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Scope of NDT testing in industries.Details about power plant inspection,rope inspection,storage tank inspection,future scope of NDT,Aircraft inspection,history of NDT,Industrial Area,conclusion

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  2. 2. Introduction of NDT • It is a wide group of analysis & techniques used in technology industry to evaluate the properties of material component or system without causing damage. • it is a highly valuable technique that can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting, and research
  3. 3. Brief History of NDT • It is said that that flour and oil were used during Roman times to find cracks in marble slabs. For centuries, blacksmiths used sonic NDT when listening to the ring of different metals as they were being hammered into shape; a technique also used by early bell makers. • One of the first recorded uses of NDT was in 1868, when Englishman S.H. Saxby relied on the magnetic characteristics of a compass to find cracks in gun barrels.
  4. 4. Importance of NDT • NDT increases the safety & reliability of product during operation. • It decreases the cost of the product by reducing scrap and conserving materials, labour and energy. • It enhances the reputation of the manufacturer as a producer of quality goods. • This not only increases the safety of operation but also eliminates any forced shut down of the plants.
  5. 5. Industrial Use • Inspection of Raw Products Forgings, Casting, Extrusions. • Inspection following Secondary Processing Machining , Welding, Grinding, Heat Treatment , plating. • Inspection for In-Service Damage Cracking, Corrosion, Erosion/Wear, Heat Damage.
  6. 6. Market Of NDT • Non Destructive Testing Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% to reach the worth $1720.96 Million by 2020. • Major Revenue Generating Regions –U.S. And Europe. • Latin America and Asia-Pacific are emerging market. • Brazil, India and China have immense growth potential for NDT.
  7. 7. Power Plant Inspection • Periodically, Power Plants are shutdown for Inspection. Inspectors feed eddy current probes as well as UT probes into Heat Exchanger tubes to check for corrosion damage.
  8. 8. Rail Inspection • Special cars are used to inspect thousand of miles of rail to find cracks that could lead to derailment.
  9. 9. Storage Tank Inspection • Robotics crawlers use ultrasound to inspect walls of large above ground tanks for signs of thinning due to corrosion. • Cameras on long articulating arms are used to inspect underground storage tanks for Damage.
  10. 10. Wire Rope Inspection • Electromagnetic devices and visual inspections are used to find broken wires and other damage to the wire rope that is used in chairlifts, cranes and other lifting devices.
  11. 11. Aircraft Inspection • Non destructive testing is used extensively during the manufacturing of aircraft. • NDT is also used to find cracks and corrosion damage during operation of the aircraft. • A fatigue crack that started at the site of a lightning strike .
  12. 12. Pipeline Inspection • NDT is used to inspect pipelines to prevent that could damage the environment. • Visual inspection, radiography and electromagnetic testing are some of the NDT methods used.
  13. 13. Crash Of United Flight 232 Sioux City, Lowa, July 19,1989 • A defect that went undetected in an engine disk was responsible for the crash of United Flight 232
  14. 14. Application Areas • Aerospace Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Civil Engineering • System Engineering • Medical
  15. 15. • Even today, more than 80% of airframe maintenance inspections are visual, but advanced Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques now play a critical role in identifying and sizing defects during manufacture and throughout equipment service life, as governed by airworthiness certifying agencies. • One recent innovation in this area has been GE Inspection Technologies first phased-array system certified to inspect engine disks. • The ability to carry out reliable yet fast inspection to keep pace with maintenance requirements. Advancements in phase array Ultrasonics pulsed eddy current, and digital and computerized radiography are expected to meet the need to inspect aging aircraft and predict the effects of long-term corrosion to extend useful aircraft life.
  16. 16. Conclusion • NDT techniques provide cost-effective & reliable analysis under realistic condition. • Each NDT technique has certain capabilities & limitations & often more than one technique is used to cover various parts. • Increasing availability of robotics,scanners improve the speed of testing large surfaces, hence minimizing the testing time.
  17. 17. • Thanks guys for listening me Carefully. • Greatly Thanks to Ravi sir for giving me a opportunity to stand in front of you for share information about NDT.
  18. 18. Credit- Arjun Pachauri Pushpendra Rathore