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Annotating photos


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Published in: Data & Analytics
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Annotating photos

  1. 1. Desire We chose to take a photograph of chocolate and sweets for desire as we thought, as a group, that human population is attracted and find desire in these sweet treats. The picture catches the viewers eye as it is full of bold and bright colours – it also has a variety of treats meaning that there will be something for everyone. Friendship This photograph was unplanned, however I think this picture is a good example of a friendship - everyone is smiling and laughing. The reactions look genuine and honest.
  2. 2. Purity Loneliness Fear We took this photograph to represent purity as water is known to be pure. This is a close up shot – the focal point is only on the bottles. The soft colours of blue and green add to the purity as these colours are associated with purity and cleanliness. This photograph shows loneliness as this person is sat on their own. The shot was taken above the person head to highlight the lack of power they have. The hunched over body language also suggests that. In this photograph a girl is being chased by guy – instant fear. The way the guy has his arm reached out to the female suggests that he wants something from the female.
  3. 3. Greed Love Poverty This photographs portrays love through the shadows of 2 people – a typical and common thing young couples do. The physical contact between the 2 connotes their bond and their relationship. The body language and the action in this photograph shows greed as the person in the photograph clearly doesn’t want to share his food with anyone hence why he has his arms around the objects. This photograph was taken from a higher level to highlight the lack of power of the person sat in the trolley with garbage in it. The person in the trolley is looking up the person with the camera as if asking for help.
  4. 4. Strength Weakness We captured gym equipment as we thought that the weights can connote strength and also power – they’re heavy and are there for people to work out – to gain strength. We took a photograph of this piece of art because we thought that the bleeding of the paint could connote the loss of power – gaining weakness. The persons head is looking down connoting sadness within the weakness.
  5. 5. Danger Wealth This photograph show danger by the isolation of an object with barriers. This was shot at a low angle to show the power of an object within the circle of barriers. This is a photograph of an Audi which are known to be expensive and successful cars. A close up shot highlights the importance of an object.