Cloud and Devops at Schuberg Philis


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From dedicated infrastructures that are 100% guaranteed up, including applications to highly virtualised cloud environments is one step. But true flexibility can only achieved by co-creation and Devops methods.

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  • HOWdo we give structure to our belief:We are independent Guardians of our own destinyAnswerable only to our customers and ourselves
  • The WHY!It Matters UptimeFunctionele BeschikbaarheidWe never missed a deadlineVertrouwenBetrouwbaarheidAbility to
  • Our highest goal is to satisfy our customers by delivering the best service they have ever experiencedWe welcome change Business, development and IT operations must be in complete understanding and alignment of each otherThe only way to measure success is working, performing software delivered on time and within budgetWe prefer face-to-face communication to written communicationWe prefer individuals working together and interacting to procedures and rules
  • From horizontal… Integrated stacks of Applications, Infrastructure and Operations ensures accountability and alignment Multi-sourcing… with best of breed collaborative partners, is the basis for a successful sourcing strategyCustomers expect… improve maturity for their own organization as a result of working together with a specialized partner : working together, dev ops, co-creation
  • THE HOW DO WE DIFFERENTIATEIt matters to our society, customers, and ourselvesJe moetkiezenDynamischPurposeful PrimairebedrijfsprocesChallenging :Onderscheidend, ComplexOperating in regulated marketsStrong focus on governance and change/risk management Balance between control, flexibility and innovationApplication partnership with critical application vendors
  • Teams are empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure a satisfied customerBy enforcing very strict hiring principles, we ensure that only highly professional experts…..blahblah
  • Believe we need change the shared blocks in model B
  • You create knowledge when you unravel the spaghetti or when you rebuild the house when it has collapsed
  • Create through collaboration, cross organizational bordersCo-ownership of problem and solutionChallenge the status quoBe honest, transparent and concreteIterate, test and refine, continuous improvement cycleCollaboration in the multi-sourcing world with specialized partnersCIO as a broker of servicesCorrect contract configurationHigh-trust relationship managementRight operational structure
  • AgnosticAutomate everythingInnovate with senseTesting testingtestingOpen source
  • Firstly, we support our customers in choosing and deploying different IAAS offerings based on the best fit for its requirements (not necessarily SBP hosted)Availability (architecture, guarantees, infrastructure or application driven)Flexibility (time-to-market, elasticity, Integrity (data protection, controls)Confidentiality (security, cobit controls, etc.) Compliancy (privacy laws, data residency laws, etc.)Cost (pay as you go, ROI, predictability, etc.)Strategic (DIY, outsourced, commodity, etc.)
  • Cloud and Devops at Schuberg Philis

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    3. 3. Cloud WorkloadsTraditional WorkloadReliable hardware, backup entirecloud, and restore for users whenfailure happensDistributed WorkloadTell users to expect failure.Users to build apps that canwithstand infrastructure failureBoth types of workloads must run reliably in the cloud
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