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Labrieve Sample Business Case


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Sample Business Case For Labrieve

Published in: Business, Technology
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Labrieve Sample Business Case

  2. 2. About ABC Logistics, Inc. The Company Has 75 Employees Some Employees Use Tablet PC's Members Of Mangement Team Are Assigned Smartphones Internet Access Is Provided For All Employees
  3. 3. Goals Of Project Convert Paper Documents To Electronic Documents Include Current Electronic Documents On File System Reduce Time Spent Finding Information Protect Documents That Contain Sensitive Information Free Office Space Used By Paper Filing Cabinets Find A Cost Effective Product Or Service To Meet The Needs Of ABC Logistics, Inc.
  4. 4. Paper Documents To Electronic Documents There Are 100,000 Paper Documents That Need To Be Scanned There Are 20 Different Types Of Documents 3 Document Types Are Confidential Use Existing USB Scanners Stupid Question: Is It Possible To Scan From The Internet?
  5. 5. Security Only HR Employees And Management Should Be Able To View Certain Documents It Would Be Nice To Track Changes To All Documents Electronic Documents Can Be Stored Offsite If The System Provides Secure Access ABC Logistics, Inc. Will Need To Modify Access To Documents On Demand Some Documents Are Required To Be Stored For Only 5 Years
  6. 6. Requirements Quickly Find Information From The Office And On The Road Easy To Use On All Of Devices (PC, Tablet, And Smartphone) Maintenance Free Due To Small IT Staff Clear Upfront Cost Structure Without Hidden Fees Ability To Export All Information In The Future Limited Budget And Short Timeframe To Complete Project
  7. 7. Decision Time Help! What Do You Recommend?
  8. 8. Product Options Google Drive - Cloud Storage Based On Folders EverNote For Business - Cloud Storage Based On Notebooks Alfresco - Open Source Document Management Iron Mountain - Major Vendor In Document Management Labrieve - Cloud Document Management Solution
  9. 9. Product Comparisons
  10. 10. Plan Of Action Choose 5 Document Types and Select 100 Documents For Pilot Program Watch The Labrieve Video Tutorials Create A Free Labrieve Company Account And Add Users Create 5 Document Names, Add Labels, And Assign User Security Scan 100 Documents Into Labrieve Test Retrieval On PC, Tablet, And Smartphones
  11. 11. The End