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Scott Shumaker Leaflets Text Messages


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Published in: Technology
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Scott Shumaker Leaflets Text Messages

  1. 1. Acoustic Communication
  2. 2. Components of Conversation Immediate discussion in real-time Requires skill in interpretation (body language) Opportunity Oppo t nit to pi ot the pivot topic
  3. 3. The Benefits of One-on-One Captive audience! Emotional investment Time to mobilise
  4. 4. Modifying assumptions • Our members don’t spend time on the internet! don t • Very few members have computers! • No one will give us their email addresses! • Who has time to do online actions? • How can we communicate effectively without being there?
  5. 5. 2003 – 2006 • Developing an active audience outside traditional union members and allies • Tailor-made online actions • Aggressive database (re)construction • Cleanup, cleanup, cleanup p, p, p • Training for locals and member activists
  7. 7. • Get with the times • Advanced training for communicators • Open up global possibilities •E Engage brand-new allies b d lli • Adapt effective models
  8. 8. • ‘Old thinking’ • Sheer size • Fast moving campaigns •I t Interrupted di l t d dialogue • Falling out of favour • Institutional organisation
  9. 9. • ½ million email addresses that affirmatively opt in (not bought) • Gathering cadre of activists on healthcare, immigration healthcare immigration, Employee Free Choice Act, social justice issues • Utilisation of new media post-Free Choice post Free • Entire department devoted to new media • Cooperation with campaigns (organisers, communicators)