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Generation Z and the evolution of the workforce

As if it wasn’t hard enough understanding Millennial mindsets - Generation Z is here!

And despite the name, getting to grips with the Zs is no snooze.

As the Millennial cohort becomes the largest segment of the workforce - now outpacing its greying parents, the Gen-X’ers - the Z-people are starting to graduate college and get jobs. Which means employers have to understand them… and how they’re different.

So who are these strange young people? Should they be feared or celebrated? And how will they reshape the office over the next decade before they’re the New Normal? Let’s see how they’re different to generations X and Y... by the numbers.

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Generation Z and the evolution of the workforce

  1. 1. ZZ Z Generation Z and the evolution of the workforce GEN X: (the Boomer’s children) GEN Y: (the MILLENNIALS) WHO IS GENERATION Z? WHAT DO THEY SHARE? WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE? HOW WILL THEY WORK? (...and disbelieve) Seen as disenfranchised SLACKERS… but only by ACADEMICS. But with access to MORE INFORMATION than any generation ever, Gen Y is TECH-SAVVY - and BRILLIANT in fast-moving, always- on, connected offices. They like COMMON CAUSES and BIG IDEAS... ...but often it’s SLACKTIVISM - click- to-like-this stuff. Now OVER 50% of the workforce. Can be NEGATIVE about their costly HOUSING, low PAY, useless DEGREES, and poor PROSPECTS… It is YOUR CHILD. YOUR BABYSITTER. YOUR INTERN. They’re now DOING DEGREES, THINKING CAREERS, And STARTING WORK. Everything! (Photos - posts - thoughts) Still big on social causes... (For real - ACTIVISM not SLACKTIVISM) Just as open to all culture… (As likely to like JOHNNY CASH as ONE DIRECTION) And bigger on equality. (Due to a 50% INCREASE in mixed-race US-born kids since 2000) Wary of CORPORATIONS 75% think advertising isn’t honest Less sure GOVERNMENT is the answer... 51% worry about the future But pretty sure TECHNOLOGY is. 66% think technology can solve most problems Everywhere! (At home - on the beach - in the office) A Gen-Zer prefers Tweeting and Sharing to phoning or emailing... even to people in the same room. They are: They are: Anytime! (In bed - over lunch - in the bath) It’s THE FUTURE. ... and APATHETIC about POLITICS. (Just 48% vote) ENVIRONMENTALLY aware, X was the first GREEN GENERATION. They’ve been through SLUMPS and BOOMS. But they’re still attached to STUFF… LESS LIKELY to trust electronic contracts or online-only retailers. They’re RESILIENT... but facing an uncertain old age. Gen X studied HARD, works DILIGENTLY... ...but expects FREE TIME for family. 1961 ONWARDS: 1980 ONWARDS: 1995 ONWARDS: In 5 years they’ll be 40% OF ALL CONSUMERS. Millennials looked to social media for backup on buying decisions… Gen Z trusts nothing else. Likely to look at the REPUTATION of an employer. In the end, MORE THINGS CONNECT US THAN DIVIDE US. OTHER CULTURES, Likely to favour STARTUPS over CORPORATES. DIFFERENT IDEAS, Likely to ask “WHY?” as often as “WHAT?” NEW WAYS OF DOING THINGS. But Gen Y is more aware of [Enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy sharing]