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The ballad of mona lisa


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The ballad of mona lisa

  1. 1. INTRO 0:00-0:09At the start of the production, the scene is set using two separate establishing shots, one for the band and the other for the setting. These short scenes reveal the style of location and attire, such as the steampunk style top hat and the traditional style housing. This already shows the alternative method the band portrays.
  2. 2. START OF SONG 0:13-0:20More establishing shots show the costume designs of the actors involved in themusic video, and you can easily tell the band were going for a more older, steampunkfeel. This is further proved by the style of microphone and the more finer details onthe singers hat
  3. 3. ON SCREEN EFFECTSDuring the music video, the band uses on screen effects in the form of rules, relating to the song. The style of font is similar to the bands title font, again showing the originality of the band and its alternative aura.
  4. 4. MIS-EN-SCENE 0:52-0:57The shots above show even more of the props used during the video, all contributing to the steampunk style of the song. Examples include the machine in the left shot, which shows old style designs and big lights at the top, and the rod and uniform in the right shot.This clearly shows the bands alternative style.
  5. 5. EFFECTS AND EDITINGThroughout the video, the camera provides a mirror style effect, as if the user Is seeing a blurred version of the image. This proves quite effective with the waves of the rod the singer performs, as if he is controlling the waves.
  6. 6. PROPS-NET GUNHere is another example of the burlesque style of the video, with the net gun used to capture the girl, the net gun obviously being a thing of the past.
  7. 7. EDITING The video uses a variety of quick, sharp cuts, as well as the mirror effect explained earlier. The camera makes use of panning to establish scenes throughout the video, as well as using a dolly to sweep along the furniture, shown at the start A few shots seemed to be shot by a handheld camera, and the video makes use of speeding up and slowing down the footage