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Whitepaper social media campaign manager english


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Whitepaper social media campaign manager english

  1. 1. Create, Publish and Analyzeinnovative campaigns on socialmedia without technical knowledgeI-CompanySocial media campaign manager
  2. 2. Social media is integrated into our livesIn recent years, social media has proven itself and has become apermanent factor in the marketing communications mix. Nearly80% of the Dutch population is active on one or multiple socialnetworks. At this time, almost all ‘younger’ people are active.Interesting to see is that the relatively ‘older’ population isincreasingly represented on social media. The fact that socialmedia is woven into our daily lives is mostly due to technologicalinnovations, such as smartphones and tablets. These technologicalinnovations ensure that we are always and everywhere online andtherefore accessible.The marketer these days emphasizes mostly on how to make bestuse of all social media channels in order to achieve the marketingcommunication goals.Social media marketing on the availablechannelsThe social media environment evolves constantly. Marketers arealways looking for the best online touchpoints. These are locationson the internet where a certain target group can be found andwhere you are able to interact with them. The number of socialmedia channels are increasing almost on a daily basis. But, whichare relevant? How do you ensure that you make best use of thesedifferent channels?Objectives of the marketer these days is often how to implementall channels in order to create synergy. He must therefore makebest use of Paid, Owned and Earned media. Which means thateither purchased as well as own created media are implementedoptimally for it to create ambassadors. This creates positive word-of-mouth about the brand and organization.However, in practice this is quite a task!Who is I-Company?I-Company is a web agency thatdevelops custom web-applications andonline marketing campaigns. In additionit provides hosting services. I-Companyis also specialized in social media. Weunderstand the creative mind of themarketer. I-Company has extensiveexperience in publishing effectivecampaigns that ensure that you achieveyour goals. We are specialized inconverting unique and creativecampaigns into technical solutions, butwe also like to actively cooperate duringthe creative process. With the use ofthe Social Media Campaign Manager ofI-Company, marketers are able to createstate of the art campaigns and publishthem in an easy manner.The Social Media CampaignManagerWith the implementation of the “SocialMedia Campaign Manager” you areable to manage and publish high-quality campaigns on all relevant socialmedia channels without any technicalknowledge.- Brand -?Social mediacampaignmanager
  3. 3. 1. CreateFind places on social mediato interact with your targetaudience. Select the right socialmedia channels. Create one oremultiple campaigns completelyin your own style out of an userfriendly Content ManagementSystem (CMS).Make use of our campaignmodules. *Creating a campaign requiresno technical knowledge. Ourcampaign managerautomatically convert staticcontent into a completecampaign in your own style.2. PublishWith just one single click youpublish your created campaignson all relevant social mediachannels; such as Facebook,YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.Campaigns are automaticallyplaced into the Facebook Tab.In addition, with the integrationof responsive design, a mobilesite will be created. With thisunique approach, campaigns arealso optimized for smartphones.Furthermore an I-frame willbe published. This I-Frame canbe placed within other webenvironments and websites.Again, published campaignsare extremely easy to share onvarious social media channels.Smart share- and like buttonsare also integrated into thecampaign manager so you cangrow your fanbase quickly.Create, Publish and Analyze innovative campaigns in 3 steps• Publish in your own style easily out one back office;• No technical knowledge required;• Save time, money and use your resources efficiently;• Integrate all relevant social media channels;• Make use of our campaign modules;• Keep track on your campaigns and anticipate in order to achieving your goals.3. AnalyzeThe Social Media CampaignManager automaticallygenerates relevant data andinsights from the publishedcampaigns. This data isdisplayed clearly. Statisticallyanalysis gains relevant insightsof which helps in the futureto publish the right campaignswith right appropriate modulesat the right time. As a result,social media objectives areachieved more efficiently andwill create online effect!* While creatingcampaigns, make useof one or moremodules• Pol / One-Muliple choise Askquestions to your fanbase• Quiz / Sweepstakes - Contestsand win promotions• Content places - text, videos,pictures and sound• Video integration - EmbedYouTube Video’s• Twitter integration - Retweet& Show latest tweet’s• Image sliders - Showproducts / photo’s• UGC integration - Uploadingcontent of users (photo / video)• Etc..Social mediacampaignmanager(CMS)BRand campaignBRand campaignBRand campaignBRand campaignIframe2.Publish1. Create3. Analyze / Adjust
  4. 4. 6092132 NA Hoofddorp 020 - 3162950postbus@i-company.nlCoca ColaCoca Cola makes use of the Social Media Campaign Manager.They manage various social media channels through one backoffice for different countries and brands like; Coca Cola light,Zero, Fanta, Aquarius etc. They also make use of hierarchicalrights and roles. Therefore different grades of employees areable to work efficiently with social media.ReebokReebok makes use of the Social Media Campaign Manager topublish Innovative campaigns. They often combine severalfunctionalities within one module or campaign and integrateelements like gamification and storytelling.Néestle NutritionThe Social Media Campaign Manager is often used by Nestléfor co-creation campaigns. Recently they published a photocontest campaign. Hereby parents were able to upload thebest photo of their child. The best and most original photoreceived an incentive.OasisOasis publishes mostly storytelling campaigns entirely in theirown style. They guide users through questions and a script.The progress of this script is real time adjusted by the answersthat are given.SaturnThe on-and offline stores of Saturn / Media Markt havesuccessfully implement the Social Media Campaign Managerto support a Skullcandy campaign. With this campaign,Scullcandy has used social media as part of the overallmarketing mix to generate more traffic to the stores.Organizations that already make use ofthe Social Media Campaign ManagerThe Social MediaCampaign Manager,something for you?Please feel free to contactus for more information or ademonstration.ContactpersonArjan van der SalmSocial Media 316 2950+31(0)6 337 31 600