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The HOW of Cloudstack in the Enterprise


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CloudStack as open source community is great. It works very well for developers. It works great for users. But the gap is in the CIO office. Who is playing golf with the CIO? Can these bunch of pirates make it into the boardroom of the enterprise and the corporates? In this keynote i give my personal thoughts about this.

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The HOW of Cloudstack in the Enterprise

  1. 1. The HOW of Cloudstack in the Enterprise
  2. 2. Linus Torvalds uhh Arjan Eriks (thanks Seb) • Born In Holland • Married, Three kids • Addicted • Wanted to be a pilot • Got myself into IT • Try to be Long Distance Swimmer • Raised in Holland • Twitter: DrozerT CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  3. 3. I am the dead pixel, or am I not? • My entire class supported Ajax. I picked PSV instead • Please do not tell me what to do or what to think • At Schuberg Philis we are all different and that makes us equals • and I see in this community that we are not unique • In IT and Open Source I have found a group of people that make me feel at ease CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  4. 4. The WHY of CloudStack by Mark Hinkle • Open Source Developers are setting the standard for the way Technology will be developed in the 21st century • You are Inspiring, a generation of hackers, forkers, makers scientists and Engineers CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  6. 6. Apache CloudStack • Best Bang for the Buck • It Works (Scales, keeps running) • Great community • All the things that open source could whish for • More widespread than known • Active committer community CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  7. 7. OUR ASSIGNMENT CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  8. 8. Cloud for Europe Market Consultation Amsterdam 31-march-2104 • Pre-Commercial Procurement Project • Please think with the EU on WHAT services should be automated in the cloud and WHICH gaps do you see in our approach • Answer by all parties (except 1) CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  9. 9. Allen and Overy and BlackDuck Seminar on Open Source (April 2014) • Explanation of OSS • Open Source in Mergers and Acquisitions • IPR in OSS exists • Scan your software for Open Source • Enterprises claim they do not use open source. In practice 30% of the tools and code base is open Source! CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  10. 10. Visit • Digital Leaders where selected! This is key in its success • Recruitment and procurement is done differently. • Middle Managers are adopting slowely • Show and tell to bridge hierarchy CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  11. 11. What is the open source strategy for the typical enterprise? • They do not have one. • Open Source is scary • And the people that make open source…. They all wear funny tshirts, grow beards. Cannot be any good right? • They just don’t know. And not enough people are telling them CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  12. 12. In Enterprises, Corporations and the Public Sector people feel at home as well • I learned that those people are just like me, only have different dreams. • They work with people they like • With people that behave as they expect • Are we in the boardroom as Open Source evangelists? • As trusted advisors? CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  13. 13. Do we play golf with the CIO of ACME? CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  14. 14. Load Balancers FWs & VPNs Dashboard Identity Mgmt.Image Mgmt. ComputeStorage Network MeteringAPI (EC2 & CS) Self-service Portal CloudStack has Citrix Solution Framework
  15. 15. HOW DID WE SELL CLOUDSTACK TO OUR CUSTOMERS? • We did not • We gave them a reliable scalable infra • With a revamped application platform • That helps engineers and developers behave agile / devopsy CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  16. 16. If we want CloudStack to even gain more momentum: • 1. We should be ourselves, this apache community, citrix, has made CloudStack what it is today! We are the Wright Brothers!, meetups, hackatons. • 2. Seek parties, partners that can act as trusted advisor to the CIO (I did not say consultants right?) • 3. Present CloudStack as the viable alternative to any commercial solution out there. CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  17. 17. Part II • 4. Grow a governing body that can act on behalf of CloudStack (I did not say CloudStack foundation did I?) • 5. Make 1st time installations as easy as possible (every engineer that tries CloudStack should succeed) • 6. Marketing: Make noise, demos, white papers, case studies, blogs, Analists should find us. CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  18. 18. What does mean for me? • I just want to live my dream. Talk the talk and walk the walk. • Be a good person, a good dad • Make the IT World a little better, there is so much crap • Have a fun workplace • Be member of CloudStack and Devops Community CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  20. 20. QUESTIONS? • If you have questions later: • Mail: • Twitter: DrozerT CloudStack Collaboration ConferenceDenver
  21. 21. CLIFFHANGER CloudStackCollaboration Conference Denver