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Resistance to fire testing brochure


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Resistance to fire testing brochure

  1. 1. These are essential questions once a fire has been able to fully develop inside a room. Efectis Nederland provides the crucial answers related to ‘resistance to fire’ testing. Testing Almost every European country has a testing facility with a furnace capable of performing fire tests. But the scale on which Efectis can carry out these tests is rare. Only few testing organisations can boast a furnace measuring as much as eight meters long and four meters wide. It enables tests with floors of eight by four meters and walls of four by three meters. And because the wind is an unpredictable phenomenon for fire testing, even the largest tests in Rijswijk are carried out indoors. During fire tests we meticulously control all process parameters. This enables us to carefully imitate ‘standard fires’ with temperatures of up to 1350 degrees Celsius. Accurate registration of the specimen conduct is crucial. With sometimes more than a hundred thermocouples at all rele- vant locations in and around the test specimen, data acquisition meets all conceivable standards. Efectis Nederland also has at its disposal an advanced exhaust gas treatment facility. This keeps the emissions from the ‘fires’ created for testing as limited as possible. Standards A starting point for the resistance to fire tests at Efectis Nederland in Rijswijk is, among others, the NEN 6069 standard. Apart from that, there are approximately thirty European Standards (EN) aimed at various building components. They resemble the Dutch standards, but are on the whole somewhat more rigorous. Recently the NEN 6069 was adapted in such a way, that testing according to the 'new' European standard has the same validity as tests conducted according to the 'old' Dutch testing method. Still, the world of permits and standards remains complex, more so when compa- nies wish to have their products tested for compliance on several markets. Efectis will be glad to advise on the stan- dards and test configurations that best suit your export wishes. Specialties All in all Efectis in Rijswijk performs 150 to 200 large-scale tests per annum. A lot of them are tests for the building industry with ‘standard fires’ according to an EN standard or the NEN 6069-standard. But offshore constructions are also regularly the subject of tests according to ‘hydro- carbon’ fire conditions. We offer the exceptional ability to test for fire in tunnels according to the ‘RWS’ fire conditions, with temperatures of up to 1350 degrees Celsius. The range of available tests, including those mentioned, is very exten- sive. Efectis Nederland, as a specialist in testing of large and complex construc- tions, rarely has to say ‘no’ to a challenge put to it in the field of fire testing. To combine knowledge Performing a large quantity of tests, including a wide variety of specialty tests, provides Efectis Nederland with an enormous bank of knowledge, such as the consequences of variations in a test configuration. Under certain conditions it may, for example, be possible to f i Efectis for resistance to fire testing: Your guide in the Netherlands and Europe The room is on fire, but the heavy wooden door holds remarkably well. The glass wall is made of windows embedded with layers of fire resisting gel. They crack, but don’t burst. The question is, will the fire stay under control until the Fire Department arrives? Will the floor, walls and ceiling hold out against the fire? Can the construction as a whole remain intact? What is the temperature rise in adjoining rooms and does the fire propagate beyond the bounds of the construction? BEFORE failing AFTER failing Example: double doorconstruction at resistance to fire testing
  2. 2. combine the test results of a door and a window in order to evaluate the perfor- mance of a door with a window in it. In principle, each adaptation to a product configuration requires a new test to be performed. What does a two centimetre thicker floor mean for resistance to fire? What influence has a wooden window- frame, in comparison to a steel one, on the resistance to fire of a door? From our knowledge of testing conditi- ons and in-depth expertise of the perfor- mance of combined materials, we are able to put our customers firmly on the right track. We also have the ability to estimate the value of foreign tests with regard to acceptance on the Dutch market. Efectis Nederland knows like no other what is and isn’t allowed in this respect – and how to optimally make use of its existing knowledge. Consultancy This knowledge also proves its value in the product research and development process of our customers. We like to enter that process together, helping immediately to avoid pitfalls during the development process. As a one hundred per cent subsidiary of TNO, we do this both independently and reliably. Confidential product specific characteris- tics are absolutely safe with us. We advise our customers on the basis of general development principles and point out possible improvements in existing product specifications. In this way, the product that eventually comes to us for testing will be optimally suited to hold out both under testing conditions and the conditions of daily use. Quick and clear Efectis Nederland offers its customers swift action and reliabilty. In most cases we are able to test constructions within two months. In busy periods this can extend to three months, but never more. The report follows within six weeks of the test - guaranteed. There are not many international parties ready to give guarantees like these. It is for good reason that we have already performed tests for major companies and organisa- tions from most European countries. Reliable guide What tests do you have to perform to gain market entrance in ten countries? How should you go about it when you change your product? How can you opti- mally make use of existing knowledge and test results? The standardisation and regulation for resistance to fire is com- plicated. In order to conquer foreign markets, a partner that is up to speed with all standards is vital. Such a partner knows how to find the quickest and most efficient way towards market admittance. Thanks to the large amount of fire tests we perform on an annual basis, we know how a construction will react. Close cooperation with our simulation specialists adds the necessary systems insight. Through this, we can combine existing knowledge cleverly and find the best route to a positive outcome for the customer. Efectis Nederland is involved in European standardisation processes through various CEN-commissions and adjoining work groups. We, like no other, know the pos- sible obstacles along the road to market admittance. We show our customers the way in Europe and guide them optimally through the testing process. In this way, Efectis offers the shortest route to a result. nederland T Efectis Nederland BV is the centre for fire safety in the Netherlands, originating from TNO Centre for Fire Research. The centre offers a portfolio of services that complement and strengthen each other: • Testing & certification • Specialty testing • Calculations & modelling • Consultancy & courses • Regulations & assessments Within the field of testing their are three speci- alizations: • Reaction to fire testing • Resistance to fire testing • Specialty testing and reconstruction (forensic research) Efectis Nederland BV Brandpuntlaan Zuid 16 2665 NZ Bleiswijk The Netherlands T +31 (0)88 3473 723 F +31 (0)88 3473 724