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Arise think outside the office


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Arise think outside the office

  1. 1. Think Outside the Office An inspiring story – Arise International July, 2012Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  2. 2. Why you NEED to deliver GREAT service…. 5% Rise in Customer Loyalty = 100% Increase in PROFITS!* 150% 2% increase in customer retentionProfit Margin = 10% decrease in costs * 100% •Acquiring New Customers costs 6 to 7 times MORE than retaining existing ones 50% •₤1 spent on customer retention has more impact on profits than ₤5 spent on New Customer Acquisition Bain & Co. 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% Increase in Customer retention * “Leading on the edge of Chaos” Emmett C Murphy & Mark A Murphy Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. 2
  3. 3. Business processes are “atomising.” Vertical Supply Chain Disaggregate Outcomes on Integration Disaggregation Functions Demand Distribution Manufacturing Factors 70’s 80’s – 90’s 2000’s 2010 + • Control • Piecemeal supply • Owning key • Best outcomes everything chain differentiating at lowest cost in-house • Partners functions • Demand up/downstream • Vendor management flexibility • Improved • Proliferation of • Low friction transaction data, comms coordination supportCopyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  4. 4. Technology is accelerating consumer expectations … … and at the same time reinventing the way work is getting done… BUT – Contact Centres HAVEN’T changed to keep up…. Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. 4
  5. 5. Disruptive Business Models Change the Game – Deliver Results Transformative Technology Company Profiles Innovator Incumbent Innovation Results Extreme Assortment, Low 20% of Total Prices and Full Information for Online Retail Market(1) Savvy Consumer Contrast to Disliked Incumbent 36% Market Share of Wide Assortment, DVD Rental Market(2) Convenience, No Late Fees Took advantage of Digital Shift: 70% Market Share of Simple Pricing, Songs vs. U.S. Music Downloads(3) Albums, Convenience Low Prices with a Technology- 34% Gross Margin(4) Enabled Shopping Experience Purchased by Amazon for 22x focused on Customer Service Value Consumer-Directed, Low-Cost Largest Discount Model Designed for use by Brokerage Firm General Public Virtual Contact Center FTSE Companies actively seeking servicing world’s most high value alternatives to displace recognisable brands with costly in-house outsourced poor You Will Be superior value proposition quality / incumbents Surprised Who Uses Arise…but It’s Their USP
  6. 6. Virtual Model – Pay for What you need, When you need it – With the best Agent fit… Outsourced Brick & In-House Brick & Mortar Mortar Pure-Play Virtual Overhead Cost Efficiency   DriveCost rs Employee / Independent Business Owner (IBO) Costs       Quality Drivers High Service Quality Access to Better Talent    Schedule Flexibility    Retention of Talent    Non-core Inherent limitations Next evolution of competency for lower value the contact center most enterprises proposition market
  7. 7. Atomisation and virtualisation are Mainstream - with goods… • Marketplace of buyers and sellers • Challenge the notion of how, where, and from whom one will buy • Platform provides tech, risk reduction • Current focus is on B2B procurement in the aftermarket Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  8. 8. … And now in services. Alternative models are exploding… • Innocentive – Virtual R&D platform based on opt-in competitive problem solving • Often, solutions come from outside the discipline being studiedCopyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  9. 9. In Technology Development… • TopCoder – 407,235 coders competing to write the best applications • Projects broken into bite-sized chunks; removes single points of failure Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  10. 10. … in Law… • Leaner legal model – no gold- plated offices or overpaid partners • Focus on matching great lawyers with large clients, saving 50%+ on legal fees • Acquire Special expertiseCopyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  11. 11. … and in Contact Centre Operations… • Tailored-to - Demand virtual workforce • Expanded geographic talent pool • High calibre professionals • Agents like my customersCopyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.
  12. 12. …with undeniable Results and Opportunities. Improve financial performance by 30+% in the virtualised functions while improving quality and customer satisfaction Source Best Talent from any location without requiring a face to face interview or tethered work location Train and Up-skill Talent without ever using a physical location Secure every remote computer device to eliminate security breaches even when people take work home Staff Talent based on customer demand to match customer needs Provide consistent Performance evaluation and improvement without requiring face to face meetingsCopyright © All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. 12
  13. 13. So why are you waiting?Transform your business today to deliver better service tomorrow..Arise provide the technology and the people to deliver business processesusing a home based workforce delivering increased flexibility and youonly pay for what you use.... This gives you access to a different workforce, from a different demographic, motivated differently to provide an improved service and cultural fit. Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. 13
  14. 14. Think Outside the Office Why Wait Any Longer?Copyright © 2012 Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved.