How effective is the combination between our music


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How effective is the combination between our music

  1. 1. How effective is the combination between our music video and ancillary tasks.
  2. 2. Initial Band ComparisonsPanic at the Disco! Are found to be very unpredictable withtheir album artwork. For example, they have used just plaindrawn artwork and artwork featuring themselves. In theartwork featuring the band, they wear similar attire to whatthey do in the music videos, and while performing live (inthe most sense).
  3. 3. Theirs and oursOur music video ideas and inspiration comes from the third album cover. Ourattire for our music video and digipak shares a lot of similarities to the onesthe band members wear on the album cover. We decided to keep the samestyle of costume for both the music video and the digipak, which is alsonamed after the song, portraying it as a flagship song, and setting the wholemood for the album.
  4. 4. Music Video and Digipak Comparisons.Although we wear the same attire for boththe music videos and the digipak, thesimilarities end there. Although severalideas were passed to make the digipakmore dedicated to the song, including there-appearance of Aletta as the puppet,however, we believed a more neutral stylewould fit the digipak, with the attire usedsuggesting we used it for the whole albumOur band is designed to be alternative andchallenging, we challenge conventions andchanged our digipak to adapt a businessmeeting style layout, instead of that of amusician.
  5. 5. We still wanted our Digipak to relate to the music video, sowe decided to use the same style of clothing shown in thevideo, giving the same feel.With all these features combined, I believe fans could see thevideo as the creation of the band, as the storyline in themusic video shows Niall being transformed into the singerhimself. This would make the digipak look like the aftermathof the music video, and the band goes on from thereTo help further this idea, we decided to name the albumafter our flagship song ‘The Ballad Of Mona Lisa’With such a confusing story behind the music video, I believewe support the genre we are in, which prides itself of theabnormal happening.
  6. 6. Music VideoThroughout the music video, we can see that the protagonist is being stalked andharassed by a demon, in the form of a puppet.The music video then continues on to show the protagonist become the antagonist. This helps show the creation of the band, the effect we were striving for.
  7. 7. DigiPakThe Digipak is simply based on the band presenting itself for the first time, like aphoto-shoot. It includes pictures of the band members on their own, as well as theband together, wearing similar attire to the music video. The lyric pages show lyricsfrom our music video, giving fans a familiar surrounding to the album. The samefont and style for each shot was kept to make it consistent. It relates to the musicvideo by having the same style to it, shown by the same attire, style of shots andstoryline, as the digipak is hinted to be after the music video (as Niall, the singer, isnow part of the band instead of being chased) The whole pack has a formal effect, abusiness like appearance to the album, rather than a traditional break the ruleseffect, it portrays the complete opposite at times.
  8. 8. The Digipak still relates a lot to themusic video, with the lyricspresented in pages 3, 5 and 6 beingfrom the song we used, mainlybecause that will be the first songfans and general audience will hear.