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  1. 1.         UNI Communicators’ Forum Protaras, Cyprus – 10-12 June 2009 Wednesday 10th June 09:45 - BUS to the Conference room: in front of TETYK hotel. Be on time! 10:00-10:15 Welcome to Cyprus Loizos Hadjicostis, ETYK - Cyprus 10:15-10:30 UNI Communications’ Strategy Rachel Cohen, UNI - Switzerland 10:30-12:30 Musical Computers A networking exercise 12:35 - BUS / 12:40-13:50 – Lunch / 13:55 - BUS 14:00-14:15 The Never Ending Message in Modern Times Philip Bowyer, UNI - Switzerland 14:15-14:45 Successful Campaigning Paul Hilder, – UK is a global web movement that works to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. It has over 3 million members and has supported major solidarity campaigns on a range of progressive causes. Paul Hilder is the campaign director at Avaaz. He will share his experiences building Avaaz and his ideas on how unions could adapt the Avaaz campaign model. 14:45-15:00 How a Micro-multinational Can Please…with the Union Story Paulien Osse, WageIndicator & Decisions for Life - Netherlands 15:00-15:15 Coffee & Tea break 15:15-16:00 Company Websites Monique Braam, LBC-NVK - Belgium Member Applications Massiré Diémé, SYTS - Senegal Our New “Members’ Only” Website Barbara Hackenjos, ver.di - Germany 16:00-17:00 Speakers’ Bus Stop 1st bus stop: Paul 2nd bus stop: Paulien rd 3 bus stop: Monique & Barbara 17:00-17:30 Web-based Strategies for Building Member and Public Support in Union Campaigns Candice Johnson, CWA - USA 17:35 - BUS / 19:00-23:00 – Greek supper at the TETYK hotel Courtesy of our host, the ETYK Cyprus trade union 1 UNI Communicators’ Forum 2009
  2. 2.   Thursday 11th June 09:00-09:30 Can Trade Unions Use the Power of Online Engagement? Matthew McGregor, Blue State Digital - UK Trade unions have looked to the victory of Barack Obama for lessons that can be adopted in Europe to help us campaign better and win more often. Matthew McGregor works for Blue State Digital, the US firm which powered Obama's online campaign. He will speak about transferable lessons from that campaign and how simple changes can set unions on a path to winning online 09:30-09:45 From Leafleting to Texting: Responding to the Changing World of New Media Scott Shumaker, SEIU - USA 09:45-10:30 From UNI & the Web 2.0…to Online Rights for Online Workers Lorenzo De Santis, UNI - Switzerland From Online Rights to Online Chaos? Matthieu Marin, SETCA - Belgium Turning my Union into a Web 2.0 Organisation Aristotelis Lakkas, OTOE - Greece Boosting Communications in Mongolia Erdenesaikhan Tsedevsuren, FCSWTU - Mongolia 10:30-10:45 Coffee & Tea break 10:45-11:45 Speakers’ Bus stop 1st bus stop: Matthew McGregor 2nd bus stop: Scott 3rd bus stop: Lorenzo & Matthieu Marin 4th bus stop: Aristotelis & Erdenesaikhan 11:45-12:00 Union Comms: Examining New Challenges in the 2.0 Era David Hoets, SASBO - South Africa 12:05 - BUS / 12:10-13:35 – Lunch / 13:40 - BUS 13:45-14:00 Membership Growth with Traditional Methods Lars Jönsson, Handels - Sweden 14:00-14:15 Vida Voice, May the SMS Force Be with You! Dietmar Weiss, Vida - Austria 14:15-14:30 Photo Competitions Online Johannes Fjose Berg, NITO - Norway 14:30-14:45 The World of Works Helmut Tomek, GPF - Austria 14:45-15:45 In UNI’s Global Campaigning Shoes a workshop 15:45-16:00 Coffee & Tea break 16:00-17:00 Reports from the Workshop 17:05 - BUS / 19:00-23:00 – Boat party leaving from TETYK hotel Bring swimwear and towels if you wish! 2 UNI Communicators’ Forum 2009
  3. 3.   Friday 12th June 09:30-10:00 Popcorn and Movies Time…to wake up 10:00-10:30 Union News on Internet TV Miquel Loriz, COMFIA – Spain Paola Mele, FISASCAT - Italy 10:30-10:45 360 Degrees Communications Kevin Slocombe, CWU - UK 10:45-11:00 Coffee & Tea break 11:00-11:15 The Future of Journalism Peter Ross, MEAA - Australia 11:15-11:30 Campaigning for Journalists Andrula Georgiadou, ESK - Cyprus 11:30-11:45 Union Challenges: Developing Countries & the Global Recession Mike Abrahams, SACCAWU - South Africa 11:45-12:00 Africa eFuture Corneille Wandjo, SYNCASS - DRC 12:05 - BUS / 12:10-13:35 – Lunch / 13:40 - BUS 13:45-14:00 Unequal Access to Communication Tools Jorge Diego Gonzalez, FETRABAN - Paraguay 14:00-14:15 The Suterh Growth in Argentina and the Contribution of Web 2.0 applications: A Community Project Victor Santa Maria, FATERyH - Argentina 14:15-14:45 Speakers’ bus stop 1st bus stop: Paola & Kevin 2nd bus stop: Miquel & Peter rd 3 bus stop: Andrula & Mike 4th bus stop: Jorge & Victor 14:45-15:00 Web 2.0 Paradigm Pietro Gentile, FABI - Italy 15:00-15:15 and the Facebook/UnionBook debate John Wood, TUC - UK 15:15-15:30 Facebook Aplications Kristina Larsen, PROSA - Denmark 15:30-15:45 A Crystal Ball – Looking into the Future Davide Barillari, Web Expert - Italy 15:45-16:00 Conclusions, Evaluation Rachel Cohen, UNI - Switzerland 16:05 - BUS ………………………………………………HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME! 3 UNI Communicators’ Forum 2009