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The programme of the course


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The programme of the course

  1. 1. The Programme of the Course «Let the music begin» Volkova A. Bugrina L. Dovgyalo T. Lapina T.
  2. 2.  On the basis of the book Kuzovlev «Happy English 4» It is oriented for 10 – 11 classes The topic is «Let the music begin»
  3. 3. Our Aim: The Ss’ development of practical skills in the usage of English for communication in the music sphere, also the greatest tool in getting the knowledge in this area
  4. 4. Our Objectives:  To teach vocabulary on the topic «Music»  To develop writing, listening, reading and speaking skills  To get acquainted with the music pecularities
  5. 5. The structure of the course 50 hours 10 units Thematic plan
  6. 6. Forms of Control  Dictation  Reading test  Annotation to the article  Oral report  Final report