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Does Remote Working Increase Efficiency

Being busy isn’t the same as being efficient. Many workers are finding that remote and flexible working options are driving up their productive output without sucking up more hours. This SlideShare outlines how.

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Does Remote Working Increase Efficiency

  1. 1. Does Remote Working Increase Efficiency?
  3. 3. An efficiency powerhouse,
  4. 4. …or just goofing off in pants?
  6. 6. THE MEETINGS QUESTION How much meeting time is down time?
  7. 7. Meetings. They take time; they take money; they take people.
  8. 8. Some people show up late. Some don’t want to be there. And some are there for the wrong reasons.
  9. 9. Can remote working help?
  10. 10. 96%of workers believe virtual meetings improve productivity.
  11. 11. People tend to attend only the meetings to which they can contribute.
  12. 12. 93%of collaboration is nonverbal.
  13. 13. That’s why high-definition videoconferencing is the way forward, letting remote workers pick up on subtle social cues.
  14. 14. THE DISTRACTIONS QUESTION Is doing busy-ness the same as doing business?
  15. 15. Interruptions. The ebb and flow of office traffic kills focus, breaks concentration and frustrates efficiency.
  16. 16. What can Flexible working do to stop it?
  17. 17. Constant interruptions distract some workers so much they wear earbuds without music.
  18. 18. Microsoft, believes each coder needs an office with a door that closes.
  19. 19. The case here seems made… if you keep the valuable parts of human interaction, with the right software.
  20. 20. THE FOCUS QUESTION Does concentration deliver efficiency?
  21. 21. Many remote workers claim they have better concentration.
  22. 22. But could the trappings of home - sofa, fridge, TV - inhibitefficiency?
  23. 23. In his book “Deep Work” Cal Newport suggests focussed stints of 2-3 hours for max efficiency.
  24. 24. A recent study of workers in Australia shows worker dissatisfaction rises with number of people sharing space.
  25. 25. So let workers focus... but make sure it’s not an excuse for being uncontactable.
  26. 26. Whiteboarding sessions keep them in the loop.
  27. 27. THE COMMUNITY QUESTION Does lack of human contact make a difference?
  28. 28. Worker happinessis good, worker lonelinessis bad.
  29. 29. Let’s see if remote and flexible work options make the problem worse.
  30. 30. 42%of workers do not have a close friend at work.
  31. 31. And loneliness at work is a growing issue.
  32. 32. But these are both statistics within offices.
  33. 33. Community isn’t about the location, but the connection.
  34. 34. Thoughtful policies and the right communication and collaboration tools can keep workers feeling supported and positive.
  35. 35. THE COMMUTING QUESTION Does the time saved go back into work?
  36. 36. Remote workers often argue they save two hours of travel time.
  37. 37. But Dilbert said it best: “Do I owe my employer eight productive hours, or just the two actually productive ones?”
  38. 38. Research shows it’s the wrong question.
  39. 39. For knowledge workers efficiency isn’t tied to number of hours timesheeted.
  40. 40. In fact, they can eat into it.
  41. 41. output So forget the hours input - always look at the
  42. 42. The right software solution supports your people, however long they work.
  44. 44. Make yours, with Arkadin
  45. 45. Takeaways The case for remote working is business efficiency, not employee perks Office distractions and meeting meanderings are resource thieves Remote workers turn a zero commute into a double-digit productivity boost The right communication tools prevent workers feeling isolated There is little relationship between productive output and hours at desk
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