisations that formally embrace and extend the digital competencies of their employees will experience improved business outcomes and gain competitive advantage.” IT’S EASY - AND DANGEROUS - TO IGNORE THE SCALE ON WHICH YOUR DATA IS PROBABLY BEING SHARED IN THE PUBLIC CLOUD. THE EXTENT TO WHICH YOUR PEOPLE ARE USING SHADOW IT SHOULD TELL YOU A LOT ABOUT WHAT THEY REALLY NEED TO HELP THEM SHARE DATA SECURELY. BY FAR THE MAJORITY OF CLOUD APPLICATIONS WOULD FAIL YOUR COMPLIANCE TEST - SO MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY TO DISCOVER WHY PEOPLE ARE STILL USING THEM IN YOUR BUSINESS. SOURCES TAKEAWAYS [Enjoy sharing]